Best Perrycraft Truck Bed Rails in 2022

Perrycraft Truck Bed Rails

If you have a truck bed that is too short, or a short bed, then a rail from Perrycraft Truck Bed Rails might be a great solution. Available in a wide variety of sizes, LPS Truck Bed Rails are the perfect addition to any vehicle. In addition to being durable, these rails are easy to install. For even more security, they can prevent damage to the cargo in your bed.


When it comes to protecting the cargo in your truck bed, a sturdy bed rail set is an absolute necessity. Steel Perrycraft truck bed rails provide the ultimate in protection. Not only do they look great, they also provide functionality. You can choose from different lengths to meet the exact length of your truck's bed. The 6463 T-5 aluminum rails are available in textured black powder-coat finish. Each rail includes two side rails and detailed instructions for installation. You'll appreciate the one-piece, stainless-steel design and multiple tie-down locations.

The traditional mini-rail provides a classic look to older pickup trucks and clean styling to newer models. It includes 2 Side Rails, hardware, and instructions for easy installation. These rails feature 7/8-inch diameter tubing and two stainless-steel supports. These rails require drilling into the bed rails, so if your bed rails are not already attached, you'll need to cut them to fit.

Some of the bed rails come with LED lights. LED lights are very helpful in poor visibility situations. They can be hooked up to your truck's lights so that they automatically illuminate when you open the truck bed. Before you purchase a steel Perrycraft truck bed rail, make sure you check the specifications of your vehicle so you don't end up paying more than you need to. Typically, steel Perrycraft truck bed rails are installed by drilling into your bed rails.

If you're interested in purchasing a quality set of steel Perrycraft truck bed rails, you've come to the right place. Vivid Racing carries an impressive selection of these products, including bed rails, grab handles, and grab handles. And since they offer free shipping in the U.S., you can buy with confidence! When it comes to truck bed rails, Perrycraft stands behind its products. And their quality is unmatched.

Impact Rails

A good rail set for your truck can enhance the appearance of your vehicle and keep your cargo safe. These rails come in various lengths, ranging from 54 to 96 inches. The 6463 T-5 aluminum Rails from Perrycraft are available in textured black powder coat finish and include two side rails. They also include detailed installation instructions and feature a one-piece aluminum design and stainless steel hardware. They are easy to install and feature multiple tie-down locations.

You can install your own Perrycraft Truck Bed Rails to protect your cargo. They come with mounting hardware and instructions to ensure a secure and safe installation. The racks are designed to be installed permanently, so be prepared to drill holes in the bed rails. This is a good idea if you are a novice with tools. You should also check the dimensions of your vehicle and the rails. You can purchase them in various lengths.

These impact rails are made of durable aluminum and can withstand heavy loads. They can also be used to protect your cargo from dents and scratches. They will not damage your vehicle's paint job and will fit into any style of truck. If you're looking for a great truck bed rail, you can find these in different sizes and styles. You can also find a variety of accessories that are compatible with the rails.

If you're not sure about whether or not these rails are right for you, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type. The first one, of course, protects your cargo from damage. You can even add lights to these bed rails for a more customized look. Aside from protecting your cargo, they also enhance the look of your truck. You'll be glad you did. While bed rails may not be essential for everyone, they can significantly improve the appearance of your truck.

Size specific

For a permanent and secure fit, consider a pair of Size SpecificTM Perrycraft truck bed rails. These rails are made to screw into the bed rail and come complete with all necessary hardware. They also feature a Glide Track interior that secures your load and cargo. These rails are available in a matte black powder coated finish. To install them yourself, simply follow the included installation instructions. These rails are also available in two different lengths, from 54 inches to 96 inches.

Purchasing these bed rails online is a simple process. Most of the items can be installed by anyone, even a novice. Because Perrycraft offers a wide selection of products, you don't have to worry about having to modify your vehicle. Perrycraft has been in the industry for over 40 years and consistently produces high-quality products. You can check out its extensive selection of truck bed rails to find the perfect one for your vehicle.

Easy to install

The Low-Profile Slotted Truck Bed Rails by Perrycraft look great and are also functional. They come in 54-96-inch lengths, with two side rails and a textured black powder-coat finish. The Rails also come with the hardware necessary for mounting them to your truck's bed, including hardware for stake hole pockets and instructions for installation. The following information will assist you in determining which rails are right for your truck.

The Easy Rails are designed for permanent installation and are available in two styles: Black or Bright Buffed Aluminum. These are easy to install, but they require drilling into your truck's bed rails. You can buy them in either black or buffed aluminum, but be sure to choose the right one for your vehicle. You can also get custom-sized rails to fit your truck's specific model. For more information, visit the Perrycraft website.

Some factory racks are designed to fit over a vehicle's body seams. This means that they fit over a factory-installed roof rack, but not if you're installing a Perrycraft Roof Rack. Most manufacturers suggest installing them on flat sheet metal, and this is not the case with Perrycraft Racks. The roof panels of modern vehicles have tapered edges that create a challenge when installing a Roof Rack.

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