Best UWS Truck Bed Toolboxes in 2022

UWS Truck Bed Toolboxes

A great way to keep your tools organized in your truck is to buy an UWS truck bed toolbox. These tool boxes are designed to fit most mid-sized trucks and feature stainless steel handles. The handles are easy to reach when climbing into the truck bed, and you can choose between shiny, black, and powder coat finishes. Like the larger version, UWS tool boxes feature plastic tool organizing trays and stainless steel latches. Depending on your preferences, you can purchase one with a lock or a keyless entry system. User reviews are mostly positive, with most of these boxes containing good features.


Designed with the truck owner in mind, UWS Truck Bed Toolboxes feature an all-aluminum construction and a low-profile design. Most UWS truck toolboxes feature a diamond-plate tread panel style and are finished in a gloss black. They have steel latches and handles for added durability and strength. You'll be able to access the items in your box quickly and easily without having to remove the toolbox or go through the hassle of unscrewing the toolbox lid.

UWS truck bed toolboxes are designed to fit a variety of trucks. A UWS Low-Profile toolbox sits 2 inches above the truck bed rails and allows for a clear view out of the back window. A insulated lid helps keep items inside cool while the toolbox is opened. A dual super-duty lift cylinder holds the lid open. A sliding tray helps you easily access your tools. UWS Truck Bed Toolboxes are made by Thule and United Welding Services.

UWS Truck Bed Toolboxes are built in the USA and boast many positive features. Most models feature gas-strut lifters on the lid, which is important for loading bulky gear. UWS truck bed toolboxes also often feature in-built cargo organization features and removable tool trays. Some UWS truck toolboxes also feature sandwich-style lids that combine foam to provide rigidity and insulation to keep contents safe. Better UWS truck tool boxes feature stainless steel locks to ensure a secure seal.

The UWS crossover truck tool box features a patented RigidCore(tm) lid design that protects tools from bending. The lid also features a self-opening mechanism and is made of extra-thick aluminum for long-lasting durability. All UWS Truck Bed Toolboxes are built in the USA. The company's customer service is second to none and its product guarantees your satisfaction.


Many drivers are unsure what the best material for a truck toolbox is. A UWS truck toolbox has several positive features and is easy to use. It comes with two trays to help organize your tools, a gas strut assisted lid that opens 90 degrees, which is an important feature if you plan to load larger gear. The lid is durable and foam insulated. You can find a shallow slim version of the toolbox online, or you can order one delivered right to your door.

UWS truck toolboxes come in two types. A side mount box fits on the side of your truck, allowing you to install it without altering your vehicle's look. A side mount toolbox has a single corner that fits over the bed rail and can be adjusted so that it does not interfere with the wheel well. It is also adjustable so that you can keep it level. For a side mount toolbox, you can add or remove wheels for extra storage space.

A UWS tool box features 2 small plastic trays and has a lock that opens from the left side. The lid is also weatherproofed, and comes with a rubber ring on the edge. This toolbox has a latch on the left side, which you have to unlock to access the tools inside. Latching is easy, but the only problem is that the latches are easily knocked off during shipping, which can cause leaking and damage.

The UWS Secure-Lock truck tool box features a patented BedRug liner that protects your tools, minimizes dust, and adds a custom finished look. In addition, UWS secure-lock truck tool boxes feature a patented RigidCore(tm) foam-filled lid, a low-profile aluminum construction, and a welded rail for securing your cargo. Regardless of your choice, UWS trucks bed toolboxes are made to fit your needs and specifications.

Locking mechanism

If you're tired of securing your truck toolbox with a padlock, consider purchasing a UWS truck toolbox. These lightweight, durable boxes come with an aluminum frame and brite aluminum lid. Most UWS truck toolboxes feature diamond tread plate patterns and steel handles and mounting hardware. The UWS tool box is easy to open and close, and is ideal for those who frequently use their truck. In addition, UWS truck toolboxes are known for their reliability and durability.

Designed and built in the USA, UWS truck bed tool boxes feature a patented RigidCore foam-filled lid and corrosion-resistant aluminum body. They come equipped with a welded rail to secure cargo and have a patented locking mechanism for security. A Limited Lifetime Warranty protects the contents of the UWS truck tool box and its lock mechanism. The UWS Secure Lock Crossover tool box also features a one-piece aluminum body for extra strength.

While UWS truck tool boxes come in multiple sizes, they are made in the USA and are manufactured under the Lippert Organization, which also owns Thule, Curt, and Lewmar. While UWS tries to earn the reputation of being made in the USA, the reality is that many of its components are probably manufactured overseas. When asked about this, the company's representatives generally respond that many parts come from America.


If you're in the market for a new tool box for your truck bed, you should consider a UWS truck bed toolbox. They come in a variety of sizes to fit different types of trucks, from mini vans to heavy trucks. There are also many styles and colors to choose from. You can even customize the tool box to fit your truck's style. Here's how to customize your new UWS toolbox.

The UWS Wheel Well Toolbox maximizes your truck bed's storage space by using the empty space around the wheel wells. Its lid is a one-piece, thick aluminum construction, which resists corrosion and maintains structural integrity. A stainless steel locking system is also included, and the lid has a rigid foam core that provides extra durability. A durable foam core is layered between two sheets of aluminum.

Whether you want to carry heavy, bulky or lightweight tools, a truck tool box should have a space for them. Some boxes offer adjustable compartments, so you can organize tools and equipment according to their size. You can even install a leisure rack in your truck bed to maximize storage space. In addition to the truck bed tool box, you can also purchase special cargo racks. They're designed to use vertical space to carry a variety of tools and other cargo.

The UWS Truck Bed Toolboxes come in a variety of sizes and are proudly made in the USA. They feature a black finish and come with a limited lifetime warranty and 1-year warranty. If you have any questions, feel free to contact UWS Truck Bed Toolboxes to receive a free quote. And don't forget to check the customer reviews online! You'll be glad you did!


A UWS truck bed tool box is one of the most popular options for storing tools. They are available in several styles. The most common is the crossover style. They sit low on the bed rails and are easy to install. You can also purchase a low profile toolbox if you have a smaller truck. Regardless of your preference, UWS has the right product for your needs. Here's what you need to know.

UWS truck tool boxes have many positive features. Most have gas-strut lifters on the lid. These lids can open 90 degrees. This is useful when loading large items or bulky gear. Some models come with in-built cargo organization features and removable tool trays. A UWS truck bed toolbox is famous for its sandwich-style lid. This design uses still foam to increase rigidity and insulate the contents. The lid is secured by a stainless steel latch on better models.

The UWS low profile tool box has two latches for easy opening and closing. Its lid is made of industrial grade, 0.063 inch diamond plate aluminum that is corrosion-resistant. Its lid is built low on the truck bed so that you can see what's inside the box from the rear cab. The lid is also made of a durable rubber weather stripping that keeps moisture and dirt out.

If you're on a tight budget, you can save some money and purchase a UWS truck bed toolbox. These boxes are easy to install and provide ample storage space. They can also be installed under the truck if you don't have one already. And they are available at a price of about $299. The price range varies by style and feature. A UWS toolbox can be installed on most vehicles, whether they are large or small.

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