Best Truck Tailgate Locks in 2022

Truck Tailgate Locks

Are you thinking about installing a Truck Tailgate Lock? If so, this article will cover the benefits, how to install it, and some maintenance tips. These locks can also be a great way to keep your truck's cargo safe while you're on the road. Let's look at a few reasons to install one today. Read on to learn more! After all, your cargo is probably worth more than you're willing to spend for a tailgate lock.

Installing a tailgate lock

The first step to installing a new tailgate lock on your truck is to remove the tailgate handle. To do this, you need to remove the hinge cup on the right side of your tailgate and slide the handle and lock assembly into the opening. Attach the metal strap to the lock housing by looping it behind and under the right hinge cup. After you attach the new handle, you can then install the lock. The following steps will guide you through the process.

Remove the plastic bedliner to get to the access panel. Use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the plastic piece, which will be in the way of the lock. Now you can install the lock. To secure it in place, slide it back over the metal strap. Then, you'll need to turn the key several times by hand until it engages the locking mechanism. If you're doing it correctly, you can easily install the lock by yourself.

To install the locking mechanism, place it on the right side of the existing lock, and then install the locking mechanism with the supplied bolt. Make sure that the locking mechanism is snug. After you've installed the locking mechanism, remove the three clips that hold the wiring grommet on the tailgate. Two of these clips are secured on the tailgate, while the third clip is secured on the truck bed. To release the first clip, push the yellow arrow with the flat-head screwdriver against it.

After you've installed the tailgate lock, you'll need to install the new wiring harness. To do this, you'll need to run a wire from the tailgate to the driver's footwell. The wiring harness is easy to install and requires minimal tools. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully. It is important to note that each wiring harness is different, so it's recommended to use the proper length of wire.


If you have a tailgate that you use to open the rear hatch of your vehicle, you should invest in a truck gate lock. These devices are inexpensive and easy to install. They are useful for both trucks and campers. There are various types of tailgate locks available on the market, ranging in price and complexity. This article will discuss the benefits of tailgate locks and the steps you must take to get one for your truck.

One of the major benefits of tailgate locks is that they deter thieves from stealing your truck's bed contents. A stolen tailgate can cost several thousand dollars, which is more than the price of a good dinner. Moreover, they protect your truck bed contents from theft and damage. Pop and Lock, a company located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a leader in truck tailgate security. They have developed high-quality security products for the aftermarket.

Manual tailgate locks, on the other hand, require the installation of wires, splice connectors, measuring strips, and other hardware. These latches work by locking and unlocking the latch using a key. Some manufacturers even let you use the ignition key to unlock the latch. These devices remember the shape of the key on the first try and adapt to the same pattern in the future. Consequently, they are the perfect solution for truck owners.

Another benefit of tailgate locks is that they secure the tailboard. It is a prime target for thieves. The tailboard can be removed from the truck in a matter of seconds and sold at a higher price. With a tailgate lock, thieves cannot take advantage of that. It also helps prevent the theft of other parts of the truck, like the rear bumper and side windows. In addition, tailgate locks can be used as a cover for a tonneau.


Installing a truck tailgate lock is a simple process. First, remove the wiring grommet from the tailgate. Using a 10mm socket, loosen the clamp on one end of the cable. Once free, slide the tailgate insert towards the truck's bed. Then, run the longer wire that came with the kit through the tailgate's female connector. The tailgate lock should be installed.

If you're not an electrician, install a Pop & Lock power tailgate lock. The lock uses your OEM keyfob to operate. This tailgate lock is perfect for trucks that don't already have a tailgate lock. While it doesn't come with a handle, it is simple to install and use. It is important to note that a tailgate lock won't be fully functional if it doesn't have a handle, so you may want to buy a handle instead.

The wire should be fed through the holes in the front and rear scuff plates and the wiring harness on the back side of the tailgate. When you have finished, re-clip the wires to secure them. You can then install the new locks on the tailgate by attaching the new clips to the new wiring harness. Alternatively, you can purchase a new harness with a new set of clips. But before you can do so, you must remove the spare tire, which can be difficult to remove from the rear of your truck.

Another way to prevent theft from your truck's tailgate is to install a Tailgate Lock. This lock is easy to install and keeps valuable cargo in place. Unlike a traditional tailgate lock, it doesn't interfere with the normal operation of the tailgate and allows you to drive as usual. The installation process takes just minutes, and the locking mechanism is permanently installed. This type of lock is ideal for trucks that don't have rear-end locking systems, as it can be easily removed and fitted into the tailgate.


Regular maintenance is a necessity for your truck's tailgate. The tailgate locking assembly has several mechanical parts. The latches and levers that lock and unlock the tailgate function to keep the tailgate closed and free from debris. When these parts fail, you'll have to replace them or take your vehicle to a mechanic. In the case of a broken locking assembly, you can remove the tailgate access panel and apply the lithium grease to the pivot points and cam/lever area.

It is essential to regularly clean the cylinders. Rainwater can corrode the latch cylinder. Installing a cover over the cylinders can extend their lives. You should also occasionally operate the lock cylinders with a key. This prevents premature cylinder failure and seizing. A WD-40 solution can be used to clean the latch surface. The lubricant also protects the lock from rust.

Replacement of the tailgate lock cylinders is relatively easy. You can do this yourself if you are a competent DIYer. Before removing the lock cylinders, you must remove the panels and closures inside the tailgate. Afterward, you need to code the new lock cylinder to your vehicle key. The replacement procedure takes about an hour. In addition, you should check whether the key is inserted properly. If it does not, consult a professional locksmith to do it for you.

The cylinders in the tailgate lock are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Nowadays, trucks come with a remote key fob or a lock button on the door panel. Moreover, modern vehicles often lock the tailgate automatically when changing gears. In case of disuse, the lock cylinder will seize, which means that the tiny tumblers inside it will no longer respond to the key. These lock cylinders are the most common cause of complaints.

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