Best Parts Train Truck Tailgate Locks in 2022

How to Install OE-Style Truck Tailgate Locks

Truck tailgate locks give your vehicle an OE look while securing the tailgate. Tailgate locks are ideal for tonneau covers or truck caps. Each tailgate lock kit comes with an OE look ABS replacement bezel, lock, two keys, and mounting hardware. To make installing tailgate locks easy, check out our guide. Here are some of the pros and cons of tailgate locks. Before purchasing, make sure you know your vehicle's model and year.


A quick release train truck tailgate lock is a simple device that enables the tailgate to be opened and closed with air pressure. The design was originally created as a tailgate lock, and it uses an air-pressure release mechanism to unlock the tailgate. Its new uses have made it popular among railroads, construction workers, and private citizens. These locks feature TSE patented design, an all-steel housing, a center section, and a main spring made of chrome silicon pre-tempered wire. Each spring is specially coated to ensure long-term use.

Using a tailgate handle-mounted lock is easy to install and remove. These locks completely encircle the pivot of the tailgate, which means a thief will have a hard time removing the tailgate without a key. In addition, these locks are easy to install and won't interfere with the opening of the tailgate. When used in conjunction with other security measures, tailgate theft will be prevented.

A quick release train truck tailgate lock also makes it impossible for thieves to open the tailgate while driving. The open window alone is not sufficient in keeping the vehicle cool. A tailgate lock will allow for more air flow and ventilation. Aside from being able to prevent theft, it also prevents the rear door from opening fully. A quick release train truck tailgate lock can also help protect the interior of the train from heat and dust.


The easiest way to secure a tailgate on a train truck is to install a lock. This is not a difficult task, and you can do it yourself with a little help from the Internet. There are a few steps you can take to secure your truck's tailgate, and the instructions are below. To install the lock, you first need to remove the tailgate handle. Once the tailgate handle has been removed, slide it back into the lock assembly, which is attached to the handle lever. The handle lever should slide over the rotating pin. Once the lock is installed, you need to test it with the key to make sure it works properly.

A lock is most effective if it encircles the pivot of the tailgate. A hinge-mounted lock is especially effective because it completely encircles the pivot of the tailgate, making it nearly impossible to open without a key. Hinges mount locks are easy to install, and they don't interfere with the tailgate's opening process. These locks are especially helpful for locking the tailgate while traveling by train.


If you're having trouble unlocking your train truck's tailgate, consider purchasing an OE-style lock. These locks are specifically designed for truckers, and they can be set to work with your trailer, equipment, and truck ignition keys. These locks are made by STRATTEC, the largest automotive lock manufacturer, and are virtually impossible to pick. Because of their design and corrosion-resistant materials, they are an excellent choice for train trucks.

A tailgate lock will deter thieves from accessing your truck's cargo bed, and it will also secure the cargo you transport. Without a lock, a potential thief will simply leave your train truck. A hinge-mounted lock will completely encircle the pivot of the tailgate, and a key will not be able to get through it. You can install these locks in just minutes, and they won't hinder the operation of your tailgate.


Whether you use a tonneau cover or a camper shell, installing Integral train truck tailgate locks is a great way to protect your belongings from theft. These locks are easy to install and provide an OEM look, while still keeping your tailgate secure. Whether you drive a standard or custom truck, Integral train tailgate locks will secure the contents of your tailgate, preventing thieves from stealing your cargo or even opening your truck's tailgate.

To install an Integral train truck tailgate lock, all you need to do is remove the panel from the back of the truck. Remove the handle and slide it over the metal flange in the tailgate handle opening. Then, snap on the scissor rods. Finally, replace the tailgate panel. Make sure to test the tailgate lock before reinstalling it. Taking the time to replace the tailgate panel is important to ensure proper operation of your Integral train truck tailgate locks.

In addition to locking the tailgate, Integral train truck tailgate locks can help protect the cargo inside the truck bed. The tailgate handle mounted lock keeps thieves out of your truck and prevents the theft of your cargo. When used in conjunction with a hard-shell tonneau cover or bed cap, this lock can offer complete cargo security. Tailgate locks come in two styles: manual and power. Manual locks feature a handle and lock cylinder, while power locks work with a remote keyless entry key fob.

FIG. 7 shows the operation mechanism of the drop down top center door 11. In the closed position, the release handle 15 pushes the piston lock assemblies outward, releasing the drop down top center door. Then, the door is lowered into the pickup box. The door can then be closed. This mechanism is bolted onto the drop down top center door. These are both connected to each other through a mechanism hookup.

Key fob

If you want to keep your cargo safe, install a Tailgate Handle Lock. These locks can prevent thieves from getting into your truck bed without the proper key. These tailgate locks can be installed in minutes and won't interfere with your ability to open the tailgate. However, you should be aware of some common security risks associated with tailgate locks. Make sure you choose a good tailgate handle lock that is easy to install and will deter thieves.

When replacing the locks on a train truck tailgate, you may have to have a separate key to unlock and lock it. The key fob should be programmed with the same code. You can also purchase a replacement fob with a remote control, if you prefer. A replacement key fob can be programmed to work with your existing car key. This way, you won't have to go through the hassle of contacting the dealership to replace your old one.

A RAM 1500 key fob is a useful accessory for the RAM. It can unlock the truck's tailgate and acts as an all-access pass. The RAM 1500 key fob can be programmed to manually lock and unlock the tailgate. In addition to power locking the truck, the fob also offers remote control for the windows and music. A RAM 1500 tailgate lock also helps to protect the cargo on the truck's tailgate from theft.

In addition to installing a Tailgate Lock, the FB Series also includes a Switch Kit. The switch kit will allow you to disable or enable the tailgate lock. Whether you use a standard or a stand-alone power tailgate lock, you can always find a Key Fob enclosure. These devices are made with high-grade materials to withstand the abuse they receive. If you need a Tailgate Lock to lock a trailer tailgate, look no further than the Pop & Lock Power Tailgate Lock.

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