Best Softride Vehicle Sports Rack Parts & Accessories in 2022

Softride Vehicle Sports Rack Parts - Dura 4 Bike Hitch Mounted Rack

Softride Vehicle Sports Rack Parts - Dura 4 Bike Hitch Mounted Rack

Softride 26496 Hitch Mounted Hang 5 Bike Rack

If you want to put your bike on a hitch mounted rack, this model is a great option. This rack is manufactured with fiberglass-reinforced polymers and is extremely strong. It weighs over 100 pounds, but it is worth the weight due to its dependability and rock solid performance. There are a few cons to this rack, though. First, it cannot be mounted in the middle position. You have to remove the seat to get it mounted.

The Softride 26496 Hitch Mount-Mounted Hang 5 Bike Rack will carry five bikes vertically without contacting the frame or hydraulic cable lines of your vehicle. Once loaded, it will lower to a parallelogram shape, allowing rear vehicle access. It isn't meant to carry bikes weighing more than 50 lbs, but it is sturdy enough for bikes that weigh up to 50 pounds. It fits two-inch receivers.

The Softride Versa rack system features a patented hook and eye design. This system locks your bike onto the rack and fits securely into the rear hitch receiver. Unlike most bike racks, this one comes with instructions for installation. The Versa 2-bike rack has two hooks that attach to your bumper and features patented hook-and-eye design. This rack system is incredibly easy to install, and the instructions are easy to follow.

The Softride Element 4 bike hitch rack is easy to install and provides superior access to the rear of your vehicle. It has 120 lbs capacity and comes with end-of-arm safety reflectors. Despite its high price, the Softride Element is a great choice for your bike storage needs. You'll find it to be more versatile and affordable than many other bike racks on the market.

Softride Element 4 bike hitch rack

The Softride Element 4 bike hitch mount is a vehicle sports rack part designed to fit vehicles with rear doors. It is designed with a parallelogram design, which allows the rack to lower away with the bikes loaded, so that the rear of the vehicle can be accessed easily. It also features a patented QuiteRide technology to reduce noise during ride.

The softride Element 4 bike hitch rack has been designed to fit most vehicle types and comes with a locking hitch pin for added security. This hitch pin is threaded and secures the rack to the vehicle. The hitch lock prevents unauthorized removal of the hitch pin. Softride bikes racks are easy to install, and the instructions are easy to follow.

Softride has designed its own bike hitch racks. The Softride Versa is a popular choice for off-road vehicles. This system is highly versatile and can hold up to two bicycles. Its innovative design also allows the rack to lock the bikes. The Versa can be mounted on both the front and rear bumper of a vehicle. The Versa is also lightweight, foldable, and easy to install.

If you want to carry four bikes, the Softride Access Dura 4-Bike Rack is a great choice. The rack folds down easily, so you can access the rear hatch. It is easy to install and secures easily with bungee cords. It's designed to keep the bikes perpendicular to the ground to prevent twisting. The Versa also uses the QuietRide Tightening Hitch Pin.

The Softride Element 4 bike hitch mount has an adjustable strap to fit most bikes. The rack is also compatible with a variety of cars and can be purchased at most bike stores. A Softride bike rack can be mounted on an ATV as well. There is no need to buy a separate hitch mount for this system. There are many different types of Softride bike rack systems for various vehicles.

If you have a bike rack that works on your vehicle, you can purchase an optional ski or snowboard rack. This is the best option for vehicles with low clearance. The rack holds skis in a secure position, while still allowing your bike to be seen and accessible. If you need more room for your bike, you can get the Softride 24232 Ski & Snowboard Rack.

Softride Dura 4 bike hitch rack

The Softride Dura 4 bike hitch carrier has a parallelogram design that ensures your bicycles will be level while traveling. This rack meets the ground clearance requirements of most small cars and SUVs. The rack arms are adjustable from 7 to 9 inches, making it easy to adjust the bike rack to fit your car. For ease of use, the rack features rubber straps to secure your bike.

The Dura 4 has new features that make it a superior rack. First off, it has a parallelogram design that lowers with level and loaded bikes. The rack can be tilted easily, allowing rear access to your vehicle. Additionally, the rack features a fold-down mechanism that ensures no bikes will be swayed while traveling. Therefore, this rack is great for storing your bike without blocking the door.

If you'd like to transport four bikes, the Softride Dura 4 bike hitch car rack is a great option for your vehicle. Its durable design allows you to easily transport four adult bicycles without hassle. The Dura 4 bike hitch rack's fold-down design makes it easy to fold down and clear the rear tailgate. Nevertheless, you'll need to exert some effort to put it back up.

The Versa features fold-down design, which means you can easily access the rear hatch of your vehicle while loading and unloading your bikes. In addition, this rack also features a cable lock and ratcheting hooks to keep your bicycles securely in place. When you're ready to take your bikes, the Versa bike rack folds down with the bikes on it.

The Standard Strap is 9.5 inches long and made of TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber). It is available for Softride's hitch mount bike racks. The Standard Strap is not compatible with the Hang5 and Hang2 bike racks. The Standard Strap is sold in pairs and is compatible with all Softride racks made in 2012 or later. The Super Strap is shorter and compatible with other Softride racks.

Unlike many others, the SuperClamp EX features sliding plastic wheel cups that adjust along the center rail for optimal fit. The SuperClamp EX 4 uses a wrench to tighten the bolt attached to the hitch. Alternatively, you can buy a hanging-hitch rack. This vehicle sports rack part is easy to install. Listed below are the most popular Softride Dura 4 bike hitch rack vehicle sports rack parts and accessories available in the market today.

The Yakima HangTight is another popular bike hitch rack, but it does not fold flat against the vertical post. Instead, you have to use two wrenches to adjust the rack's tension. A downside to the Yakima hangTight is that it does not have an integrated lock, but does come with a metal hoop for a cable lock.

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