Best Pop N Lock Truck Tailgate Locks in 2022

Pop N Lock Truck Tailgate Locks

If you've ever wondered how to secure your truck bed, Pop & Lock Truck Tailgate Security Systems are the answer. These kits include an armored steel tailgate lock, two keys, mounting hardware and easy-to-read instructions. These locks mount in a recessed recess underneath the handle. Installation requires no drilling or complicated wiring. Pop & Lock Truck Tailgate Security Systems are the world's leaders in truck bed security and safety.

Pop & Lock is the world leader in truck bed security

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Pop & Lock makes the best security products for truck applications. Their catalogue includes high-quality tailgate, tonneau, and truck cap locks. All locks are tamper-resistant and easy to install. They also feature indestructible steel construction. Pop & Lock truck bed locks are a great way to secure your valuable cargo. These products are easy to install and prevent unauthorized access to your truck bed.

Pop & Lock is the world leader in tailgate security products. If your tailgate is stolen, you could end up spending thousands of dollars, not to mention the value of the valuables inside. Tailgate locks from Pop & Lock protect your truck bed and your valuable cargo while giving your truck a factory-like appearance. Choose between power locks and manual locks to meet your needs. No matter what you need, Pop & Lock has a solution for your truck bed.

The McGard tailgate lock is an excellent choice for people who use their truck bed on a regular basis. It is built from lightweight stainless steel and polycarbonate, so you won't have to remove it to open the tailgate. This lock has an OEM factory look and includes two keys for convenience. It also comes with mounting hardware and easy-to-read installation instructions. And as a world leader in truck bed security, Pop & Lock has made their reputation by consistently delivering on its promises.

Adds a lock to your tailgate handle

A truck tailgate lock will make it impossible for anyone to open your truck's rear door without the proper keys. Pop N Lock truck tailgate locks are an excellent solution, and will add a lock to your tailgate handle while ensuring your safety. They mount easily to your tailgate handle without drilling and are easy to install. They also raise the handle for easy access and minimize pinch hazards.

To install Pop N Lock Truck Tailgatelocks, remove the old one. The old handle should fall out easily, but the new one should slide into the back. After installing the new lock, reconnect the scissor rods to the two holes. Then, snap the plastic holders onto the rods. Replace the tailgate panel and test the new tailgate lock to ensure it's working properly.

Pop N Lock Truck Tailgatelocks can also be installed by yourself. Pop N Lock Tailgate Locks are easy to install and use, locking in place behind the tailgate handle and blocking anyone from gaining access. The Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock is made of heavy-duty armored steel and is designed to fit the shape of the tailgate handle. It is finished in ABS black to match the tailgate handle and offers convenience and total security.

Secures your truck bed

Pop & Lock truck tailgate locks are a great way to protect your cargo and your truck. These easy to install locks come with two keys, mounting hardware, and easy-to-follow instructions. The Pop & Lock tailgate lock is made of hardened steel for added durability and security. Most models are black and have a custom contour that fits the handle perfectly. They are easy to install and require no drilling.

Unlike conventional locks, Pop & Lock tailgate locks are powered, and work with your power door locks. Simply press a button to activate the tailgate lock and the tailgate will automatically lock with your pickup truck's doors. These locks come with the wiring harness and connectors you need to connect them to your truck. They mount inside the tailgate handle, which eliminates the need for drilling holes. Optional switch kits are available.

Easy to install

If you have a truck that has a removable tailgate, you'll want to invest in an easy to install Pop N Lock trucktailgate lock. These locks mount on the tailgate handle and lock out anyone without the right key. You can install them yourself in just a few minutes without drilling. Because they're raised, they're easy to operate and reduce pinch risks. They also have easy-to-read instructions and mounting hardware.

First, take a look at the wiring harness. Ensure the harness is properly attached. Make sure the male end of the wire runs down the driver's side of the truck frame, keeping it away from the exhaust pipes. Run the wire loom over the gas tank and back to the tailgate. Drop the spare tire, if possible, to provide more room for the wiring. Once the tailgate support is secure, zip tie the wire in place.

If you're installing a power tailgate lock, be sure to use a wire from the tailgate to the driver's footwell. Once the tailgate is locked, you can easily unlock it by pressing the power tailgate lock button. Easy to install Pop N Lock truck tailgate locks are backed by a 1-year warranty. Adding one of these locks to your truck will give you more security than you could ever hope for.

These easy to install Pop N Lock truck tailgate locks can be mounted on any tailgate for maximum security. They replace the old tailgate handle, ensuring that no one will be able to open the tailgate without the appropriate key. They're made of hardened steel and are custom-contoured to fit your vehicle. They're available in black, silver, and red. If you're interested in purchasing a Pop N Lock truck tailgate lock, you'll find them available at your local auto parts store.

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