Best Trailfx Truck Bed Rails in 2022

TrailFX Truck Bed Rails and Under-Rail Bedliners

A TrailFX Truck Bed Rails set is a durable, strong, and model-specific accessory that fits snugly in your truck's box. TrailFX Under-Rail Bedliners are molded polyethylene units that protect your truck's cargo from common causes of damage. TrailFX's Under-Rail Bedliner features a Tough Grip skid-resistant surface to reduce shifting cargo and protect it from dents and scratches.


To fit your truck, the TrailFX Truck Bed Rails are model-specific and manufactured with high-quality polyethylene. The unique design incorporates several engineering features to provide durability and protection from common causes of damage. It also perfectly matches the design of your truck to provide a perfect fit. The company offers many truck accessories and equipment designed with quality, function, and innovation in mind. You can choose the model-specific product you need to make your truck stand out from the rest.

To maximize your cargo space, choose the right accessories for your vehicle. TrailFX Truck Bed Rails are model-specific and include features that are designed to work with the vehicle model. The thick ribbed construction provides extra protection while allowing airflow to the truck bed and liner. The thick ribs also allow for more cargo space. 100% polypropylene is a durable material that resists water and is made for extreme weather conditions.


Whether you're looking to improve the look of your truck or secure your cargo, durable TrailFX truck bed rails will fit the bill. Constructed from stainless steel with a mirror finish, the bolt-on rails are incredibly secure, yet look stylish. Plus, they're affordable too! You can get a new look for your truck or SUV without spending a lot of money!

To add security to your cargo, TrailFX truck bed rails are incredibly durable and easy to install. The dual latching system is incredibly convenient, allowing you to open and close the bed rails without having to get out of the bed. The 15-degree rails provide Xtra-low profile and a smooth, flat appearance. They are also stylish, thanks to a matte black finish and superior grade woven fabric.

For additional protection against rust, TrailFX truck bed rails are made from durable aluminum. They also protect your truck's bed from damaging elements and will guard your cargo from dents and dings. Whether you're hauling a trailer or hauling tools, TrailFX truck bed rails protect your cargo from scratches, while the premium version has a five-year limited warranty.


The TrailFX Contractor Rack is a rugged, heavy-duty cargo rack that will increase your truck's carrying capacity. This rack is universally sized to fit any full-size pickup truck. It is capable of holding up to 1,500 pounds. The rack features rear grab handles for easy rear access and an adjustable crossbar with rope ties. Regardless of the size of your load, you can count on the TrailFX Contractor Rack to keep your cargo safe and secure.

This set of bed rails will prevent your cargo from sliding around in your truck. They are strong and made from high-quality materials to withstand any impact. TrailFX Truck Bed Rails come with a 5-year warranty to back them up. Buying a set will prevent rust and corrosion. Regardless of the size of your cargo bed, you'll have peace of mind knowing that these rails will protect your truck's bed.

Under-rail bedliner

To protect your truck's cargo area, you need a high-quality under-rail bedliner. Trailfx Truck Bed Rails under-rail bedliners are precision molded polyethylene units that fit snugly inside the box of your truck. They are equipped with a number of engineering features that prevent damage caused by common road hazards. Some of these features include a tough, skid-resistant surface and cargo locking system.

Unlike spray-in liners, TrailFX's under-rail bedliner is made of 100% polypropylene. It is water and UV-resistant, and features a textured anti-skid surface. The bedliner is a breeze to install and features an integrated lockable, bolt-on bed rail to secure cargo. If you don't have a bed rail, don't worry - the under-rail bedliner is still compatible with your truck.

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