Best Zento Deals Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories in 2022

Zento Deals - Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories

You're looking for a new bed and tailgate accessory for your truck, but don't know where to start? Fortunately, Zento Deals has you covered! Here are the top picks for your truck's bed and tailgate. Our pick is the UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box. The Zento Deals Black Mesh Three Pocket Trunk Cargo Organizer Storage Net is another simple, yet functional choice.


The UnderCover from Zento Deals Truck bed & tailgate accessories is a great toolbox organizer. This weatherproof storage box mounts close to the tailgate and swings on a hinge for easy access. Its simple pull handle design allows it to be accessed easily and comfortably by anyone. Its volume is comparable to a conventional toolbox without taking up much space in the bed.

UnderCover is a pioneer in truck bed & tailgate accessories. They make the best-selling hard tonneau in the USA and the SwingCase, one of the best truck storage boxes ever invented. It is made of lightweight, high impact, weather-resistant material and custom-fit to your truck, making it an excellent storage option. And it comes with a one-year warranty.

The UnderCover can be mounted to most models of trucks. Its drawer system can be easily removed or installed without drilling or additional installation. It utilizes the space behind the wheel wells and other storage space, giving your truck a more functional storage option than a traditional toolbox. The drawer system is customizable to fit the specific truck model and provides easy access to cargo in the bed. It is made of high molecular-weight polyurethane and serves as a divider and tray.

Another useful truck bed accessory is the UnderCover Flex. This hard folding cover offers three riding positions and is mounted flush to the truck bed rails. It offers the best water-tight hard folding cover on the market. The panels are made of heavy aluminum to provide a durable, water-resistant cover for your truck. Aside from its excellent quality and low price, this product also allows you to use the SwingCase by UnderCover.


If you've got a pick-up truck, you'll definitely want to install some HitchMate Truck Bed & Tailplate Accessories. The grab handle, for example, is a strong and sturdy accessory that attaches to the tailgate hinge or latch pin. This allows you to easily step into the truck bed without having to crawl, roll, or even stand on your tip-toes. And since it's made in Texas, you can rest easy knowing it's constructed with the highest quality materials available.

The HitchMate StabiLoad Truck Bed Divider Bar is designed to keep your cargo from shifting. It fits into the 4015 or 4016 HitchMate Cargo Bar. It features an elevated mounting system that takes advantage of the entire truck bed floor. It is capable of holding up to 500 pounds of cargo. It also accepts a hitch lock. HitchMate Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories are made to fit most full-sized trucks.

Another great accessory for the truck bed is cargo nets. These nets are great for storing your gear, and will keep it from rattling around when you're driving. If you have long items, consider installing an extender to ensure they're secure in the truck bed. These come in different lengths to fit your needs and are easy to install. With so many accessories available, you'll never run out of room to haul everything.


Truck bed and tailgate accessories can enhance your pickup's style and functionality. Truck bed accessories include truck bed mats, storage systems, and headache racks. Plus, with free shipping to your door, you can order just the accessories you need, without having to leave your home. Whatever you need for your truck, we have the accessories for you! Just select your pickup model to find the right accessories for your truck.

Not only do these accessories improve the look and functionality of your truck, but they also help you organize your cargo. The basic storage space in your truck bed is unorganized and not organized. The Zento Truck Cargo Organizer Net with three built-in storage pockets hangs over the bed and fastens to it using basic tie-downs. The three pockets let you store small items while maximizing the storage space in your truck bed.

This truck bed storage cargo organizer is great for keeping your cargo organized. It doesn't require drilling and fits most full-size trucks. You'll save space by using a tool-free system to install it. It's easy to install with a convenient adjustable bar, and it has a quick-release attachment system that makes it easy to remove. If you're worried about your cargo being jumbled, it's easy to fix!


Truck beds lack organization. They are great for hauling large objects, but not as practical for storing small things. To make your truck's bed more functional, Zento Truck Cargo Organizer net offers three built-in storage pockets that hang above the bed and are secured by basic tie-downs. You can use these pockets to store small items, such as pens and hats.

Besides keeping your cargo organized, these accessories can also protect your payload from the elements and improve access to the back of your truck. For extra organization, you can choose a cargo divider, cab protectors, bed-mount lights, and more. If you'd like to buy the most functional truck bed accessories, look no further than Zento Deals. These truck bed accessories ship free to your door and are designed to fit your specific model of pickup truck.

Truck bed drawers are another excellent option. This product allows you to access cargo without opening the bed and requires no drilling. It also maximizes bed space and is customized for your model of truck. It's made from high-molecular-weight polyurethane and serves as a divider and tray. It is a great addition to any truck. You'll be glad you bought it!

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From headache racks to storage systems, truck bed accessories can expand the functionality of your truck. They can also make your payload safer from the elements. These products are available at Zento Deals, and shipping is free to your door! They can even be customized to fit your model of pickup. Read on to learn more about how you can personalize your truck with accessories. If you're interested in purchasing truck bed accessories, read on to learn more.

The truck bed organizer offers ample storage space, with 4 large mesh pockets and a sturdy rail system. It's compatible with tonneau covers and toolboxes, so it's easy to customize its placement and function. The toolbox and storage bins also slide right in and out of the truck's bed. Its quick release attachment system allows you to adjust the storage system to fit your needs.

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