Best Riverside Paddlesports Foam Block Rooftop Carriers in 2022

Paddleboard Rooftop Carriers

If you're a paddleboarder, you'll want to invest in a set of foam block rooftop carriers. These carriers feature safety foam blocks for stability and a cinch strap system to secure your board to your roof. You can also buy an Amazon Basics Roof Rack Storage Kit, which includes four soft foam pads, two metal hooks, one small strap with buckle, and eight cinch straps.

Rightline Gear Foam Block Kayak Carrier

The Rightline Gear Foam Block Kayak Carry is a roof-rack-free storage system that attaches your kayak to your car without the use of inside straps. It is easy to install and requires no inside straps. Its Dual Lock Straps secure the foam blocks to the rack and roof during transportation. These straps also help prevent the kayak from sliding during transport. Its features include:

The Rightline Gear Foam Block Kayak Carier has rubber straps for attaching it to your vehicle's roof, so you don't have to worry about snagging your kayak while in transit. The foam blocks are secured using buckles and straps that slide into the door frame weather stripping. The car carrier comes with a mesh carrying bag for convenience. The Rightline Gear Foam Block Kayak Carrier is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

The Rightline Gear Foam Block Kayak Carier is a new and improved version of the previous generation carrier. The previous versions relied on downward pressure to secure the kayak while the Foam Block Kayak Carrier has a v-shaped top that securely cradles the kayak. The foam block also includes rubber guards to protect your kayak and vehicle from potential damage. The Rightline Gear Foam Block Kayak Carrier also includes a mesh carrying bag to protect your kayak from the elements.

SportRack Paddlesports Foam-Block Rooftop Canoe Carrier

There are different types of rooftop canoe carriers, such as foam blocks, but all serve the same purpose: to transport a canoe. The use of rooftop carriers is growing rapidly, and manufacturers are now able to provide better after-sales service for their products. Whether you're transporting a kayak, canoe, or SUP, the rooftop carriers will help you keep your equipment safe while enjoying the view.

The carrier comes with a one-year warranty from Pelican International Inc., and it covers all components and accessory parts. To claim the warranty, you'll need to provide proof of purchase. This product also comes with a free storage bag. The foam block measures four inches in height, three-quarters of an inch in width, and 6.5 inches in length. The carrier's crossbars measure 38 inches, and it's easy to fit your canoe on it.

The rooftop carrier also includes a storage bag for easy transport and convenient storage. The foam blocks are made of shock-resistant eva foam, which offers anti-tear strength and protection. Its soft roof rack pad prevents scratches and is compatible with factory and non-factory racks. In addition, the roof rack pad has a non-slip underside to protect your car's roof.

Riverside Cartop Carriers Universal Canoe Carrier Kit

If you're looking for a way to carry your canoe, kayak, or surfboard without sacrificing the cargo space in your vehicle, consider the Universal Kayak Carrier Kit by Riverside. These carrier blocks come with No-Skid anti-slipping bottoms and are compatible with aftermarket and factory cross rails. If you want to add even more cargo space to your vehicle, consider purchasing a second set of cross rails or racks to fit your kayaks.

This versatile kayak carrier kit from Riverside is made for both factory and aftermarket racks. You can even use it with vehicles that don't have racks. The Universal Canoe Carrier Kit fits all makes and models. For added stability, the carrier blocks come with non-skid laminates and extra-long bow and stern tie-down straps. To prevent slipping while transporting your canoe or kayak, you can even purchase a mesh bag that comes with the carrier kit.

The Riverside Canoe Carrier kit includes foam blocks for storing your canoe. It also comes with 2 15-foot tie-down ropes with cam buckles. The foam blocks are easy to install and will hold your kayak safely. You can even purchase a custom-made kayak carrier kit to make sure it fits your needs. These carriers are made from heavy-duty foam and will last for years.

