Best MaxMate Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories in 2022

MaxMate Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories

A roll up cover from MaxMate is a practical accessory that will keep your truck bed looking great and protect your cargo from the elements. Made of heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl, the roll-up cover seals with a Velcro strip on the sides and latch locks at the tailgate for added security. It also comes with stainless steel clamps to mount to your truck bed. For maximum protection, MaxMate has a number of accessories to suit all types of vehicles.

Extang Original Trifecta tonneau cover

A MaxMate Original Trifecta tonneau cover is a solid piece of truck bed and tailgate accessory gear. Its patented Lock & Slide system allows for a tight fit, while the patented lock and slide feature is easy to use. A lock is an essential component for securing your cover. Extang Original Trifecta tonneau covers are also compatible with most bed liners and bed rail caps.

The Trifecta E-Series tri-fold truck bed cover offers easy access to the truck bed and features Extang SpeedKlamps to lock the cover in place. The tonneau cover is made with fiberglass-filled nylon and operates with spring-action technology for easy fastening and unfastening. This tonneau cover comes with integrated mounting brackets and is easy to install and remove.

The Extang Original Trifecta tonna cover offers superior protection against the elements and improves gas mileage. Its low-profile design improves aerodynamics. It is more expensive than most other tonneau covers, but its low profile and weather-proof seal will make it worth the investment. It is also available in tri-fold or roll-up models.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, don't worry. Reputable dealers will refund the cost of the tonneau cover if you return it in a timely manner. You may have to pay for return shipping. However, if you return the tonneau cover for any reason, it can be a great time-sink for you and your customer service representative.

The Extang 44405 tent pickup bed cover is easy to install. It opens in a trifold configuration and requires no tools. The cover attaches to rails by clamps, which are attached to the sides of the pickup truck. The cover is then secured with a special spring-action system that has two settings: "Standard" and "Extra" (with a dee-zoomy) design.

The Extang Original Trifecta tonnette covers fit the bed of 04-12 Chevrolet pickup trucks. They have been designed for versatility, safety and aerodynamics. They're also available in custom fitting for your truck bed. The Gatortrax Retractable Tonneau Cover is also available for UK delivery and fitting. The company also offers custom key making services.

Lund Genesis Elite roll up truck bed tonneau cover

The Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up truck bed tonneau cover is made with a heavy-duty twill weave fabric that offers long-lasting durability and security. Its smooth textured material allows for easy and quick installation and removal, and comes with Velcro fasteners to lock it down. Moreover, it provides full access to the truck bed, which is essential for storage and transportation of various items.

Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover conceals cargo in the bed of Ford Ranger. It rolls up in just seconds and closes toward the Ranger's cab. Its unique latching system and tension control mechanism ensure a tight seal against the elements. Heavy-duty velcro hooks and loops are placed across the side rails, providing a secure and long-lasting seal.

The Genesis Elite Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover comes with a Lifetime Warranty and premium twill material for long-lasting durability and style. The twill material used in the Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Cover is also durable, and it offers excellent general protection and a true water barrier. This cover is compatible with most truck beds and virtually any accessory for them. The Genesis Elite Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is easy to install and takes seconds to install.

The Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Cover is a low-profile soft Tonneau cover that incorporates heavy-duty Velcro hook-and-loop fasteners. The fabric is water-resistant and features adjustable straps to secure it. The LUND Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Cover rolls up in a matter of seconds, making it easy to install. It does not block the third brake light. Moreover, Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Cover comes with a Lifetime Warranty and can be installed on any model of vehicle.

Undercover Flex tonneau cover

The MaxMate Undercover Flex tonno cover is made of advanced fiberglass reinforced polymers. The material is UV resistant, durable, and can support up to 400 pounds of cargo. This tonno is backed by a three-year warranty. Its ultra-low profile design and full-line of velcro hold the cover securely in place, protecting your cargo from dust and dirt. When the cover is partially open, you can easily access your bed to load and unload.

The MaxMate Undercover Flex tonno cover has a roll-up design, which makes it easier to install. The cover has no weather stripping, and is installed on the bulkhead nearest the cab, which avoids gaps that could allow water to leak. The soft roll-up cover also comes with rails and clamps to prevent leakage. This is one of the most effective roll-up tonno covers for the F15.

In addition to folding inward, the MaxMate Undercover Flex tonno cover has an adjustable clamp system for easy installation. Unlike other soft tonno covers, the Undercover Flex hard folding tonno cover has a low profile design that makes it look factory installed. The MaxMate Undercover Flex is compatible with Nissan Titan models from 2016 to 2020. Its three-year warranty covers any manufacturing defects, so you can be sure that it's going to last for years to come.

Despite the fact that its folding tonno is made of leather grain black material, this cover will protect your cargo. The lock keeps the rain out and prevents prying. To install the MaxMate Undercover Flex tono, you will need help. It takes an hour to install. Once installed, it's easy to remove. A quick detach mechanism is also provided for a hassle-free removal.

If you need to replace the Flex Cover, it comes with a three-year warranty. If the parts are defective, UnderCover, Inc. will replace them or repair the damaged part. Please note that the warranty does not cover any paint damage to the truck. To avoid any damage caused by improper use, clean your Flex Cover with a mild car wash soap. Do not use abrasive cleaners or other cleaning products because these can dull the finish. Also, avoid using insect repellents, solvents, or chemicals as they can damage the rubber hinges.

Switchblade tonneau cover

The Switchblade tonneau cover is a relatively affordable option in the hard retracting tonneau cover segment. Made from durable aluminum plates and finished in black, it is easy to install and operate. If you have a locking tailgate, this tonneau cover will keep your cargo protected from the elements while keeping your truck looking stylish. It's also easy to install, thanks to its magnetic closure.

A tonneau cover is easy to install and does not require drilling holes in the truck bed or tailgate. You can install one yourself in a few minutes, and a modern model should last you for ten years or more. The mounting hardware is included, and a screwdriver will be all you need. Ensure that the cover is free from anything that will damage your truck bed when you install it.

This cover is compatible with Chevrolet Silverado trucks. It has a 68-inch ruck bed and is available for 1500, Z71, and 3500HD models. You can also use it with a dual-cab truck. However, you should keep in mind that this cover doesn't fit most other truck bed accessories. Some truck accessories will not be compatible with a tonneau cover, including camper hookups, luggage racks, and other accessories that mount to the bed.

This soft-shell tonneau cover is made from mat-finished aluminum panels. The material is scratch and UV resistant. It also has an automatic latch function that uses the tailgate to latch itself in place. If you do not want to use your tailgate, you can use the straps to lock the cover in place. Installing this cover is easy. Using the clamps, you can install it in a matter of an hour or two. Once installed, it's easy to open and close.

Another option is the Lund tonneau cover. This cover offers decent protection against dust and water and is equipped with dual auto latches to allow quick access to the cargo area. It also features a Dee Zee bad mat to prevent items from moving around inside the tonneau and protects the inner surface. Its slim design and lifetime warranty make it a great option for any budget.

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