Best Vault Cargo Management Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories in 2022

Vault Cargo Management Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories

If you need more space for your cargo in your truck, you should consider adding a truck bed drawer system. It's a worthwhile investment that allows you to customize the drawers to hold a specific type of cargo. Whether you're hauling bulky items or just want to keep your truck bed organized, the truck bed drawer system provides a lockable storage solution. The trucks bed drawer system can hold up to 1,000 pounds of cargo.

Drop-In Bedliner is a super-protective drop-in bedliner

A drop-in bedliner is an easy to install, protective coating that sits on top of your truck's bed. It is very easy to install without drilling or modifying the truck's frame, and it will protect the bed's exterior from dents and scratches. You can also easily remove the bedliner to clean it or replace it with a new one.

While drop-in bedliners are easy to install, they do come with some limitations. A cheap one will be made of low-quality plastic, which can warp and crack and decrease your truck's resale value. It may also be slippery, which makes it easier for large objects to slide during transport. Another problem with cheap drop-in bedliners is that they may trap water, causing rust and corrosion.

One of the biggest complaints about drop-in bedliners is that they ruin the appearance of the truck's bed. The liner is usually made of HDPE material, which provides 7 times more impact resistance than spray-on coatings. This drop-in bedliner also has 4 times more sidewall impact protection than other drop-in bedliners.

If you're looking for a drop-in bedliner that protects cargo from damage, consider the Vault Cargo Management Drop-In BedLiner. It's a super-protective drop-in bedliner that fits over 160 pickup truck models and has excellent customer ratings. Unlike other bedliners, the Vault Cargo Management Drop-In Bedliner is a durable, custom-fit product with a lifetime warranty.

BedRugs cushion your tailgate

Whether you're loading groceries or moving furniture, a BedRug Tailgate Mat will protect your tailgate and keep you knees from spraining. Made of 3/4" closed cell foam, these mats prevent damage from sharp edges and scrapes. They are washable and can withstand harsh chemicals. You can easily clean them with a hose. If you're not sure which bed rug to choose, check out our selection below.

The VanTred BedRug Mat is a rugged and comfortable choice for the back of your cargo van. It protects cargo from mold and mildew and is durable enough to handle spills. The bed mat is easy to clean with a hose or power washer. It is contoured to fit the contours of your pickup truck and comes with a Limited Life Warranty. Vault Cargo Management BedRugs cushion your tailgate

CargoGlide full-bed length tray

A truck bed slide out tray can transform your full-length bed into a convenient, heavy-duty sliding drawer. This feature prevents you from crawling or jumping into your truck bed, or wrestling with heavy cargo from the front to the back. CargoGlide has trucks bed slides for every need. Here are just a few of the benefits that you will get with a CargoGlide tray.

The CargoGlide is available in two different models. The most popular is the CG2200XL. It comes with adjustable marine grade eyebolts and full-length interior and exterior channels. These models are also compatible with the RamBox bed, a truck's standard tool box. The CargoGlide requires an additional purchase of the Drop Link Kit and Spacer Kit, which lower the tailgate by 3 inches.

Designed to fit most truck beds and vans, the CargoGlide is a versatile piece of truck bed furniture that is the perfect addition to any truck. With up to 1,000 pounds of cargo capacity and a 75% extendable system, it's sure to be the perfect addition to your truck's bed. It also comes with tie-down rails for extra security. It's easy to install and comes ready-to-use.

This truck bed slide is designed to extend your bed up to 75% and is fully supported by a steel frame. It features an all-steel frame, a TPO Rubber Laminate deck, and 22 industrial-strength cam follower needles. Its sturdy steel frame will stand up to the demands of your cargo, and your truck bed's cab will be safer with this slide.

Decked storage drawers provide segmented organization

For contractors, the Decked system makes their life easier. They no longer have to carry tools in their truck to the garage and back again. This innovative system is also waterproof and secure, making it easy to transport flat materials. Decked storage drawers offer segmented organization for Vault Cargo Management Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories. This segmented organization system will keep your tools and other items at waist level and provide a multitude of benefits.

The modular DECKED D-Box makes segmented organization easy and convenient. Using removable dividers, you can easily access tools, gear, and other essentials. The DECKED D-Box is fully adjustable and adaptable to suit the needs of every truck owner. It is 100% Made in USA and engineered in Detroit. It ships to the front door or nearest Authorized Dealer.

DECKED storage drawers keep your gear organized, protected, and secure. Whether it's a rainy day or snowy one, the DECKED system helps you stay organized and protected while driving. It helps you spend less time searching for the gear you need. Decked storage drawers protect your gear against extreme weather conditions and keep your supplies dry.

Undercover Swing Case Truck Tool Box

The Undercover Swing Case Truck Tool Box is an innovative storage solution that tucks snugly against the bed side when not in use. This tool box swings out even with the seam of the tailgate, so you can easily access items while driving. Its easy-to-install lid can lock securely and is equipped with a perimeter moisture seal to prevent dust and other particles from coming inside.

This tool box has 1.5 cubic feet of interior storage space and bolts into the truck's bed. This box has a lockable lid and works with any tonneau cover. Made of durable ABS plastic, this tool box is lightweight and won't rust like other metal tool boxes. The swing case also works on the other side of the truck. It comes with installation instructions. The Undercover Swing Case is compatible with most truck beds and tonneau covers.

Undercover Swing Case is one of the most convenient and innovative tools you can find for your truck. The tool box swings 180 degrees across the tailgate, making it easy to access tools and equipment without compromising the use of your truck's bed. Its design makes it easy to install, and it's weatherproof and lightweight. You can install this tool box yourself in less than five minutes.

Undercover Swing Case Truck Tool Box features a hinge assembly to swing outwards. This eliminates the need to crawl into the truck bed or reach over the side. Its lock mechanism keeps the toolbox secure even while in transit. In addition, it features a weather-protecting strip and a locking security system. If you're worried about its weight, you can always get a larger one - the Vault Cargo Management Undercover Swing Case Truck Tool Box is a great choice.

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