Best Pace Edwards Truck Tailgate Locks in 2022

Pace Edwards Truck Tailgate Locks

Pace Edwards PowerGate electric tailgate locks help truckers keep their cargo safe. This locking system automatically activates when the power doors are locked. It can be controlled with a keyless remote or optional toggle switch. It works even if the truck has a tonneau cover.


If you want to keep your truck's tailgate from being opened by thieves, you need a Pace Edwards Truck Tailgate Lock. These locks add a tough dead bolt to your tailgate and automatically lock with your power door locks. These locks also have a convenient button that lets you engage or disengage the lock. Moreover, they work seamlessly with a Pace Edwards tonneau cover.

Pace Edwards Truck Tailgate Locks are the perfect choice for keeping your cargo safe. They fit all truck models and are easy to install. Pace Edwards is a company that focuses on manufacturing high-quality vehicle accessories. The brand is known for its rugged and sturdy design. It was the first company to offer retractable truck bed covers in 1988.

For easier installation, Pace Edwards Truck Tailgate Locks feature plug-and-play wiring. These locks integrate into the power door locking system on most trucks, allowing the owner to use the key fob to lock the tailgate with the push of a button. Moreover, these locks are backed by a three-year warranty.

Pace Edwards Jackrabbit tonneau cover with contractor's rails

The Pace Edwards Jackrabbit Tonneau Cover with Contractor's Rails is a low-profile, high-quality tonneau cover. Its retractable design is flush with the bed rails, and features a compact storage box. Its retractable operation is simple and convenient.

This Pace Edwards tonneau cover is easy to install and offers full coverage and access to the truck bed. It has a wireless remote that enables easy operation. It also offers maximum style and security. Pace Edwards is known for its durable, rugged truck bed covers. The company introduced retractable truck bed covers in 1988.

The Pace Edwards Jackrabbit tono cover is made of durable aluminum with an AmorTek vinyl polymer bonded to the top. The aluminum is fully protected against corrosion and is damage resistant. The Jackrabbit tonneau cover is completely self-contained when open, and it can be installed easily with the help of clamp-on rails. It also has a locking latch and a continuous tension spring. The cover automatically retracts into a storage box when the latch is turned. The cover can be locked at intervals of 12 inches for added security.

The Pace Edwards Jackrabbit tonu cover with contractor's rails is easy to install and has a high level of security. It features a low-profile design with texture-finished rails and top. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

The JackRabbit cover engages its latch system every twelve inches, which is especially convenient for carrying larger items. The cover can also be locked intermittently by using twist locks at the locking points. It is also easy to remove and put back in place.

The Pace Edwards Jackrabbit truck cover has good rain protection. However, water can enter the crevices between the guide rails and the segmented cover. It can also pool around corners. The bottom is notched to prevent water from entering the bed.

The Jackrabbit's construction is flexible, and it is also compatible with T-slot leg attachments and Rhino Rack legs. However, the latter option requires different square nuts and may require modifying the hardware included. Aside from this, the Jackrabbit is also equipped with rain gutters and a drain tube. It is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

Pace Edwards PowerGate electric tailgate lock

If you're looking for a way to secure your Sierra cargo area, the Pace Edwards PowerGate Electronic Tailgate Lock is an excellent choice. It's easy to install and has a reliable connection to a key fob controller. It also allows you to lock and unlock the tailgate hands-free. Whether you're hauling groceries or storing tools, this lock will keep your cargo area safe.

The PowerGate electric tailgate lock provides extra security with an additional dead bolt on the tailgate. It locks automatically with your power door locks, and you can engage and disengage it with a push of a button. The lock also works seamlessly with a Pace Edwards tonneau cover, making installation quick and easy.

The PowerGate is a convenient and secure tailgate locking system that comes with a Stainless Steel backing plate and slide bolt. The PowerGate is easy to install, and the wiring harness is plug-and-play for easy installation. It can also be wired to lock automatically when your power doors are locked.

The Pace Edwards PowerGate Electric Tailgate Lock is the best option for securing your Sierra cargo area. Its sleek design and solid construction make it hard to break, and it only takes a cut off saw to open it. This tailgate lock is also easy to install, plug-and-play, and requires no specialized installation. It's a great purchase for your Sierra.

The Pace Edwards PowerGate electric tail gate lock works by wiring directly into your truck's power door lock system. Unlike traditional locks, the PowerGate Electric Tailgate Lock works with your vehicle's key fob to lock and unlock the tailgate, making it easier to keep your cargo safe. It's even compatible with truck bed covers and lids.

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