Best Wheel Well Truck Bed Toolboxes in 2022

Wheel Well Truck Bed Toolboxes

If you are looking for a truck bed toolbox, then you'll want to consider purchasing a wheel well tool box. These are popular because they're easy to install, but some people don't like the idea of removing the tonneau cover or canopy. This toolbox fits between most wheel wells and the tailgate of most trucks. The tool box only takes up about seven and a half inches of space. The tool box is made from diamond tread plate aluminum, so it won't rust or be a hazard.

UnderCover SwingCase

UnderCover makes two wheel well truck bed tool boxes, the UnderCover SwingCase and the YHTAuto Wheelwell Storage Case. The SwingCase features an integrated lock, but they are not very sturdy. A determined thief could open them quickly and quietly. Therefore, if you need a toolbox for your truck, you should consider an undercover model.

Designed for truck beds, the UnderCover SwingCase has a 180-degree swing-out design that can hold up to 75 pounds of gear. It is made of weather-resistant ABS plastic and features a built-in lock for added security. It can be installed in less than five minutes and is backed by a 1-year warranty. It's worth checking out for its features and functionality before you purchase it.

The UnderCover SwingCase is a handy addition to any truck bed. It takes advantage of wasted space between the tailgate and the wheel well. It fits beneath most tonneau covers and can swing out to provide easy access to the truck bed. The SwingCase can also be locked for key-only security. The SwingCase features a sliding tool tray and allows for easy access to tools.

UnderCover offers a limited warranty on the ABS polymer structure. It does not cover damage resulting from improper installation. The warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser. A sales receipt is required as proof of purchase. Upon purchase, the warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase. It is not applicable if you've installed the toolbox yourself or added extra equipment to your truck.

If you have a large collection of tools, you may want to invest in a wheel well toolbox. They are more compact than other models and maximize bed length. Unlike other models, wheel well toolboxes also preserve the full length of the truck bed, making it easier to carry longer items. The tool box is a practical and attractive addition to any truck. If you're looking for the perfect toolbox, the DECKED Tool Box is the best option for you.

Whether you need a truck toolbox or an open one, you need to decide how many tools you'll need to carry. An underCover SwingCase for wheel well truck bed toolbox is a great choice for most trucks built in the last three decades. And, it's sure to keep your favorite mother-in-law happy! They're also easy to install.

Dee Zee aluminum wheel well tool box

The Dee Zee Aluminum Wheel Well Tool Box is made to maximize the awkward space behind your truck's wheel well. With five compartments and a hinged lid, the toolbox has plenty of room for your most important tools and supplies. Plus, it's key-locked, so your valuables are safe from thieves and the elements. So, whether you're a carpenter or a plumber, a toolbox like this will be perfect for you.

While full-sized toolboxes can be very handy, they take up a lot of space in your truck bed, making them difficult to access, especially when your bed is full of tools and equipment. The Dee Zee aluminum wheel well tool box provides full access to the truck bed while allowing for secure tool storage. It has a locking lid and fits under tonneau covers.

The Dee Zee aluminum wheel well tool box is available in different sizes for trucks with a wheel well cutout. This model fits truck beds between six and eight feet. Depending on your truck, you can choose between a driver and passenger side version. It measures 37" x 7.75" x 19.5" and offers 2.2 cu. ft. of storage space. If you are a contractor, you may prefer a Dee Zee aluminum wheel well tool box for truck bed.

The Dee Zee Aluminum Wheel Well Tool Box is the perfect addition to any truck. It is built with heavy-gauge steel and textured black NRT powder-coat finish, making it extremely durable and resistant to rust and fading. It features a recessed padlock shackle and a patented padlock design. It is also 20% thicker than the Red Label boxes and incorporates an internal double-V lid stiffener to ensure a secure storage.

In addition to being durable, the Dee Zee Aluminum Wheel Well Tool Box is designed for durability. The wheels are molded into a single piece, so the toolbox does not swing out for easy cargo access. It also features a rubber gasket lining on the edges to prevent moisture from seeping in. These wheel well tool boxes are perfect for carrying tools and other small parts. You can mount them on either the driver or passenger side of the truck bed.

To ensure durability, Dee Zee offers a limited lifetime warranty to original buyers. This warranty covers defects that are caused by road hazards, improper installation, or accident. This warranty does not cover the cost of installation, transportation, or light bulb replacement, but will cover defects in material or workmanship. If you are in a hurry, the Dee Zee tool box is an excellent choice. You can even make your truck bed even more convenient!

UWS 18-inch wheel well tool box with drawers

With the UWS 18-inch wheel well tool box, you'll never have to climb into the truck's bed again. You can simply swing the tool box lid down over the tailgate. Its integrated hinge allows it to swing down to open. Its lid features MicroSeal weatherproof stripping to keep your tools and gear dry and rust-free. You can also choose between black and polished aluminum models.

For a large storage capacity, the UWS 18-inch wheel well tool box is a great choice. It comes with five precision-injected drawers and a lockable lid. It is made from extra-thick aluminum with a MicroSeal(tm) stripping that ensures a secure closure. The UWS 18-inch wheel well tool box comes with a limited one-year warranty.

Featuring a stainless steel locking system and five sliding drawers for storage, the UWS 18-inch wheel well tool box features extra-thick aluminum construction for a durable, long-lasting storage space. Moreover, the stainless steel construction and MicroSeal gasket help ensure the tool box is corrosion-resistant for years to come. This tool box will be a great addition to your truck's tool kit.

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