Best PlastiKote Truck Bed & Tailgate Bed Liners in 2022

PlastiKote Truck Bed & Tailgate Bed Liners

There are several factors to consider when shopping for PlastiKote Truck Bed / Tailgate Bed Liners. These include the cost, the warranty period, the thickness of the coating, and the durability. Read on to learn more. Let us compare a few of the best options. Buying a truck bed / tailgate liner will make the difference between a dingy looking truck and a well-maintained truck.

Lifetime warranty

The Bullet Liner is a spray on truck bed liner made of polymers that bond to the truck's bed permanently. This liner offers superior protection from stains and corrosive damage. It protects the entire body of the truck, including wheel wells, grille frames, rocker panels, brush guards, running boards, and more. The Bullet Liner comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is guaranteed not to flake or bubble.

If your liner is defective, the manufacturer will replace it free of charge. However, the warranty does not cover labor costs or consequential damages. The warranty covers only the parts that failed under normal use and the manufacturer's liability is limited to the price of the product. Moreover, the warranty does not cover any implied warranties, such as the merchantability and fitness for purpose.


How much do PlastiKote Truck Bed / Tailgate Liners cost? That's a question you're likely to want answered before purchasing. The answer isn't as simple as a number. There are many reasons to get a liner and what to look for. Here's a look at some of the best options. For the most part, they'll cost around $1200. If you plan on using your liner on a daily basis, however, it's worth a few extra bucks.

First of all, this product is the easiest to install. The material is made from a thermoplastic elastomer that bonds to the surface in just three seconds. It's UV resistant and flexible, and it will protect your investment against abrasion and fading. And because it's made with special equipment, you can install the liner yourself with little or no hassle.

Next, consider the material used to make the liner. Most of them are made from 100% plastic and are skid resistant, which means they won't chip, peel or crack. They also have a durable finish and don't chip or peel when they are dry. A good drop-in liner will protect your truck bed from impact damage and can be applied with ease. These are also good for preventing rust.

The most popular DIY liner is the Herculiner HCL1B8 brush-on bed liner kit. This is an excellent product for a budget and doesn't break the bank. It's also very easy to apply, and is incredibly durable. It's best to contact a professional if you're not comfortable doing it yourself, since the DIY version can peel off after a while.

Thickness of coatings

The Thickness of PlastiKotE Truck Bed & Tailgate Liner is important when choosing between different bedliner options. Different bedliner materials have different textures. A rough surface will provide the best non-skid surface and be more difficult to scratch. It also has a more durable surface, which is better for heavier loads. If you are concerned about the thickness of your bedliner, you can find a specialized gage for this purpose.

Another popular liner is the Herculiner Truck Bed Liner. However, this product has bad UV stability and can fade quickly. It also has a heavy concentration of crumb rubber, which requires constant mixing. You also might not be able to clean it as easily as you would a regular bedliner, which can result in intense scrubbing and high water pressure.

Dupli-Color Truck Bed Coating is a popular one-component product. It comes in DIY kits and can be applied with a roller, brush, or aerosol spray can. It's the most affordable solution for a protective bedliner and costs a fraction of what other brands cost. And, it's easy to use, too!

The thicker version of PlastiKote Truck Bed and Tailgate Bed Liners is more durable. It's also more resistant to damage from scrapes and scratches. It is also easier to install than a traditional bedliner. The liner kit includes everything you need to install it, including new rollers. However, if you're not familiar with the installation process, you can always seek professional help.

You'll need to consider the thickness of the liner to determine how durable it is. You'll need to consider the thickness of your truck's bed. In general, the more durable the liner, the better. The thickness of the liner depends on your truck's bed, so you should make sure you check the size of your bed and tailgate before purchasing it.


One of the best reasons to invest in PlastiKote Truck Bed lining is its durability. It is resistant to chips, peels, and dents and will not crack, chip, or peel when dry. It is also easy to apply and clean. It provides the truck with a smooth black finish and is durable enough to protect the bed and tailgate from impact.

If you are unsure of the durability of your liner, you can try installing it yourself by using a spray on system. You can do this yourself if you have a spray on machine or an air compressor. First, make sure your truck bed is clean and well-sanded. You may want to practice spraying on scrap metal or plywood before attempting it on your vehicle.

To see if PlastiKote was as durable as the industry claimed, Project Farm tested five rattle-can spray products that are commonly used for other applications. While they are meant to provide a durable coating, none of the five stood up to gasoline and high heat. In the end, the test team chose the mid-priced PlastiKote as their top choice.

The durability of PlastiKote Truck Bed and Tailgate Bed Liners is determined by the thickness of the liner. A thicker liner will protect your truck bed from rust better than a thin one. Thinner lines may require multiple coats to protect them. For better protection, opt for a thicker material that will prevent moisture damage.


Before you start the process of installing PlastiKote Truck & Tailgate Liner, you should prepare the truck bed and tailgate area for it. You need to remove any rust or corrosion, even if it is minor. Rust eats through the metal bed if left untreated. Then, you can prime the bare metal before applying the bed liner. The bed liner manufacturer can help you choose the right primer for your truck.

To prepare the truck bed, pressure wash the entire surface of the bed and allow it to dry thoroughly. After that, you must use automotive-grade masking tape to protect the liner and paint finish. Ensure that the truck bed is free of debris so that the liner can adhere properly. If there is still paint on the surface, you need to remove it first. Otherwise, the paint may smear or bubble when applied.

For a DIY job, you can use a 4-inch paint roller. This roller fits better in the contours and channels of the truck bed. For the best results, overlap your roller strokes. Apply the first coat in a thin layer. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes. Next, apply a second coat from the sides of the bed. If this is difficult, you may need a stepladder to reach the areas in question. Once you have finished the first coat, give the truck bed at least 20 minutes to cure.

If you are not a professional, use a product that uses organic steam instead of acetone and alcohol. These products work well with Xylene steams and should be applied with safety in mind. You can buy these products at Lowes or House. Then, use them to prepare the bed surface and prepare it for bedliner application. You can even use the tarp as a protective layer.

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