Best Retrax Truck Tonneau Covers in 2022

Retrax Truck Tonneau Covers

Retrax truck bed covers are known for their automotive-grade weather strip and patented low-profile designs. They protect your truck's bed from rain and snow without requiring extra vinyl protectants or outdated water channeling rails. These covers also feature drainage tubes and are lockable to prevent theft. Read on to find out how these covers work and how they compare to the competition. And don't forget to check out our customer reviews.

Easy to install

If you've ever purchased a tonneau cover for your truck but have been worried about the installation process, you should look into the Easy to Install Retrax Truck Tonneau Covers. These covers come with comprehensive instructions that guide you through the process step by step. They are incredibly easy to install and don't require any special tools. Moreover, if you're not familiar with the process, a video tutorial is provided with the product.

These truck tonneau covers attach to the underside of the bed rails. They may come with their own set of rails. They open and close like an accordion, folding up when they're closed. Most Retrax covers have locks, although some may rely on the tailgate lock to keep the cover in place. The Retrax PRO MX is an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts because it features rack compatibility and a sleek matte black finish.

Installing a Retrax Truck Tonneau Cover is very easy and requires minimal tools. If you have a hard top tonneau, a forklift is necessary to lift it. Be sure to wipe off the product packaging with alcohol to remove any traces of dirt. Once the cover has been secured, tighten the bolts with a wrench or deep socket. If you're driving your truck while you're working on the installation, make sure to use caution.

Easy to operate

Whether you're looking for an easy-to-operate truck tonneau cover or just want a cover that doesn't obstruct your view, Retrax has the solution for you. The PowertraxONE MX tonneau cover is operated by a wireless key fob. Simply stop it in any position and the cover will retract automatically. It also comes with a three-year warranty and features RetraxONE MX benefits.

Retrax truck tonneau covers are lockable and come with a key-locked security system. Using the remote key fob, you can lock the cover remotely from any location. The cover comes with a detailed installation guide that can be followed by anybody. You will only need a few tools to install it. This makes it one of the easiest to install truck tonneau covers.

Retrax trucks can benefit from the extra features that come with most tonneau covers. For example, some of them come with pull tabs and remotes that make closing and opening the cover effortless. In addition, some tonneau covers feature stake pockets for mounting roof rack rails and other accessories. You can also choose an optional remote to lock the cover from either position. The powertraxONE MX is another easy to operate model that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Retrax trucks tonneau covers are easily operated and are serviceable. They don't require any drilling and are virtually maintenance-free. Retrax customer service is readily available to answer any questions and solve any issues. If you have questions about Retrax truck tonneau covers, feel free to contact them. You'll be happy you did. They will help you choose the perfect cover for your truck.


Retrax truck tonneau covers are an excellent choice for drivers who need a protective covering for their truck bed. They are fully retractable and use a ball-bearing system to open and close. Once open, the retractable tonneau cover rolls up into a spiral canister that rests flush against the truck cab. Moreover, they feature locking mechanisms for security and convenience, making them a great choice for drivers who want to lock their truck bed cover.

The RetraxONE XR Tonneau Cover is an innovative combination of a retractable tonneau cover and Rail Expansion System. It is made of durable LEXAN polycarbonate that resists dents and dings. It is easy to operate, has a locking handle and allows you to lock it in any position between closed and open. These covers feature tempered aluminum support beams to prevent any rusting or corrosion. RetraxOne XR Tonneau Covers have a unique locking system that allows you to lock it in any position between open and closed. This feature allows the tonneau cover to keep the bed of your truck secure and dry even when the cab is closed.

The patented design of Retrax truck tonneau covers makes them easy to install and use. You can easily open and close the tonneau cover using just one hand. This design features sealed ball-bearing rollers to ensure smooth operation. Besides, the Retrax tonneau covers are backed by a Legendary Lifetime Warranty. You'll feel completely protected when your truck is covered by Retrax.


If you're in the market for a truck tonneau cover, you should look into the benefits of retractable covers. These covers are very easy to install and remove, and provide full utility and protection for your cargo. However, some models have drawbacks. Some can't be removed, while others are difficult to store. Lockable covers have all these advantages in one convenient package. Read on to learn how to pick the right one for your needs and vehicle.

If you need partial access, a retractable tonneau cover is the way to go. Lockable covers can be manually or electronically operated. This type of cover offers a higher level of security and can be locked at any position along the rail. Unlike folding covers, retractable ones offer more precise positioning. These covers can be locked into the partially-open position or kept out of sight by the driver.

Another type of tonneau cover is a locking tailgate. This type of tonneau covers is more secure than those with snap locks. These are available for older trucks, including second-generation Toyota Tacomas. They can also be added to multi-section lockable covers. While locking tailgates do offer some additional security, they are not required to be completely secure. Moreover, locking tailgates can be installed on some models.


If you want to protect your cargo and keep the bed of your truck clean, then you should consider investing in a Retrax tonneau cover. Made in North Dakota, the polycarbonate and aluminum slats of Retrax tonneau covers are durable, easy to install, and feature patented low-profile designs. Unlike other brands, they don't require additional vinyl protectants or outdated water channeling rails. You can also choose one that comes with integrated storage pockets to keep your cargo safe and secure.

Despite the high price tag, polycarbonate tonneau covers are lightweight and durable. They are also easy to recycle. Polycarbonate tonneau covers are more expensive than aluminum, but you'll be glad you went with a polycarbonate tonneau cover. You won't be disappointed! A Polycarbonate truck bed cover will add protection to your truck, while the aluminum tonneau covers won't increase the gas mileage of your vehicle.

Another type of polycarbonate truck bed cover is the Retrax ONE MX. This one-piece polycarbonate tonneau cover retracts without hinges or moving parts. It also provides superior impact resistance and UV protection. The RetraxOne MX Tonneau Cover features a unique combination of a smooth matte finish and rigid polycarbonate construction. In addition to protecting your cargo, these covers also improve your pickup's aerodynamics. It has been reported that a polycarbonate tonneau cover increases fuel efficiency by 10%!


Retrax truck bed covers are the most popular type of truck tonneau covers on the market today. Their flush-front design and automotive-grade weather-strip prevent water from seeping into the container, which keeps the bed safe and dry. Another great benefit of Retrax truck tonneau covers is that they don't require the installation of additional vinyl protectants or outdated water channeling rails.

These aluminum truck bed covers are lightweight and durable, and can hold hundreds of pounds. A Retrax truck bed cover is an excellent addition to your truck and can improve its appearance. These covers are available from AAG. A Retrax truck bed cover is a great choice for anyone who needs to protect their truck while not sacrificing style. There are four main types of Retrax truck bed covers:

Retrax PRO MX Aluminum Retractable Tonneau Covers are available with a one-touch retractable design. This tonneau cover features a sealed ball-bearing system that eliminates friction in the tonneau when it is retracted. The RetraxPRO MX is also double-wall-encased to ensure superior protection. The RetraxPRO MX features a low-profile design and a legendary lifetime warranty.

RetraxONE XR aluminum truck tonneau covers have similar features to the PowertraxONE MX but have a rack compatibility feature. Truck owners who need to carry their gear and camping gear will appreciate this tonneau cover. They also provide additional storage space for larger items. The PowertraxONE XR tonneau cover is a little bit more expensive, but has more features than the other two models.

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