SportRack Paddlesports Foam-Block Rooftop Kayak Carrier

The SportRack Paddlesports Foam Block RooftopKayak Carrier is designed to protect your car and kayak from scratches and dings. Made of flexible and elastic EVA foam, it offers greater shock resistance than traditional carriers. The EVA blocks also offer excellent grip and adhesive properties. They make transporting your kayak easy. You can easily install your kayak on the roof of your car with the included instructions.

The SportRack Paddlesports Foam-Block Rooftop Kayak Carrier is compatible with most vehicle roof bars. The sturdy steel frame and EPE foam pads protect your kayak from the wind and the elements. The carrier comes with two padded, adjustable straps, one securing the kayak, the other securing the kayak to the roof. The straps are extra wide, so you can easily adjust them to fit your kayak perfectly.

This rooftop kayak carrier has four soft foam pads to protect your kayak and provides easy access to the cockpit. Its cinch straps and foam block secure your kayak in place. The foam block prevents your kayak from moving, which makes it safer than other rooftop kayak carriers. This foam-blocked rooftop kayak carrier is a great option for traveling on the road. With straps to hold your kayak in place, you can carry other items, too.

If you're looking for a roof kayak carrier that can secure your kayak to your car, the Foam Block Rooftop Kayak Carrier by Riverside Paddlesports is an ideal choice. Its straps are 12 feet long, making it easy to tie down your kayak to your vehicle. It also features S-hooks, cam buckles, and sewn loops to secure your kayak to the carrier. It is also made of super-soft, skin-friendly fabric.

Riverside Paddlesports Foam-Block Rooftop Kayak Carrier Kit

A roof rack can be used to carry a kayak. But, if your car does not have a rack system, you can purchase the foam block option. The foam block has adhesive properties that help keep your kayak secure. It is made of EVA foam. This material is elastic and provides better shock resistance. It also has good gripping properties. So, you don't have to worry about getting scratched while driving.

This roof rack is made of lightweight, flexible foam that is durable and easy to install. It also has tie-down straps that are 12 feet long and include four S-hooks. These straps come with 360-degree buckle bumper protection. They are also made of a soft, comfortable cotton blend that is breathable and super-soft. This kayak carrier makes it easy to transport your paddleboard.

It has a simple design. You can install it on your roof or in a car trunk. Just follow the instructions carefully. The foam blocks on top of the carrier provide a good surface for paddling. Moreover, you can use it for storage as well. The foam block rooftop kayak carrier is easy to install, so it can be a great addition to your vehicle.

SportRack Paddlesports Foam-Block Rooftop Kayak Carrier Kit

If you're in the market for a roof top kayak carrier, check out the Foam Block Rooftop Kayak Carrier by SportRack. This carrier has four adjustable doors and two 15-foot tie down ropes for secure kayak placement. This carrier has a total breaking strength of 1200 pounds. There are two different models of this carrier, and both come with the same features.

The SportRack Paddlesports Foam Block Rooftop Canoe Carrier Kit is a lightweight, yet durable kayak carrier made of shock-absorbing EPE foam and 600D polyester fabric. It also comes with two 12-foot load straps and a storage bag. It is safe and convenient to use with two tie-downs that secure the kayak in place. This kit comes with molded-in security lock keys to keep your kayak secure.

The straps are 12 feet long and feature cam buckles, S-hooks, sewn loops, and foam blocks for secure kayak placement. The straps are made of breathable, skin-friendly cotton blend that is super soft and comfortable. The tie down straps also feature 360-degree buckle bumper protection to prevent your kayak from slipping. And as an added bonus, you can use them to carry other things as well.

This carrier has been designed to be easy to install and remove. It can be easily attached to your car's roof rack or door frame weather molding without the use of a roof rack. Dual-lock straps are used to secure the carrier to the roof or rack. The straps also run over the top of the kayak for added stability. And because the carrier comes with a mesh carrying bag, you can easily transport it without any problem.

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