Best Whistler Vehicle Sports Racks & Carriers in 2022

Whistler Vehicle Sports Racks & Carriers

To keep your gear organized, check out our guide to the best Whistler vehicle sports racks and carriers. You'll find information on Pulse Cargo Boxes, Multi Pivot and Fixed Pivot models. In addition to that, we'll go over Pulse Bag Bundles, which are perfect for carrying wet sports equipment. Here's a quick comparison of these racks.

Pulse Cargo Box

When it comes to carrying your skis and snowboards, there are many reasons to opt for the Thule Pulse Cargo Box. Its self-standing lid is the best feature for keeping your gear safe, and it comes with an integrated anti-theft locking mechanism. Its ABS plastic construction also means that it's highly durable, even in wet conditions.

Its dual opening design lets you access it from either side of your car and provides easy access. It also features the torque-limiting PowerClick quick-mount system, which prevents over-tightening the cargo box. The Pulse Cargo Box Whistler is a popular option with many satisfied customers. Its versatility and low price make it an excellent choice.

Multi Pivot

The Multi Pivot Whistler Vehicle Sports rack and carrier are designed specifically for the Canadian market. They are made of 304 stainless steel and 6061-T6 aluminum. This combination allows for continuous slop-free performance. A variety of accessories are available. All of them are easy to use and install. In addition, the racks are compatible with all common vehicle types.

Fixed Pivot

The fixed pivot Whistler vehicle sports rack & carrier includes a support member with a first fixed end that is aligned with the rear bumper of the vehicle. The support member has an inboard end that includes a receiver hitch coupling assembly and an insert member of steel tubing that fits into the receiver hitch. Both support members are secured by a safety clip or pin that engages a latch on the rear of the rack.

The system uses a dual flange/pinch bolt design that evenly distributes bending and shear forces over two vertically spaced pivot bearing surfaces. These design features enable the Whistler vehicle sports rack & carrier to carry heavy loads and perform smoothly. Additionally, the dual flange/pinch bolt configuration ensures longevity and ease of operation. In addition, the V1 system uses a patented detent pin mechanism that can be remotely activated.

The fixed pivot Whistler vehicle sports racks / carriers feature a locking system for added stability. The rack's trays pivot towards the front of the vehicle, which makes it easier for the driver to access them. Designed for vehicles that do not have a spare tire, it has two bicycle trays and is compatible with bikes up to sixty pounds. It also supports tires up to five inches wide.

Fixed pivot Whistler vehicle sports racks and carriers have numerous advantages. The adjustable cradles allow for better bike clearance, and the rack is secured to the vehicle's receiver hitch with a theft-preventing thru-bolt. They also include an integrated cable lock and a repair stand. The adjustable cradle allows for better clearance between stacked bikes, which is important for easy loading.

Pulse Bag Bundle

A few of the best-known manufacturers of sports racks offer options for vehicles. Thule is one such name, and its Pulse model features a single opening and a combined lock/latch system for ease of use. It also offers a large variation and a tool-free installation. The base model has a capacity of eight cubic feet.

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

A hundred percent satisfaction guarantee is an important selling point for Whistler Vehicle Sports Racks - and the top-rated one is no exception. If the carrier isn't up to par with your expectations, you can always return it and get a full refund. This Whistler car top carrier is completely waterproof and comes with a non-slip roof mat to keep your bag from sliding around and protect your roof from scratches. Another great feature of this rack is its lightweight, foldable design. It weighs just five pounds and collapses into a compact size.

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