Surfboard Transport Racks


    Surfboard/SUP Roof Track Mount (Enlarge)        Surfboard/SUP Through Bolt Mount  (Enlarge)

Sprinter Van SUP Rack For Surfboards, Paddle Boards, Kayaks, And Ladders

A customer’s review of our track mount rack. (YouTube)

Since VR’s introduction of the vertical ladder rack, we have received many requests from surfboard and paddle board riders for a way to carry their boards on the side of their vehicles.

Taking what we learned from our experience with side mounted ladder racks, and addressing the unique characteristics of the shapes, sizes and construction of the various board types; is proud to offer its Vertical Side Mount Surfboard and SUP Rack.

We took the best parts of our side mount ladder rack design, aluminum and stainless steel construction, infinite adjustability, secure retention and ease of use; then completely redesigned the support arm and the securing strap with the surfboard/paddle board rider in mind. Utilizing pivoting, rubber support pads on the surfboard support arms, these pads rotate into the curve of the board, gently cradling the shape of the board while holding it securelyon the side mounted surfboard rack. This rotating pad additionally allows the transport of any board, form a Short

board to a Stand Up Paddle board and everything in between.

While being cradled by the surfboard support arm, the surfboard is isolated from rack contact

by a large diameter rubber surfboard isolation pad. These two parts of the surfboard rack protect your board from damage while in transport. In addition to the above surfboard resting points, the surfboard is securely held in place by our rubber surfboard securing strap. All of these features add up to safe and secure board transport over any distance or terrain.

Surfboard Racks are manufactured in the USA using only the finest materials and components; anodized industrial grade aluminum extrusions for the rack frame and components, high grade stainless steel fasteners, UV resistant polyurethane board support and isolation pads and high strength UV resistant rubber surfboard securing straps. These things and more add up to a rust free surfboard rack that lasts a lifetime.

Vertical surfboard Racks offer the ultimate convenience in surfboard transport.

Stowing surfboards on the side of the vehicle makes loading and unloading surfboards from the surfboard rack much easier than it ever was before.

VR’s infinitely adjustable surfboard racks enable the user to position the surfboard support

arms and the surfboard securing straps at any position along the surfboard rack’s height. This

adjustability allows fine tuning surfboard placement on the vehicle after the surfboard rack has been mounted.

VR makes Surfboard Racks and Ladder Racks to fit virtually all vans, truck, trailers and recreational vehicles.