Best Truck Bed Extenders in 2022

Truck Bed Extenders

There are a number of manufacturers of Truck Bed Extenders. This article will cover MaxxHaul, ECOTRIC, Lund International, and Erickson products. Each company has their own strengths and weaknesses, so make sure to read the product reviews for each before you make your purchase. These accessories will help you haul more cargo and have more room in your truck. If you don't need a large extender, there are plenty of accessories you can buy online.


The MaxxHaul Truck Bed Extender extends the loading length of your vehicle by 49 inches and can support up to three hundred pounds of cargo. This product fits into most standard two-inch hitch receivers and features welded loops at the ends of the cross bar for additional support. Depending on your needs, the MaxxHaul truck bed extender may be adjustable or fixed for a permanent installation.

The MaxxHaul BedXtender extender comes with a locking mechanism for security, plus it includes a hitch mount adaptor. This hitch mount extender also features a convertible design, which allows the bed to be installed with the main support bar down or up. The BedXtender is relatively easy to install, and is available in both black and silver finishes. If you're looking for an extender for your truck bed, this product is the best choice.

The MaxxHaul Truck Bed Extender is ideal for kayaks and G2 Ridgeline models. It is designed for upright and vertical positions and will support a 15-foot fiberglass kayak weighing about 65 pounds. Besides offering additional cargo space, the bed extender comes with cross rails on the roof to secure your kayak while you're driving. This product has a few downsides, however.

This product is more expensive than the MaxxHaul Truck Bed Extender, and requires an extra hole for installation. It fits on the tailgate, but it won't fit Supercabs. This product also does not fit most pickup trucks. The MaxxHaul truck bed extender is recommended for trucks with two-inch receivers. It will also work on some older pickup models. You should also make sure the truck bed extender you buy is compatible with your vehicle's make and model.


The Erickson Big Bed truck bed extender has big benefits, but is it necessary to extend the length of your bed? The answer is yes. This extender makes your truck's loading capacity 48 inches longer while preserving the integrity of your vehicle. It features three integrated tie-down points and a folding design for easy storage. It can even be used to haul long loads, allowing you to haul more cargo without any risk of damage to your vehicle.

The Extender is rust-resistant and has two welded loops on the cross bar for easy mounting. It's ideal for short-bed trucks, SUVs, and vans. Its wide, flat surface can hold anything from hunting gear to extension ladders. It can also be used as a work bench, with a total weight capacity of 350 pounds. The Extender is easy to install.

The U-shaped and gooseneck hitch extenders both work with a down tailgate and add two feet to your truck bed. U-shaped extenders, on the other hand, are only 2" longer than standard ones. Both types of extenders are made of strong plastic or aluminum. Both options can help you carry heavy-duty cargo with ease. In addition, the U-shaped and gooseneck models can be installed on the same vehicle, giving you more flexibility to fit whatever you need in your truck bed.


ECOTRIC truck bed extenders are a popular and practical way to add extra storage space to your vehicle. Not only will they provide more space in your truck, they also protect your cargo while you drive, saving you time and gas. Moreover, they make loading and unloading easier as they extend the tailgate. This product is made of durable steel and comes with pre-drilled holes and pins for easy mounting.

This four-foot-long extender provides extra length for a truck bed. It is designed to add 2 feet to your vehicle's length, and can support up to 400 pounds of distributed weight. It also features an integrated red flag to identify it as a cargo area. When not in use, the extender folds flat behind the seat. It is made of powder-coated steel and features welded loops on the crossbar for additional support.

ECOTRIC is a well-known brand in the bike and truck accessories industry. It also manufactures high-quality truck bed extenders. Its Foldable Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender is a popular option among pickup truck owners. Lund International specializes in automotive performance enhancement products, aftermarket parts, and cargo management. The company offers truck bed extenders in various styles and sizes. The goal is to make the process of hauling and transporting things easier and more enjoyable. It is distributed by AMP Research.

If you have a long cargo, you may want to consider purchasing a truck bed extender. A good truck bed extender will add several inches to your truck's length. It may increase the length of your bed by two or three feet, but the most popular design adds two to four feet to your truck's length. You may be able to add up to four feet of extra storage space to your truck with a gooseneck hitch extender.

Lund International

Unlike inferior-quality tailgate extenders, Lund International truck bed extenders are designed with the latest technology. Made of rounded rectangles of T6-aluminum alloy and composite-uprights, the Lund Bed-Extenders are strong and durable, and will accommodate heavy loads and withstand everyday use. Aside from being attractive and convenient, Lund truck bed extenders also work efficiently and effectively.

Lund Industries manufactures a variety of truck accessories, and its distribution network spans across North America and even abroad. Many of these accessories can be found in automotive parts stores, catalogs, and online websites. The company is so well-known and popular that many of its truck accessories are OEM equipment on high-end pickup trucks. For those who are not familiar with Lund, here's a quick rundown of the company's products.

Lund Bed-Extenders are lightweight and easily installed, giving truck owners two feet of additional cargo space. When retracted, these extenders fold away into the truck bed, making it easy to secure small objects and carry them. Lund Bed-Extenders can also be used as storage containers for outdoor gear. If you're carrying camping gear, for example, the Lund Bed-Extender provides a convenient place for tools and other gear.

The Hitch Hand truck bed extender is constructed from heavy-duty steel and offers a handy workspace as well. The extender is equipped with a patented steel wall support bar that provides seven inches of additional ground clearance and flexes with the vehicle's suspension. The side wings are also adjustable, accommodating large and wide cargo. In all, Hitch Hand truck bed extenders provide a 750-pound distributed load capacity.


A popular choice for truck bed extenders is the Yakima LongArm. This rack extends the bed length of your truck by four feet and has three adjustable load positions. Designed to be a strong and lightweight option, the LongArm features integrated tie-down points and can carry up to 300 pounds. Installing the extender is easy, and you can add a Yakima boat mount to the crossbar for additional convenience.

You can get extenders for both pickup trucks and SUVs. Although pickup truck bed extenders are most commonly used for occasional transportation of large and oversized items, they can also be used to move everyday tasks. For example, you can use one to transport equipment, tools, camping gear, or large furniture. Many models are also compatible with other types of vehicles. These extenders can be used with other types of vehicles, so if you have a crossover vehicle, you can even use one for that!

There are two types of Yakima truck bed extenders. One extends up to the cab and features sturdy support arms. The other extender is more narrow and extends outward. These extenders are great for storing bulkier items, but you must make sure that they are installed correctly to prevent them from malfunctioning. Some models require a professional installation to ensure they meet all regulations. But there are many other brands that produce truck bed extenders.

Another popular type of truck bed extenders is the hitch-mounted model. This extender attaches to the hitch receiver and utilizes a steel rod to hold it in place. The gooseneck extender works well with smaller vehicles and offers a balance and increased capacity. Each type of truck bed extender requires different levels of installation expertise. There are also extenders designed for pickup trucks with gooseneck hitch.

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