Best Single Lid Truck Bed Toolboxes in 2022

Single Lid Truck Bed Toolboxes

There are several different Single Lid Truck Bed Toolboxes available on the market today. This article focuses on WeatherGuard, Dee Zee, Deflecta-Shield, Gull-Wing, and EZ ToolBoxes. These tools boxes offer excellent protection and features while keeping your tools safe. While they may not be the most attractive option, they're very tough and should last you a long time.


One of the most popular styles of truck bed toolboxes is the WeatherGuard Single Lid Truck Tools Box. Unlike traditional tool boxes that rest on bed rails, this single lid truck toolbox is installed inside the truck bed. These boxes offer unique benefits. For instance, they can be used with a tonneau cover or canopy. In addition, they are compatible with most truck bed widths.

Designed with the latest technologies and materials, the WeatherGuard Single Lid Truck Toolbox is an excellent choice for your truck. Its offset hinge allows you to easily access your tools from the bed and maximize visibility. Its durable, rubber weatherproofing strip helps to protect your tools from rust and water damage. You can use it with your tonneau cover to give it extra protection and add storage space to your truck.

The WeatherGuard Single Lid Truck Toolboxes are made with industrial grade aluminum, which makes them extremely durable and won't bend easily. You can choose between a standard and a deep model, depending on your specific needs. These boxes are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. For added peace of mind, you can purchase one at Home Depot or other online retailer. You can even test drive them for 90 days to see whether they work for you.

In addition to being sturdy and dependable, the Weather Guard Single Lid Truck Toolboxes also have a removable tray. This tray extends from the front to the back of the box, and has adjustable dividers. A small accessory parts box is also included. This compartment is useful for keeping small items like screwdrivers or extension cords. The Weather Guard Truck Toolbox is designed to fit in your truck bed perfectly, but you must ensure that the lid does not hit anything when it is fully opened.

For added security, WeatherGuard toolboxes are equipped with tamper-resistant latches. These locks will never let anyone take your gear. The thick aluminum construction is resistant to cut and pry. The lid has a rubber weather-proofing strip, which seals out dust, moisture and dirt. All of this helps keep your tools safe and dry. It also prevents dents from affecting your truck bed's appearance.

Dee Zee

The Dee Zee Red Label Single Lid Crossover ToolBox is a capable toolbox for your Jeep. Designed with heavy-duty Brite-Tread aluminum construction, this box will last as long as your vehicle. It also includes a Lifetime Warranty. You'll love the red color of the Dee Zee Single Lid Crossover ToolBox. Its recessed lid makes it easy to access tools when you need to.

Whether you're driving a cab truck, a sport utility vehicle, or a compact SUV, you'll find that Dee Zee's single-lid tool boxes will make your life easier and help you accomplish tasks more efficiently. Its durable construction makes it a great choice for those who want to maximize the space in their truck's bed. It's designed to be compact and easy to access, while also being durable and safe. Whether you want a single-lid toolbox or a double-lid box, you'll find the perfect one for your needs.

The Dee Zee Red Label Single Lid Crossover Tool Box features a durable lid that is easy to open and close. The box's lid is built with a full pan double-V stiffener, a lockable latch, and foam for added rigidity. The box also features an adjustable striker to keep the lid from sliding out. This toolbox can be moved to a worksite or a parking lot. The durable Dee Zee Red Label Single Lid Truck Toolbox is available in multiple colors and finishes.

The Dee Zee Hardware Series boxes are made of heavy-duty 20-gauge steel. They feature a wrinkle-white NRT powder-coat finish and come with a recessed padlock shackle. This toolbox is the safest in the Dee Zee lineup. Moreover, it supports any 1" shackle padlock. The box is also equipped with a bolt padlock. The locking mechanism uses the ignition key of the vehicle.

The Dee Zee Red Label Crossover Tool Box is made from aluminum with heavy-duty diamond tread pattern. It is made to last and protect your gear from thieves. It features stainless paddle handles, double-V stiffener, and foam tape weatherstripping. This tool box is durable and ideal for tradesmen and contractors. The product ships the same day. If you have a toolbox in your Jeep, make sure to order the right one.


The Ultima Single Lid Tool Box from Deflecta-Shield is perfect for any level of truck owner, from novice to professional. Made of tough aluminum, this toolbox features smooth seam welds, twin stainless steel paddle locks, and thick weather stripping. It also features a molded tool tray. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. It comes in black or bright finishes.

The Low Profile Truck Tool Box is a low-profile design that fits your truck bed without being bulky. It also has a rubber floor mat, so big items don't slide around. The interior latch release is industry-first, and comes with a warranty. In addition, it fits your truck bed without drilling holes or damaging your truck's floor pan. It also has a 1-year warranty.

For added durability, Deflecta-Shield single lid toolboxes come with moisture-resistant seals and locking lids. These toolboxes offer ample storage space. They also include a sliding tray for organizing small tools. When used correctly, the Deflecta-Shield Challenger Truck Toolbox is guaranteed to last for years. There are a few advantages to buying a Deflecta-Shield toolbox.

The Aluminum Low Profile Truck Toolbox is made with a welded aluminum body. Its insulated lid is molded with diamond tread aluminum to withstand extreme weather conditions. The lid is sealed with a rust-resistant diamond-tread aluminum latch. The steel tub is constructed from a tough steel alloy, and the whole toolbox is weather-sealed to keep out moisture.

Another unique toolbox option is the Du-Ha Humpstor. Its low profile allows the truck owner to see what is in the bed, but still offers a secure storage space. Its lid is crafted from heavy-duty aluminum and is secured with stainless steel paddle locks. The Dee Zee Humpstor is available in a black or clear polish finish. Its lid is made from heavy-duty diamond-tread aluminum and features gas shocks. The Dura-Shield lid is easy to install and has a secure latch. The Dee Zee Humpstor comes with an adjustable frame, which makes it compatible with any tonneau cover.

The chest-style toolbox is another option for truck bed toolboxes. It fits nearly all truck bed sizes and is built to withstand rough conditions. The chest-style lid is secure and features a two-key locking system. It also has a heavy-duty hinge for easy operation. It also comes with a pair of handles, making it easy to carry and move.


Gull-Wing single lid truck bed storage boxes feature two separate lids so you can easily access all of your tools without having to open the box. They are made of extra-thick one-piece aluminum for added strength and durability, and feature built-in locks. These boxes are easy to install and remove, making them an excellent choice for the truck bed. Whether you're hauling around lawn mowers or carrying tools and other equipment, these boxes are the perfect solution.

The Gull-Wing single lid truck bed storage box features interior hinges, locking covers, and easy access from either side of your truck. Full weather-sealing seals ensure protection from rain and snow, and installation is quick and easy. These boxes are available in steel or aluminum construction. You can customize your interior to fit the tools you use the most. And because they are made to last, they come with a 1-year limited warranty.

The Gull-Wing Crossover Tool Box by UWS is a popular truck bed storage option. It features two key-lockable lids and fits securely between truck bed rails behind the cab. It's made of rugged industrial aluminum, which withstands the weight of heavy tools and resists leaking. The dual-lid design also makes it easy to access tools. This toolbox features a unique foamed cover that prevents the tool box from warping or bending. Its self-closing gas struts allow the truck bed toolbox to close softly with a gentle tap.

Low-profile Gull-Wing single lid truck bed storage offers a stylish solution for storing tools and equipment. Low-profile models have aluminum or steel construction and various powder coats. There are also different opening systems, with some featuring convenient push-button operation, while others have traditional handles for easy access. A Limited Life Warranty protects your investment. So, if you're a truck owner, you won't regret your purchase.

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