Best Titan Attachments Truck Bed Toolboxes in 2022

Titan Attachments Truck Bed Toolboxes

If you are in the market for a truck bed toolbox, you can choose from one of several types of toolboxes. There are cross-over toolboxes and wing-lid toolboxes, among others. The cross-over toolbox rests on the side rails of your truck's bed and will fit up to 8' lumber underneath it. There are also single-lid toolboxes that can be opened using either a handle or a gas prop. Many of these truck bed toolboxes are offered by brands such as Leonard.

Leonard toolboxes

If you want to add additional storage to your truck bed, a toolbox is a great option. These boxes can be found in several different sizes and styles. The most common style is a cross-over toolbox, which rests on the side rails of the truck bed. This type of box can accommodate up to eight feet of lumber. Some of these boxes feature wing lids, while others have single lids that open using either the handle or gas prop. No matter which type of toolbox you need, Leonard can provide a solution.

These toolboxes also come with fuel tanks and auxiliary fuel tanks. The fuel tanks are made of aluminum and are rated for diesel, gasoline, or aviation fuel. They are equipped with a venting coupler and drainage plug. Most truck owners neglect their auxiliary fuel tanks, so a toolbox and tank combination is a great idea. Not only does this provide more fuel, but it also offers a secure place to store tools.

The toolboxes are made with safety and security in mind. It is crucial that your tools and accessories are kept protected and clean. This can be achieved through an effective locking system. The best toolboxes also come with additional features like a gas prop boost and integrated lights. Choosing the right toolbox for your truck will ensure that your cargo is safe from thieves.


Aside from storage space, truck bed toolboxes can also protect your truck's cargo from theft and weather. You can find various sizes to suit your truck and your needs. Before you purchase one, be sure to check the dimensions of your truck bed. There are also many options available when it comes to tonneau covers.

Before you purchase a truck bed toolbox, you should have the measurements of your truck bed to make sure you purchase the correct size. To do so, you need to know the maximum width and height of your truck bed. To get the exact measurement, measure from the outside of one rail to the outside of another rail. You should also measure the height and width of the bed's rails.

Titan Attachments truck toolboxes are available in multiple styles and sizes for your truck. You can choose from aluminum, polyurethane, steel, or powder-coated models. You can choose from single or double-door styles. All of these styles provide maximum storage space and protection from the elements.

Aside from the different styles and sizes, toolboxes also come in several sizes to suit your needs. Some are custom-made to fit most trucks, while others are semi-custom. A half-size toolbox is ideal for a compact truck while a full-size toolbox is perfect for a large truck.

There are different sizes of Titan Attachments Truck Bed Toolboxe for your Nissan Hardbody truck. If you are looking for a truck bed toolbox with the right size, choose a model with a lower price. These boxes are available with mounting hardware. They will lock for additional security.


Nissan Titan trucks are equipped with side toolboxes, which are designed specifically to fit into the truck bed. These side tool boxes are designed to be durable and sturdy enough to handle any project. Also, the truck toolboxes are made to withstand rough road conditions. There are different models to choose from, which will make it easy to find one that will suit your needs.

The best truck toolboxes are the ones that are easy to use and safe from theft. These boxes are made to rest on the side rails of your truck bed, but can still fit 8' lumber underneath. Titan Attachments offers a variety of sizes and designs, including single lid and dual-lid boxes. Single-lid toolboxes have either a manual or gas prop to open the lid and provide easy access to all of your tools and equipment.

Before shopping for a truck bed toolbox, it is important to measure your bed. Most truck toolboxes come in standard and semi-custom sizes, and the dimensions of these boxes should be measured from one rail to the other. This measurement also includes the top and base measurements.


When it comes to truck bed toolboxes, Titan Attachments covers all the bases, providing truck owners with the storage space they need without sacrificing bed space. Their Low Profile and Low Side toolboxes offer maximum bed capacity and rear window visibility. The High Side toolbox, on the other hand, adds weather protection and maximizes bed space. Both types of toolboxes are available in a single or double door configuration.

Titan Attachments offers truck bed toolboxes for a wide variety of truck models. The tool boxes come in steel, aluminum, or polyurethane materials with a powder-coat finish. The price of these toolboxes varies depending on the model and the number of tools it holds.

While the tool box alone may not scream "value", the Decked Drawer System offers more organization and capability for a price that is $450 higher. It comes with two lockable drawers with 200-pound capacities. This truck toolbox also has a raised top deck that prevents thieves from accessing the tools stored in the box. Additionally, the raised deck does not interfere with truck covers.

Another great feature of the Titan Attachments truck bed toolbox is that it fits the truck bed perfectly. It also matches the sidewall topography of the truck bed. To make sure the tool box fits properly, drivers should learn how to use it properly. The company provides online tutorials and video tutorials to help truck owners get the most out of the toolboxes.

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