Best Spurtar Truck Bed Extenders in 2022

How to Choose the Best Truck Bed Extender

If you are thinking of buying a truck bed extender, you have probably come across a wide range of options. Depending on your vehicle, you may want to consider durable, lightweight, and easy to install options. Read on to learn more about these products. After you've read this article, you should be able to make an informed decision about which one is the best fit for you. But how do you choose the best one for your truck?


This rugged, lightweight extender comes with a 750-pound weight capacity and is made from heavy-duty steel. Moreover, it features a convenient adaptor and hitch pinhole to provide easy installation and disassembly. This truck bed extension is designed to provide ample space and visibility for hauling a variety of items. The extender is made of heavy-duty steel tubing to maximize durability. The Durable Spurtar truck bed extender comes with a DOT-approved design and is available in several colors to best match your vehicle.

There are two basic types of Durable Spurtar truck bed extenders. These extenders are U-shaped or hitch-mounted. U-shape extenders can add up to 2 inches of loading space. Generally, U-shaped extenders are made from sturdy plastic or aluminum and are designed to accommodate light to medium-weight items. Bedside extenders are hitch-mounted and have robust support arms.

A sports truck bed extender designed for pickups, this extender adds space to the truck bed. Available in two different colors, this truck bed extender has a tapered V-shaped design that increases the reliability and durability. It also adds two feet of cargo space and fits securely into the tailgate. It also features a swivel design to keep cargo secure when the tailgate is closed.

Aside from the barrel-shaped extender, this product has other great features. It has an abundance of clearance, making it a good choice for almost any barrel-coated truck bed. It can be attached to robust plastic baskets for extra control over the elements or for small plus items. The metal bed extender is easy to handle and is clear. The walnut-colored extender looks stylish and dependable. If you're unsure about which type of extender is right for your truck bed, make sure you read customer reviews about them.

There are a variety of truck bed extenders on the market, ranging from the high-end to the budget-conscious. Choose a model that best fits your needs and fits your budget. The more features you have, the higher the cost. But do not be scared if you don't have enough space in your bed for your truck. Having a space in your truck bed is beneficial, whether you need extra space for cargo or simply want more space to put in extra storage.


The Lightweight Spurtar Truck Bed Extender is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, making it easy to install and reliable. Its features include reflective tape and a flag, a portable sawhorse, a folding workspace, and a DOT approval. You can use the extended bed to carry large items, such as boxes or bicycles. In addition, the unit can increase your truck's cargo space by up to two feet.

The truck bed extender is made from durable, rust-proof aluminum alloy for improved durability. The adjustable design makes it convenient to set the length and width of the bed. This truck bed extension also features a blaze orange safety flag and quick-release clevis pins for a quick installation and disassembly. Regardless of the type of truck you have, a Lightweight Spurtar Truck Bed Extender is an excellent option for increasing the size and storage space of your truck bed.

Each Lightweight Spurtar Truck Bed Extender is made specifically for a specific model of pickup truck. It is made from weather-resistant 6063-T6 aluminum alloy tubes. It comes with all of the mounting hardware needed for installation and comes with detailed instructions. The hardware shown in the photos is optional. Choose the one that works best for you. You will be glad you did! Just make sure to take measurements to ensure that it will fit your truck before installing the Lightweight Spurtar Truck Bed Extender.

The Lightweight Spurtar Truck Bed Extender is a great option if you want to increase your truck's storage space while at the same time adding cargo space. These extenders usually add about two feet to the length of the truck bed. Those are perfect for carrying long items or flipping down the tailgate. Additionally, Lightweight Spurtar Truck Bed Extenders are designed to be durable and rust-resistant, making them an excellent option for the truck owner who wants to use them in a variety of situations.

The lightweight Spurtar Truck Bed Extender is an aluminum model that is easy to install. It can be installed in 45 minutes, and is 750-pound-rated. In addition, the product features red reflective tape and side supports to provide visibility. Lastly, this product includes a flag and protective end caps to protect it from being tampered with. If you're interested in purchasing one of these extenders, do not hesitate to do so.

Easy to install

Among the best truck bed extenders available on the market, the Spurtar comes with superior weight capacity and a durable, rust-resistant construction. These extenders are ideal for long-distance loads. You can store different items in their appropriate position and also adjust their length and width. The extenders are lightweight, requiring minimal installation time and don't take up too much bed space. In addition, they also come with reflective tape and clevis pins for secure installation.

Aside from extending the bed length, Spurtar offers a stylish design. It features an integrated side support and a distributed load capacity of 750 lbs. Its sturdy construction is compatible with most 2 inch receiver hitches. It comes with all of the necessary hardware, including a manual and instructions. The extender features four strong mounting brackets, reflective tape, and protective end caps. Adding a bed extender to your truck will increase its usable space by approximately 30 percent.

This product provides additional cargo carrying space by adding six inches to the bed length. A high-strength steel tubing construction makes this product durable and rust-proof. The extender is lightweight at 40 pounds and comes with a durable carbide black powder coat finish to resist scratches and rust. This truck bed extension comes with DOT approval for safety. If you're considering installing a bed extender, make sure you take the time to read the manual carefully before starting the installation process.

The easiest way to install a bed extender is to bolt it to the rear hitch receiver on your truck. These anchors are placed into the wall, where they hold the extender securely in place. The result is a long, level bed that extends up to nineteen inches or more. This is a great solution for any truck owner who needs more space for storage. With the right tools and a few minutes of time, you can easily install these extenders in your truck.

The hitch mount version of the Spurtar truck bed extender connects to the truck's hitch. It works with any full-size pickup truck and uses a 2" receiver tube. These extenders are a great option for long-distance transportation, especially when carrying long cargo. They also provide proper support for the cargo while in transit. Choose between white and black powder coated options. You'll need a 2-inch class 3 hitch.


In addition to extending your truck bed, Spurtar extenders can also carry smaller items. You can install these along the truck's bed and use the extender with a truck's roof rack. Folding extenders cost more than telescoping ones, but they are more versatile and have extra features. The cost of a Spurtar extender is dependent on the brand you choose. The Global brand is widely recommended.

The hitch mount truck bed extender can be mounted on a vehicle's hitch, making it compatible with all full-size pickup trucks. It is designed to provide maximum stability and support during long cargo transportation. It comes in white and black powder coated finishes and connects to any 2" class 3 receiver hitch. The lower-priced models can be installed in about five minutes. However, they do have a few disadvantages.

Most of the cheaper truck bed extenders are designed for items that are not longer than the truck's bed. Those priced in the $200-300 range are made of high-quality materials and can carry heavier loads. However, some of the cheaper models might be inferior and not suitable for heavier objects. Alternatively, you could opt for the more expensive models that are made by lesser-known companies. The higher-priced ones are better suited for hauling heavier objects.

While you may not need a truck bed extender, there are many options available. Some extenders are made of weather-resistant PA6 nylon uprights and powder-coated 6063-T6 aluminum tubes. The most common style is the barrel bed extender. Moreover, barrel bed extenders can double as cargo dividers. They are easy to install and come with detailed instructions. There are also other popular styles like the X-terrain Truck Bed Extender, which extends your truck bed by about two feet.

The cost of Spurtar truck bed extenders will vary depending on the brand and model of your truck. They come in various models and are available in the U-shaped or hitch mounted design. You should compare the pros and cons of each to make sure you get the best one for your needs. There are plenty of options on the market, but the price will be one of them. The best model will also increase your truck's bed capacity by up to two feet.

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