Best Stromberg Carlson Vehicle Sports Racks & Carriers in 2022

Stromberg Carlson Vehicle Sports Racks & Carriers

If you are looking for a car carrier for two bikes, consider the Stromberg Carlson Two Bike Platform Mount Carrier. This carrier fits two-inch receivers and features adjustable wheel cradles and a J-Hook that will fit any size bike frame. It supports 80 pounds and tilts for easy vehicle access. The two-bike platform mount carrier includes all of the hardware needed for a complete installation.

Stromberg Carlson Two Bike Platform Mount Carrier

If you are looking for a vehicle sports rack that can hold two bikes, the Stromberg Carlson BC-202 bike rack is a great choice. This rack has adjustable wheel cradles and a J-Hook that can hold any size bike frame. It can hold up to 80 pounds of bike weight and tilts down to give you easy access to your vehicle while you are driving. It comes with all the necessary hardware to install it.

If you are looking for a rack that is both durable and stylish, you should consider the Stromberg Carlson Two Bike Platform Mount Carry Vehicle Sports Racks. This product is designed with safety in mind, so you don't have to worry about the bike rack impacting your driving experience. In addition, you can also use the rack for other types of sports equipment, like skis or snowboards. The Stromberg Carlson brand has a solid reputation for quality and durability.

This bike rack will fit most dual arm bikes. It is compatible with 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitch receivers. It also features black powder e-coating, making it rust resistant and durable. It is ideal for vehicles up to 18 feet in length. This bike rack has a tilt-down feature that makes accessing the trunk easy. It is lightweight enough to fit into small, compact vehicles without being too bulky.

This two-bike platform mount carrier is also easy to install. You can install it on your vehicle in just a few minutes. Just remember to tighten the mounting saddles to keep them from falling off. They come with instructions. If you follow these instructions, you'll be able to install the rack in no time. There are two different mounting saddles: the standard one and the extra-wide version.

If you are looking for a vehicle sports rack for your bike, the Thule EZ Rack can be a good choice. It is easy to install and comes with a hitch pin with anti-rattle properties. It is easy to install and uses three steps. Then, you need to tighten the hitch pin with the included tool. This rack fits most vehicle models, and it is compatible with the majority of vehicles.

One of the best features of this vehicle sports rack is the Quick Release Smart Tilt feature. This feature allows you to access your cargo without dismounting the bikes. The rack also folds flat behind the vehicle, which is useful when parking in a garage. A locking key is included that unlocks the top arm adjustment knob so you don't accidentally adjust it. Once locked, the arm will spin independently to keep it from adjusting further.

Thule VeloCompact 924

The new Thule VeloCompact 924 is a lightweight bicycle carrier with a strong, stable base. It's easy to install and disassemble, and it comes with a bicycle frame and lighting attachment. This bike carrier will add a fun and functional element to your vehicle. Read on to learn more about this vehicle sports rack and carrier. Listed below are some of the best features and benefits of this product.

The Thule VeloCompact 924 is a lightweight and compact bike carrier that fits onto just about any towbar. Its innovative design allows you to install it on any towbar and features a quick-release catch for easy storage. It has a capacity to carry up to two bicycles with a combined weight capacity of up to 46 kilograms. The bike rack and carrier have lockable rims for added security. In case you lose a lock, you can easily lock it to your existing Thule locks at no extra cost.

Stromberg Carlson One Bike Platform Mount Carrier

The Stromberg Carlson BC-204 Platform-Mount Carrier is a great choice for vehicles with 2" hitch receivers and a single bicycle. It has a capacity of 160 pounds and fits a variety of bikes, including mountain bikes and road bikes. The rack features J-hooks for easy bike installation and reconfiguration. The BC-204 features all the necessary hardware for complete installation.

The cargo caddy features a wide platform for secure bike storage. Its inside dimensions are 23" x 60" and it supports up to 500 pounds of weight. Its steel frame is powder-coated to prevent rust and features a floor that's expanded to drain water. The platform is 11.5" above the vehicle's surface and can be folded for easy storage.

This vehicle sports rack comes with a padded platform that makes it easier to lift and unload your bikes. The bike's tires are held securely in place by molded pads and straps. You don't have to worry about damage to your bike because the platform has a low-profile design. You can use a bicycle on the front or rear of the rack without removing the tire.

The BC-204 bike rack has adjustable wheel cradles to accommodate bicycles with different wheel widths. Its width can range from 26 to 29 inches, so most bikes won't pose a problem with the platform. Its wheelbase can extend to 51.5 inches, and it has 14-inch tire holders. This rack can hold up to four bikes. You'll want to check the dimensions of your car before you purchase it to avoid getting a crowded rack that won't fit properly.

The E2 platform hitch receiver bike rack is compatible with vehicles with 2-inch hitch receivers. Its universal fitment makes it easy to install. With a hitch adapter, it fits most vehicles and comes fully assembled. The E2 platform bike rack can also accommodate massive E-bikes. Its distribution capacity of 30 pounds is also excellent, and the E2 platform hitch receiver makes it a versatile option for your vehicle.

The Quick Release Smart Tilt feature provides convenient access to the cargo area without the need to dismount the bikes. This feature is also handy for garage parking. The L-Pin is designed to pivot at a 90 degree angle to allow the bike rack to tilt. To release it, you need to rotate the L-Pin until it stops spinning. Afterwards, fold the main vertical tube to horizontal position and re-secure the L-Pin.

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