Best Truck Tailgate Seals in 2022

Brands of Truck Tailgate Seals

There are many brands of Truck Tailgate Seals on the market. Some of them are ESI, Truxedo, Papillon, Agri-Cover, and Fairchild Automotive. The seller of the top product has gathered honest feedback from 331 consumers. The average rating is 4.9. Read on to learn about these brands and more! If you're looking to buy a new tailgate seal for your truck, you've come to the right place!


ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seals are rubber tailgate seals, which fit perfectly on most vehicles. They combat the gap and sidewalls of the tailgate, keeping dust, water, fumes, and other elements out. Unlike traditional rubber tailgate seals, ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seals can be installed in temperatures from 13 to 40 degrees Celsius. The seals are universally-fitting and are compatible with most vehicles, including pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, and SUVs.

ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal is available for the 2015 Canyon and Colorado cars. Made in the USA, it is constructed of automotive-grade premium EPDM rubber and easy to install. Installation is easy, although temperatures must be between thirteen and forty degrees Celsius. To ensure a secure and reliable installation, you should allow the vehicle to be parked for at least 30 minutes before attempting to open and close the tailgate.

ESI ROK Block tailgate seals are easy to install and measure 4.25 inches wide. They adhere to all surfaces and prevent debris from entering the tailgate gap. Unlike other tailgate seals, you do not need to remove the bed liner to install them. The ROK Block tailgate seals are patented and come in 6ft and 14-inch lengths. The original and patented tailgate seals aren't compatible with the 2020 Chevy Silverado. If sidewall sealing is your priority, you will need a ROK BLOCK.


Truck tailgate seals can prevent the entrance of dirt, dust, and moisture from your truck's bed. The TruxSeal Universal Tailgate Seal is an excellent solution for sealing your truck's tailgate. Made of 3M acrylic foam tape, it is weather-resistant and easy to install. It is compatible with most truck models and fits snugly under the tailgate. The TruxSeal tailgate seal is available in a variety of sizes to fit virtually any truck bed. Installation is simple and the seal is backed by a warranty.

The TruxSeal Tailgate Seal Kit works well on all pickup trucks. The application procedure is the same for each pickup model. Simply apply the TruxSeal to the tailgate bulb, and apply pressure with your finger to close the tailgate. When you're finished, remove the TruxSeal and replace with a new one for a better fit. The TruxSeal's bulb shape allows for maximum air-tightness and prevents leakage.


Papillon Truck Tailgate Seals are perfect for protecting your vehicle's contents from the elements. Made of premium elastomeric material, Papillon tailgate seals are perfect for protecting your cargo and keeping the contents in place. They are easy to install, are small enough to fit in your garage, and can even serve as a tonneau cover. They have a durable adhesive backing and are easy to apply.

If you are in need of truck tailgate seals, there are several brands to choose from, including Papillon, ESI, Truxedo, Agri-Cover, Fairchild Automotive, and more. Here are the top ten:

ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seals are designed to prevent curb entry from any side. These seals are a 10-foot length and are made from EPDM rubber. They adhere to all surface finishes and include 3M ST1200 tape. This type of seal is best used in temperatures between thirteen and 40 degrees Celsius. They come in 6ft and large 14-inch lengths, but will not work on the 2020 Chevy Silverado. To properly install them, you'll need a ROK BLOCK.

ESI ROK Block Tailgate Seals are universal and will work with your bed cap or tonneau cover. They prevent debris from entering your truck's cargo box. They are easy to install and can be easily fitted. Installation is simple, and they can be cut to fit any truck. Just make sure you use the correct size tailgate seals for your specific vehicle model. When you're ready to install your new tailgate seal, follow the manufacturer's instructions.


Agri-Cover has a wide range of truck tailgate seals to choose from. You can choose from brands such as ESI, Truxedo, Papillon, and Agri-Cover. Agri-Cover's access roll-up cover is the most popular roll-up tonneau in North America. Other products from Agri-Cover include the TonnoSport(r) utility plow and Lorado roll-up covers.

Agri-Cover TRAILSEAL tailgate gaskets seal any gaps around the perimeter of the tailgate. These tailgate gaskets help protect cargo from debris, such as insects, while also creating a tight barrier between the truck bed and the elements. Moreover, ACCESS TRAILSEAL tailgate gaskets are easy to install and come with cleaning pads. They are designed to fit any pickup's tailgate.

Fairchild Automotive

If you're looking for a high-quality truck tailgate seal, Fairchild Automotive is your go-to source. Their products are made of rubber, so they will provide a reliable barrier against dirt and moisture. These seals are molded to exact OE specifications, so they will replace worn tailgate seals with ease. And with a wide range of prices and features, they're sure to be the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Metro Moulded TG 97 SUPERsoft Tailgate Seal

Whether you're installing a new tailgate or replacing an old one, Metro Moulded TG 97 supersoft truck tailgate seals can help you keep your cargo dry and protected. These replacements are made to fit your vehicle's tailgate exactly. Although they're an excellent choice for many vehicles, the only downside is that they're risky. Besides, they don't come with all of the accessories you need to install them, including the pins that hold the top ends together.

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