Best UNDERCOVER Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories in 2022

UnderCover Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories

If you're considering a cover for your truck's bed, you've likely heard of UNDERCOVER. These innovative truck accessories are made with a full perimeter seal to protect your gear from the elements. Their latches are easy to operate with low profile Twist-Lock systems, which can be found on both sides of the truck bed. UnderCover's SwingCase tonneau storage box swings out for added convenience.

LUX tonneau cover

LUX tonneau covers are durable and sleek to match the color of your truck. They also offer all of the same great features as the Classic, such as locking hinges on the underside of the cover. And you can customize your cover to match your truck's style with a variety of available colors. Read on to learn more about these truck bed accessories. Now, you can drive like a super spy with an UnderCover LUX tonneau cover.

The LUX tonneau cover is aerodynamic and made of durable ABS composite. It also comes with X-Effect infrastructure that is designed to resist warping and buckling. Lock-and-key security features are also included with this cover. It covers the entire area of the tailgate. It's available in 80 colors. With a variety of features and colors to choose from, LUX is sure to have a cover for your truck.

The LUX SE tonneau cover has a weather-tight design and features a concealed hinge. It's one of the most secure truck bed covers, and features a LED light for night visibility. This product is easy to install and remove and offers a sleek design. UnderCover's products are available at all 17 of their retail locations. They can also be found on Amazon.

LUX has a variety of products for both your truck and your style. The Ultra Flex includes an integrated rail light system, a dual action tailgate seal, and a removable LED light. The UnderCover SE has added style lines for a stylish look. Finally, ArmorFlex hard folding covers protect your truck bed while keeping it safe. They also come with plastic buckles and straps to prevent your cover from shifting during heavy use.

The Ultra Flex is an all-purpose hard folding cover that comes standard with new features and an alluring matte finish. This cover is the ultimate all-purpose truck bed cover, with features such as a carpeted under panel, a storage box for Saddlebags, a dual rail LED bed lighting system, and an easy-close tailgate seal. There are no other truck bed covers that can offer this level of protection for your truck, so buy your LUX tonneau cover today.

ArmorFlex hard folding cover

With a durable hard folding cover, the ArmorFlex can protect your truck's bed and tailgate while retaining strength and style. The LINE-X automotive coating on the heavy-duty panels is scratch-resistant and durable, while the ArmorFlex's slam latches and pop-latch mechanism allow for one-two folds to fold the cover in half. The 5-year warranty ensures that the cover will perform as it was designed to.

When choosing a tonneau cover, consider the look of the vehicle you want to protect. Tonneau covers add a clean, professional look to your truck, and they come in a variety of styles. The perfect cover will depend on the purpose of your truck, how you plan to access the bed, and the durability and weatherproofing of the cover. The best way to find the perfect cover for your truck bed is to research a brand's reputation for producing high-quality products and features. Undercover's ArmorFlex hard folding cover is a great example.

The ArmorFlex hard folding cover is one of the most popular and highest-quality tonneau covers. The ArmorFlex is custom made for your truck. You must remove any factory or aftermarket bed rail caps before installing the cover. The ArmorFlex hard folding cover is available for both the 2007-2013 GM models and the 2019-2020 Ford F-150.

Undercover's ArmorFlex hard folding tonneau cover is made of durable aluminum panels. It has a Line-X coating that protects the aluminum panels from scratches and everyday wear and tear. ArmorFlex tonneau covers also feature EPDM rubber seals, which repel water. The cover's rails are designed with channels to channel water away.

ArmorFlex's Ultra Flex hard folding cover comes with a patented dual action tailgate seal and integrated rail light system. The cover provides full weather protection when closed while allowing access to the bed. Moreover, the cover installs easily, with no drilling required. This hard folding cover is also the water-tightest on the market. Moreover, it is backed by a five-year warranty.

UnderCover SwingCase tonneau storage box

Designed to fit the bed of most trucks, the UnderCover SwingCase is one of the most advanced and functional truck storage boxes. Made of lightweight ABS plastic, it is weather-resistant and custom-fitted to fit a truck's specific dimensions. The swivel tailgate opens in seconds and provides easy access to your gear.

The SwingCase comes with a limited warranty, which covers the ABS polymer construction for one year. It also covers the hinges, locks, and hardware. Warranty claims are subject to the terms and conditions set by E. D. Industries, Inc., and apply only to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase is required. In some cases, proof of the defect may be required before you can receive a refund or credit.

The SwingCase truck bed storage box is available for both the passenger and driver side. Installing the box takes about five minutes per side. The instructions include everything you need to install the unit. Each box comes with a 1-year warranty. This is a fantastic deal for those who want to customize the appearance of their truck. A SwingCase truck bed storage box makes the most of the space provided by your tailgate.

UnderCover is a leading company in the truck bed accessory market. Their products have excellent engineering and innovation. They manufacture their own molds and tooling in-house. And you can be assured that your truck will look great while displaying the UnderCover SwingCase tonneau. It is also compatible with your vehicle's factory-installed parts.

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