Best Westin Truck Bed Mats in 2022

Westin Truck Bed Mats

Westin Truck Bed Mats are designed to line your truck's bed and protect your cargo. These mats are made of heavyweight rubber with a ribbed surface. Each mat comes with all the hardware needed to install it on your truck's bed. They are made in the USA and come with a 3 year warranty.

100% recycled plastic

Westin truck bed mats are made with 100% recycled plastic and rubber. This eco-friendly material has the perfect blend of stiffness and flexibility, making it tough enough to protect your cargo while also being soft enough to absorb shocks. These mats can withstand all weather conditions and are stain-resistant. They will improve the look of your truck and keep your cargo in place. They are also durable enough to handle mud and sand.

Westin truck bed mats are designed to fit the contours of your truck bed. They're custom-molded for short beds, and they're made with heavy-duty recycled rubber. Their non-slip surface is perfect for protecting cargo, and they're easy to install, too. They come with a 3-year warranty, too, so you can feel safe buying them.

Another great option for truck bed mats is the BedRug Bed Mat. This mat fits GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado models. Made of heavy-duty rubber, it provides a non-slip surface and minimizes vibrations. The bed mat also comes with a ribbed design for better traction for work boots and tire chains. It's also easy to install using your truck's mounting holes.

Besides being environmentally friendly, Westin truck bed mats are also made in the USA. They employ local talent and use locally-sourced materials. This helps preserve jobs and supports thousands of American workers. You can feel good knowing that your truck is covered by a product that's built with recycled materials.

Regardless of the type of mat you choose, you'll find that Westin truck bed mats are high-quality and long-lasting. Aside from protecting your cargo, they also provide comfort for your passengers. Westin truck bed mats have many positive reviews, so you can rest assured that they'll provide great protection.

Another option for truck bed mats is the GapGuard. These mats are easy to install and are UV-resistant. They're also easy to clean and don't get stuck under your cargo. They also come with cleats that allow you to keep them in place in your truck's bed.

Built tough to deliver years of durable utility

The durable, comfortable bed mats from Westin are designed to protect the bed surface and cargo from damage. Made of 1/4 inch thick rubber, these mats prevent shifting and keep your cargo secure. They are also backed by a three-year warranty for quality and workmanship.

These bed mats are available in different types. Some are made of rubber, while others are made of vinyl. The rubber ones are the most durable and resistant to water and stains. Vinyl and carpet are not as durable and do not resist chemical spills as rubber does.

The Matrix truck bed mats are made with 100% post-production recycled rubber and nylon material. They are also designed with a classic truck bed mat design. They never go out of style. They feature a heavy rubber slip-resistant pad that is easy to clean and durable.

The Westin 50-6365 bed mat is 64 inches long. The mat includes 36 tiles that are six inches by six inches in size. It is easy to install and comes in twelve different colors. It has a unique surface with hundreds of flexible supporting legs. This mat is perfect for a truck bed.

Durability is an important factor for truck bed mats. The Smartliner K0167 truck bed mat is highly resistant to chemicals and weather conditions. It can also withstand impacts and oil spills. In addition, it is highly resistant to UV rays, so you can use it outdoors without worrying about it cracking.

3 year warranty

If you want a custom truck bed mat, the Westin brand is a great choice. It will prevent scratches and dents from the tailgate and truck bed. It is easy to install and comes with all the hardware you need to screw it into your tailgate. It is also guaranteed for three years.

Westin Truck Bed Mats are custom molded to fit the contours of your truck bed. It is designed to prevent dents and slipping from moving cargo. The mats are easy to install and remove and blend well with the other accessories in the bed. They are also easy to clean and come with a 3-year warranty.

Made in the USA

A Westin Truck Bed Mat is a great way to protect your truck bed and cargo from damage. They are custom-molded to fit a specific truck bed, so you can rest easy knowing the mat will not slip off your bed or cause damage. They are also durable, easy to install, and affordable. They even come with a 3-year warranty.

The Westin Truck Bed Mat is made in the USA, using materials that are authentic and sourced locally. This means you're helping keep thousands of American jobs. The mats are easy to install, and even come with hardware to screw into the tailgate. The warranty also includes customer service, which is invaluable when you're hauling heavy items.

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