Best Statewide Cargo Bed Cover Accessories in 2022

Statewide Cargo Bed Cover Accessories

Before you buy a new truck bed cover, you should consider the tie downs for your Statewide cargo bed. Tie downs help secure the cargo in your truck bed and are easy to attach and remove. Many types of tie downs come with different weight-bearing capacities, including heavy-duty anchors. The heavy-duty anchor for Renegade Covers has a 2,000-lb weight-bearing capacity and fits on any Renegade Cover.


The DiamondBack 270 is a versatile cargo bed cover that provides security, easy access, and versatility. It combines the functions of a toolbox and a truck bed cover with two near full-length side-opening panels. The 270 also provides excellent air circulation, and is compatible with most truck bed accessories. Unlike some competitors, it does not fold up or fold down on its own. It can be removed and stored with your truck's existing bed rails, or it can be used separately.

The DiamondBack Statewide Cargo Bed Cover Accessories are available in several different styles, including a padded bed rail system for better airflow and ventilation. These covers are load-bearing, preventing your cargo from getting crushed. Moreover, they offer weather protection and security. They also allow easy access to the bed below, so you can access your camp firewood without difficulty. Its durable design helps prevent scratches and other damages to your cargo bed.


The Renegade Cover is a trifold tonneau cover that maximizes the security and usability of your truck bed. This cover is a perfect fit for your specific truck model, with eight locking pins to keep it closed and secure. It also features a locking tailgate for added security. The Renegade Cover is designed for heavy-duty work and play, making it the ideal accessory for any truck.

This bed cover is rated to carry 2000 pounds of payload. It can also accommodate two Headache/Stop Racks that prevent the payload from falling through the truck window. These racks mount to the perimeter of the L-Track and are easily connected with a 3/4" aluminum dowel rod. The racks can be extended with a screw lubricant. Additionally, Headache/Stop Racks serve as tail and side rail stops.


LOMAX Statewide Cargo Bed covers are designed with style, strength, and security in mind. Made from an aluminum alloy, these covers are durable and strong and hold up to 400 pounds. And since they are lightweight, they can be installed by one person. The tri-fold design offers easy access and locks at ten points for added security. The Lomax bed cover has a warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials.

This hard tri-fold cover is the epitome of style and strength. The ultra-low profile design and the textured matte black finish merge style and strength for the ultimate protection. The LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold Cover is built in North Dakota using premium materials and state-of-the-art technology. Each cover is hand-crafted with the highest-quality craftsmanship. This means that you can rest easy knowing your cargo is safe and secure.


MARS Statewide Cargo Bed Covers feature a patented locking system that eliminates the need for tools to operate. This innovative system also features dual paddle latches that are easy to operate on both sides of the truck. The 15 degree rails create a low profile while straight cross tubes provide a flat, smooth appearance when the cover is closed. A stylish, matte-black woven fabric finish provides an elegant appearance.


Whether you use your truck's cargo bed for hauling, storing groceries, or storing other gear, the TruXedo Statewide Cargo-Bed Covers offer the perfect protection. The TruXedo Lo-Pro Tonneau Cover has a sleek look and mounts on the inside of any truck bed. Featuring a patented design, it can be locked in place with a spring loaded steel plunger system and provides a durable seal. Its stainless steel plungers keep the cover tight and secure no matter what the weather. The cover's durable leather-grain vinyl-coated 18-oz fabric ensures years of dependable performance.

TruXedo is a leading tonneau cover brand that has more U.S. patents than any other company. The company was founded in 1982 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is now a highly successful business. The company is renowned for relentless pursuit of innovation, resulting in countless patents for new tonneau designs. The company's engineers have made truck bed covers much more useful and durable than ever before.


The RetraxONE MX is a retractable truck bed cover that is made of durable polycarbonate. It features a low profile design and a patented spiral track system that prevents it from catching on itself. Its hinge-free design ensures a secure fit and prevents it from catching on anything. This retractable truck bed cover can be operated in temperatures ranging from -50 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The EnCore tri-fold cover offers easy access from the front and rear of the truck bed. Its sleek design is designed to match the OEM, while providing the security you need. This cover also features a single rail lockpoint and supplemental tethers for added security. And, with a one-year warranty, it is a safe choice for hauling cargo. This cover is ideal for those who don't want to compromise on convenience or security.


The RetraxPRO Statewide Cargo Bed cover is made of heavy-duty aluminum and features rails down the entire bed for extra security. It's also water-resistant and secure. It's a great option for storing gear that can't be seen in the bed. And if you have a hard-top truck, the RetraxPRO MX retractable truck bed cover is an excellent option.

This cargo bed cover is made to fit perfectly on the truck bed, and its patented low-profile design will enhance the look of your truck. Its sealed ball-bearing roller system ensures a firm seal and will prevent moisture from penetrating the cargo bed. Its Dual Latch Locking System provides a reliable seal, and the covers can be locked into position for added security.

Aero Bar

Designed to attach to L-Track systems, Renegade Aero Bars are the perfect fit for many common roof rack accessory mounts. These bar-mounted accessories are easy to install, require no drilling through the cover and mount to your vehicle's L-Track system. The Aero Bar also fits most universal roof rack accessory mounts, including the popular Renegade Aero Rack. To install your Aero Bar, you must install 4 Threaded Stud Attachments, which are included.

MARS Tonneau Cover

A MARS Tonneau Cover will protect your cargo bed and keep your cargo safe and dry while traveling. These covers are simple to install and remove and offer full access to the bed. They also have a convenient anodized trigger latch that requires just a single finger to open and close. The MARS Tonneau Cover is a great investment for your truck. Whether you're driving to the mountains or just need a few extra storage space, you'll find a MARS Tonneau Cover to fit your needs.

MARS' Original Roll-Up Tonneau Covers have set the standard for truck bed covers since 1991. These tonneau covers roll up securely and sit 1-1/2 in. They feature a cab guard design and can be stored behind the cab for easy access. The covers have durable nylon straps and the patented AUTOLATCH(tm) II Dual Locking System. The covers are secure, and many come with lockable tailgate clamps for added security.

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