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Vertical Wall Mount Ladder Racks

Vertical Ladder Racks mount to any wall in your industrial or commercial setting, offering a convenient and safe way to store your ladders.

Our industrial wall mount ladder rack provides safe, strong, out of the way storage of extension

and step ladders in your facility. Ladders are hung on the wall mount ladder rack in a vertical orientation and secured in place via our high strength, easy to use ladder securing straps.

Ladders can also be secured against theft or unauthorized use by the optional ladder lock assembly, which is

available for any size wall mount ladder rack.

 Wall Mount Style WM Ladder Racks

Ladder storage in industrial settings is a difficult task, where do you locate your ladders where

they will remain safe and undamaged, yet be close by when needed. Ladders usually end up

being stored lying flat in stacks that are difficult to go through and invite other stored items to be placed on top of them; or leaning against a wall, where they can be knocked over and damaged. Vertical Ladder Racks allow ladders to be stored out on the plant or warehouse floor in a convenient location, but up out of the way of danger and potential damage.

VR’s infinitely adjustable ladder racks enable the user to position the ladder support

arms and the ladder securing straps at any position along the ladder rack’s height. This

adjustability allows fine tuning ladder placement on the rack after the ladder rack has been mounted. The ability to adjust the ladder rack also allows users to offset the ladder support arms and ladder securing straps to accommodate multiple step ladders in the least amount of space. Storing step ladders and/or extension ladders is as easy as configuring the ladder rack to hold the desired combination of ladders. The use of rubber treaded ladder support arms and transportation grade rubber, ladder securing straps, isolate ladders from rack contact, eliminating ladder wear.

Made in the USA; Wall Mount Ladder Racks are manufactured of industrial grade, anodizedaluminum extrusions, which are internally reinforced, providing evenly distributed

weight capacities of over 100 lbs. per ladder support arm. These are not ladder hooks sold at the home centers. These extrusions are comparable in strength to 1-1/2″ square, 1/8″ wall, welded steel tubing, at 2/3 the weight.

Anodized aluminum extrusion construction means no maintenance; no painting, no rusting, no chalking or blackening of the aluminum. Wall Mount Ladder Racks also feature the

exclusive use of stainless steel hardware in their construction.

supplies 3/8″ thick UHMW-PE high strength standoffs to space the ladder rack off the wall, thus accommodating irregularities in block and poured concrete walls.

Wall Mount Ladder Racks are drilled and counter bored at the top and bottom of the ladder rack’s vertical rail to accommodate the 5/16″ dia. hex socket head cap screws, or the 1/4″ hex washer head lag screws, supplied with your chosen mounting kit. Mounting kits supplied with your wall mount ladder rack are available in your choice of hollow or solid wall mount types.

Proper Ladder Care and Storage

(excerpted from eCLOSH web site, Ladder-Safety) view full page at:http://www.elcosh.org/en/document/163/d000170/ladder-safety.html

Ladder Safety

  1. Maintain ladders in good condition.

  2. Keep all ladder accessories, especially safety shoes, in good condition.

  3. Wood ladders, which are to be used outside, should be treated to prevent weather damage. A clear finish or transparent penetrating preservative should be used. Linseed oil is a good treatment for a wood ladder, although it does add some weight to the ladder. An oil treatment also helps to rustproof the metal parts of a wood ladder.

  4. Never paint a wood ladder. This will cover dangerous cracks or fill and hide them.

  5. Never sit on ladder side rails.

  6. Never use a metal or fiberglass ladder which has been exposed to fire or strong chemicals, it should be discarded.

  7. Never store materials on a ladder.

  8. Store wood ladders where they will not be exposed to excessive heat or dampness. Store fiberglass ladders where they will not be exposed to sunlight or other ultraviolet light sources.

  9. Be sure that ladders are properly supported and secured when in transit. Vibration and bumping against other objects can damage them.

  10. Store ladders on racks, which give them proper support when not in use.

Wall mount ladder rack supports should be spaced at a maximum of 6′ intervals to provide proper ladder support and eliminate ladder sagging. Never store materials on ladders.

Industrial Wall Mount Ladder Racks


30″, 2 Rail, 1 Ladder, Wall Mount Ladder Rack
Industrial Wall Mount One Ladder Rack, Style WM.

60″, 2 Rail, 2 Ladder, Wall Mount Ladder Rack

Industrial Wall Mount Two Ladder Rack, Style WM.


84 1/2″, 2 Rail, 3 Ladder, Wall Mount Ladder Rack

Industrial Wall Mount Three Ladder Rack, Style WM.

Industrial Wall Mount Ladder Racks are available in any size or configuration, please contact us for details.