Best Truxedo Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories in 2022

TruXedo Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories

If you are looking for truck bed accessories, look no further than TruXedo. The company is known for its high-quality, engineered products, quick lead times, and unmatched customer service and warranties. These accessories are manufactured in Yankton, SD. To learn more about TruXedo and their products, read on. This article will cover some of the features of their truck bed accessories.

Cargo Retriever

If you're storing your luggage in the back of your truck, consider a Cargo Retriever. These handy accessories allow you to easily retrieve your luggage from the bed. A convenient storage system allows you to attach them to tonneau covers or to the truck's side rails, so you can easily access your cargo without opening the tailgate. With a convenient hinged front, the Cargo Retriever is easy to use and store in the bed.

Lo Pro hard roll-up truck bed cover gives you full access to your truck's bed, and its durable design provides extra security. This cover is made of aluminum slats bonded to industrial-grade leather-grain fabric. It is also easy to install, requiring no special tools to install or remove. Lo Pro Soft Roll-Up truck bed cover gives you a low-profile appearance and automatic tension control. It also comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The Lo Pro Hard Roll-up truck bed cover provides maximum flexibility and durability.

B-Light is a flexible waterproof lighting solution. It is made of an LED strip with a 3M adhesive backing, so it does not require wiring. Truxmat is an ideal racetrack or mechanics' mat. It is a two-foot by four-foot foldable mat made of 100% polypropylene fibers. It fits most full-size truck beds.

Lo Pro QT

The TruXedo LoPro QT Tonneau Cover is designed to enhance the appearance of your truck's bed. Its heavy-duty construction and floating hook design are sure to impress. Installing this cover is easier than any other tonneau, and it offers complete all-weather protection. It even fits snugly against the rails of your truck. The TruXedo LoPro QT is easy to install and remove and comes with a solid warranty.

The LoPro QT Tonneau Cover fits the 2015-to-2012 Ford F150, supercab, and crewcab. It also fits 5.5ft. short beds and has a Lifetime Warranty. The cover fits most plastic bed caps and rails, but does not fit aluminum or stainless steel ones. The LoPro QT Tonneau Cover will not crease or fade over time, which is important for protecting your cargo.

The LoPro QT fits under a bed liner without limiting the tailgate. These tailgate locks are available separately and are compatible with most bed rails. The TruXedo Lo Pro Truck Bed Cover is available in different colors and works with under-the-rail bed liners. These accessories will fit a variety of bed rail caps, including those of extreme thicknesses.

The LoPro QT Tonneau Cover is a great choice for storing cargo, as it features a patented Automatic Tension Control System. The cover's soft-roll-up mechanism makes it easy to put on and remove. Its woven fabric will not stretch or tear under extreme conditions. A TruXedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover is an excellent choice for your pickup truck.

Lo Pro QT with automatic tension control

This TruXedo Lo Pro QT tonneau cover has an automatic tension control and uses spring loaded steel plungers that stay in place on the front header to keep your cargo dry even during extreme weather. This tonneau also features an eye-catching black-tone aluminum bow. This cover is made of UV-resistant vinyl-coated fabric with a leather texture that keeps its suppleness even in the coldest weather. This cover is made in the USA, and includes a Lifetime Warranty.

This cover is incredibly easy to install, and features an automatic tension control system. It seals the tailgate and truck bed perfectly without the need to use tools. The fabric is also heat-resistant, so the contents of your compartment are protected against extreme temperatures. Unlike many other tailgate covers that require tools to install, the Lo Pro QT with automatic tension control ensures maximum security and safety.

The Lo Pro QT is designed with a sleek, low-profile design that will not detract from the look of your truck. The cover also mounts inside the truck bed, giving you access to the stake pocket for truck customization. Installation is easy, with one finger on the latch that can be opened and closed. When you're finished, you can easily remove the cover without any hassle.

Besides ensuring the durability of your truck bed accessories, the Lo Pro QT also boasts a lifetime warranty. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to another person. You must have the warranty registration on your truck and provide proof of purchase. It's a lifetime warranty! A limited lifetime warranty is another reason to buy a TruXedo Lo Pro QT.

The TruXedo Lo Pro QT with automatic pressure and tension control is the perfect solution for truck owners who have trouble locking their tailgates. This tonneau cover features a locking mechanism that keeps your payload dry even when the tailgate is locked. It's easy to install with no drilling or cutting and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Lo Pro with a drop in bed liner

A TruXedo Lo Pro truck bed cover offers maximum versatility with no predetermined folds and no drilling required. It will fit all types of sprayed-on or under-the-rail bed liners. This cover will work with any type of bed rail cap, including extreme thickness. It is also made of industrial-grade leather and is waterproof. It features a single trigger latch for a secure, one-touch fit.

The TruXedo Lo Pro has a low profile, easy-to-install design and is backed by a lifetime warranty. It is a streamlined cover that allows you to access 100 percent of your truck's bed. It is also made from heavy-duty materials and comes with a lifetime warranty. The frame is made of aluminum for a strong and reliable design, and the vinyl fabric is durable and UV-resistant.

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