Roof Mount Ladder Rack Front

Close up of Roof Mounted, Truck and Trailer Ladder Rack

Roof Mount Ladder Racks are manufactured of industrial grade, anodized

aluminum extrusions, which are internally reinforced, providing evenly distributed weight capacities of 400 lbs. and up, per ladder rack frame. Unlike the majority of roof mount ladder racks which are made of thin walled steel tubing or aluminum channel. These extrusions are comparable in strength to 1-1/2″ square, 1/8″ wall, welded steel tubing, at 2/3 the weight and none of the rust. High weight capacities allow the use of fewer ladder rack frames on the vehicle, instead of three or four frames to support your typical load, two or three frames should be sufficient. also uses only high strength stainless steel fasteners allowing them to retain their strength and keep rust streaks off the sides of your vehicle. Roof Mount Ladder Racks feature componentized construction for easy part replacement in the event of an accident.

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Truck and Trailer roof mount ladder racks