Best Saris Vehicle Sports Rack Parts & Accessories in 2022

Saris Vehicle Sports Rack Parts Accessories

Among the features of a good sports rack is the ability to accommodate the extra weight of your snowboard or kite. You can do this by using a Saris vehicle sports rack. To make your purchase as easy as possible, the parts and accessories of a sport rack are easy to install and use. Learn more about the strap management system, weight capacity, mounting options and locking mechanisms. In addition, you'll discover how to properly install the rack on your car.

Strap management system

For more than eighty percent of the top vehicles, the Saris vehicle sports rack is an ideal fit. This rack's superior hold downs and integrated strap management system will keep your bikes secure, and you can enjoy your ride without fumbling around with your luggage straps. This durable rack features the largest vehicle compatibility of any bike rack on the market, and is also available with a unique dog leg for added versatility. The Saris Vehicle Sports Rack strap management system is easy to use and provides a secure fit with a durable, rust-free finish.

The Saris Vehicle Sports Rack strap management system has four steel cords to prevent the bikes from sliding around in the rack. They are stronger and harder to cut than standard nylon webbing, and they feature an integrated locking mechanism. The lock pulls out to secure the bikes while in the rack. It is made of 100% recycled plastic and fits most vehicles. It also folds for easy portability. While many bike racks offer a locking system, the Saris VSR strap management system is a great choice for cyclists.

Weight capacity

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a sports rack for your vehicle. You'll need to determine how much weight the rack can carry, and what type of vehicle you drive. For instance, if you have a small car, the weight limit of a sport rack will be considerably lower than the weight capacity of a large car. Also, you should be aware of how much space your vehicle has. If you're loading up your car with a large bike rack, you'll need to consider the weight capacity of the bikes and other sports equipment.

Mounting options

There are many different types of mounting options for your Saris Vehicle Sports Rack, and some options are better suited to certain vehicles than others. For example, if you have a pop-up or camper roof, there are different types of mounting options that can accommodate these vehicles. And because Saris designs its racks with cyclists in mind, you can be sure that they will fit securely and comfortably on your vehicle.

The first type of mounting option for this rack is trunk mounted. This option is very convenient for transporting two bikes, but the rack must be compatible with your vehicle's trunk. If you have a trunk mounted rack, be sure to select one that does not exceed the maximum weight capacity of the trunk. One of the best trunk-mounted bike racks is the Saris Bones Ex. It features the strongest material available and is compatible with most vehicle models.

Another option is to attach your Saris Vehicle Sports Rack to your car's trunk with straps, hooks, or feet. Trunk mounts are the most affordable and easy to install, but they cannot be locked to your vehicle. They are also not as secure as roof mounts and should only be used in low-crime areas. Lastly, there are also different styles and types of mounting options for your Saris Vehicle Sports Rack.

The Saris Hitch Bike Rack is the easiest to install and offers secure storage for one to five bicycles. With latest swing and tilt technology, this bike rack allows you to access your luggage even when it is loaded. Its low profile helps it blend in with your car's exterior. You can also install a Saris Roof Bike Rack without having to compromise the benefits of your pickup truck. When installed properly, the Saris Vehicle Sports Rack will keep your bikes safe from the elements and maintain a low profile on the truck.

Locking mechanisms

Locking mechanisms are a crucial feature to consider when purchasing a Saris rack for your vehicle. Not all car racks have locking mechanisms. To make sure your rack will not fall off while driving, you can install velcro loops to secure them to the rack. Locking mechanisms also prevent bikers from swaying the rack. Saris racks include three locking mechanisms. If you have a car with a hard top, you can choose to purchase a rack that is only slightly higher than your vehicle.

Many car racks come with built-in locking mechanisms, but if you aren't comfortable with installing these locks, you can buy an extra one. Choosing one with a locking mechanism can help deter thieves and extend the functionality of your rack. Locking mechanisms on Saris Vehicle Sports Rack Parts Accessories are designed to help you protect your cargo and make the rack easier to use. Some of the Saris racks also have a tray that stores your bike tires.

For a two-bike rack, you'll need to choose a model with a weight limit of 35 pounds, while a three-bike rack should weigh up to 105 pounds. While mid-end bikes usually weigh less than thirty pounds, big-box-store bikes can weigh well over thirty pounds. A 24 inch kids Huffy Scout weighs 36.4 pounds, so the weight limit on a Saris rack is dependent on the bike itself and your vehicle.


Those looking for a vehicle sports rack for their sports bike will love the variety of options that Saris offers. For example, they make many different models of racks, including trunk hitch bike racks, smooth trainers, and more. The great thing about Saris racks is that they are manufactured in the United States. In addition to the standard cargo rack model, you can purchase other accessory parts for your vehicle, including velcro straps to fold excess straps down.

The Bones bike trunk rack has long been a top seller for Saris. It has unique arced rack arms and a good price point. Besides being lightweight, it does not require a hitch and is suitable for storing two bikes. The Bones 3 is designed for bigger families and smaller bikes. In addition, it's easy to install and can be removed easily. Buying a new car rack is an excellent idea for those who frequently use their sport bike and want to have a reliable one that can withstand frequent removal and installation.

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