Best Mopar Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories in 2022

Mopar Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories

You can customize your Mopar truck's bed and tailgate to meet your needs. There are numerous options for you to choose from, such as a Tonneau cover, Cargo trays, Retractable center-mounted bed step, Off-road LED lights, and more. You can even add more functionality to your truck by installing a power release tailgate. All of these accessories are great for maximizing the functionality of your truck.

Tonneau covers

Tonneau covers are one of Mopar's many truck bed & tailgate accessories. This durable cover can protect your cargo while also improving your truck's appearance. They're easy to install, with no holes needed. They fold down in three sections and have built-in prop rods, so they stay in place even if you need to drive with one section up. This product has a lifetime warranty, so you can feel good knowing that your Mopar tonneau cover is built to last.

You'll love the patented roll-up cover from LITERIDER. It has a low-profile design and is designed to maximize your truck's utility. It features a patented system that locks and unlocks both latches at once. Whether you're hauling tools, groceries, or a boat, you'll find that this cover will make your truck look great!

Lund's Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is made of premium twill-weave fabric. It resists water and mold, while keeping your cargo safe. It's easy to wipe clean, and its low-profile design makes it look like it was factory-installed. And Lund also offers several options for your Mopar truck, including a custom-designed roll-up cover.

If you're looking for a cheaper tri-fold tonneau cover, try the MaxMate Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover. This product is made of commercial-grade materials, so it's much stronger than most other covers on the market today. It also has a three-fold design, which allows for full access to your truck's bed. And because it's waterproof, you can rest assured that it will remain in place during any rainy day.

Cargo trays

If you want to keep your cargo area clean and protect your cargo from outside elements, consider adding a cargo tray to your vehicle. These molded cargo trays offer full-area protection from dust and debris. They fit snugly over the bed floor to prevent shifting of cargo. This accessory can be easily removed for cleaning. Mopar Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories offers many options for cargo trays.

Tonneau covers protect the cargo bed from exterior elements while helping to keep your payload well organized. A tonneau cover helps protect cargo from slipping when in transit, while a cargo net keeps small objects secure. To complete the look of your truck, add a cargo net and a bed light. MoparOnlineParts carries a wide variety of tonneau covers and other accessories to make your truck's cargo area as functional as possible.

The ProNet tailgate cargo net is an excellent choice for protecting your cargo from the elements. It requires only four holes for installation and is made of durable, 22-ounce fabric. It comes with stainless steel mounting hardware and quick-release clips. For even more convenience, consider adding a TechLiner cargo tray, which is designed to protect your cargo while also enhancing your gas mileage. And if you're looking for something a little less rugged, you may want to consider a standard cargo tray.

In addition to truck bed liners, you can choose from stainless steel, black plastic, diamond-plate, and diamond-plate bed rails. If you don't feel like doing the installation yourself, PSG provides professional installation services. Stainless steel bed rails are also available with stainless steel or diamond-plate caps. In addition, PSG has a full-service installation team to ensure you have the proper accessories and protection for your truck's bed.

Retractable center-mounted bed step

The retractable center-mounted bed step from Mopar is a great addition to your Ram pickup. This product is constructed of high strength aluminum with a black e-coat finish and is rated to support up to 350 pounds. The Mopar bed step comes with a two-year, unlimited-mile warranty that correlates to the new vehicle warranty. It is compatible with all Ram models.

The Ram 1500 comes with the Multifunction Tailgate, a 60/40 split swing-away door that opens 88 degrees for easy loading. Compatible with the Ram Multifunction Tailgate, the Mopar Retractable Center-mounted Bed Step is an excellent addition to your Ram 1500. The Mopar bed step mounts under the center of the bed and can be deployed by stepping on a rubber pad. This Mopar product is made of high-strength aluminum and is rated at 350 pounds of weight.

The Ram 1500 with multifunction tailgate is equipped with a Mopar retractable center-mounted bed step. This product is rated at 350 pounds and retracts under the rear bumper when not in use. It is available as a vehicle option, or separately for $395. Mopar also offers a multifunction tailgate that splits 60/40 and opens from the center. This Mopar accessory is priced at $395 USD or $571 CDN. It can be purchased separately, or as a part of a Bed Utility Group on 2021 Ram 1500s that have a multifunction tailgate.

Ram has introduced a multifunction tailgate in 2019 that allows you to lift the rear tailgate up and down as a traditional tailgate. This new feature is a response to GM's MultiPro tailgate solution. The Ram multifunction tailgate also features a 60:40 split door that makes loading bulky items easier. The Mopar retractable center-mounted bed step also allows for ease of access to the rear of the truck.

Off-road LED lights

These LED bed lights can be installed in your truck's cargo space and provide additional illumination during nighttime activities. You can install them on the bed walls, driver's side tail light, or both. To ensure that they will work properly, you should clean the surface of your truck with isopropyl alcohol. In addition to cleaning the surface, you should also remove any lubricants, waxes, or grease from the truck's surface.

The Off-road Light Kit includes two 5" LED lights with lens covers and wiring harness. This off-road light kit is compatible with the Jeep Wrangler (JL) model, and is pressure-washer and EMC-tested for quality. These LED lights are powerful and can illuminate your truck's tailgate and bed, and can also be integrated into the cab's auxiliary switch bank.

Mopar Off-road LED lights for truck beds & tailgates are available in black or red. They produce 4,800 lumens of light and feature a Mopar logo on the housing. Other accessories include an aluminum bed mount spare tire carrier, $995, with a black powder-coat finish. Rock rails with integrated step pads are also available. Besides enhancing the looks of your truck, these lights improve your visibility.

Other off-road LED lights are also available for your truck bed and tailgate. Mopar Off-road LED lights for truck bed & tailgate accessories add additional trail protection and rugged appearance to your truck. The Ram 1500 comes with dual sliding drawers to make loading and unloading easier. The Mopar Ram 1500 features a rear bed step to help you lower and retract your tailgate easily.

Rock rails

If you've ever wondered what to get for your Mopar truck's bed and tailgate, look no further than a pair of Rock Rails. These fully functional rails are made of durable, roll-formed steel and are designed to protect the lower bodyside panels from damage. They're also made with Durabull (r) coating, which means they are durable and protected.

Aside from rock rails, Mopar offers a range of other truck accessories, including aluminum skid plates and rock rails. These pieces provide additional protection for the underside of the truck and can increase the approach angle by as much as 2.3 degrees. You can also get flip-top fuel-filler doors, 5-inch exhaust tips, a articulating arm, and a bed step.

These rock rails provide full coverage of the bed and can safely carry plywood and ladders for work. They also make it possible to carry other items such as mountain bikes, fishing poles, and kayaks. Additionally, the CHMSL version adds a third brake light to the rear crossbar. You can also get molded cargo trays, which are easy to clean. They also keep the floor clean, allowing you to get your cargo and get it out in no time.

If you're looking for a way to add additional space to your bed, Mopar makes it easy to do. They offer a range of accessories for the Ram 1500 pickup trucks, from a simple bed step to a full-size spare tire. Whether you need additional cargo storage or just want a little extra room for your cargo, you'll find a Mopar bed & tailgate accessory that will give you the look and functionality you've always wanted.

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