Best Retrospec Vehicle Sports Racks & Carriers in 2022

Retrospec Vehicle Sports Racks & Carriers Review

There are many reasons to purchase a Retrospec Vehicle Sports Rack & Carrier. A variety of features and benefits make this a great choice. The BackStage series from RockyMounts swings out a full 180 degrees to provide more access to the back of your vehicle. It also comes with an Integral towable shank and an anti-rattle design. A few of its pros are reviewed below.

BackStage series from RockyMounts swings away a full 180 degrees to allow more access to the back of your vehicle

There are a number of reasons why the BackStage series from RockyMounTs is the best option for your next roof rack. Not only does it swing away a full 180 degrees, but it also allows you to access the back of your vehicle easily - even with your bikes on them! This feature makes it the perfect solution for cyclists, campers, and dog owners.

A couple of the benefits of a tray-style rack are its lightweight design and easy installation. This rack can hold two bikes and is incredibly easy to remove. The rack features a lockable pin and knob for tightening. Installation is as easy as crouching down near the hitch. Most other racks require you to remove a nut on the receiver bolt to gain access to the back of the vehicle.

A bike rack with wide-tread tires can increase the amount of space available for bicycles. Some models are able to hold two bikes, while others are able to accommodate four bikes. A few bike racks come with locking mechanisms that prevent wheels from falling off, and this feature is one of the biggest benefits of a bike rack.

A bike rack can be a hassle to install, but the Piston Pro X will solve that problem. It features pneumatic wheel hoops that lock the bike in place. A separate lock is also included for added security. The lock is made of extra-thick cable. The Piston Pro X has a tilting function to allow you to store your bike against the back of your vehicle.

The BackStage series from RockyMounTs is a solid bike rack, weighing 59 pounds when empty. The locking mechanism is a bit fragile, though, and the plastic casing makes it feel like it could be broken. If you ride your bike and need to access the back of your vehicle, consider purchasing an extender to protect your rear window.

Anti-rattle design

The Retrospec Vehicle Sports Racks & Carrier features an anti-rattle design to keep bikes and other gear secure. These racks are compatible with both a 2.25-inch and 1.25-inch hitch. These racks are built tough and can withstand rough terrain, fast highway speeds, and bumpy back roads. The Rack Up comes with a free installation video, and the standard version can hold two bikes or four. Each bike has a maximum load capacity of 60 pounds.

The retrospec vehicle sports racks and carriers come with foldable carrying arms that can be stowed when not in use. The double-arm carrier can hold a variety of bikes, and the pivot feature increases the chances of compatibility. The racks are made of durable steel that will not shake or wobble when loaded with heavy bikes. The Anti-Rattle design prevents swaying within the hitch.

The anti-rattle rack features a threaded hitch pin for a tighter seal and reduced vibration. The rack can accommodate bicycles with twenty to 29-inch wheels, and 5 inches wide tires. The rack has an integrated towable shank. Its anti-rattle design is made of sturdy steel and a protective powder coating.

The Saris Bones rack can hold up to three bikes at different heights. It includes hardware to assemble the rack and tie down straps and cradles. It has an anti-rattle design and a tilt back design to allow easy access to the rear gates. And because the rack is lightweight, it's easy to install and use. Moreover, the racks are durable, allowing you to use them for several years.


There are many benefits of a Retrospec Vehicle Sports Racks & Carrier. It provides secure storage for your bicycles. Retrospec racks can hold two, three, or four bikes and can be attached to any class III or IV vehicle hitch. These racks are also great for hauling gear on your trailer. They cost more than cargo baskets, but can hold a lot of gear. They also take up space on your vehicle, especially if you store them when not in use.

The retrospec lenox hitch mount bike rack is a budget-friendly bike rack that comes with two sets of bicycle straps. It is easy to install and has all the construction quality of a more expensive rack. It is made of sturdy steel that will stand up to the abuse of transporting bikes. It is simple to use, and includes two sets of bike straps. Retrospec sports racks and carriers cost about $300.

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