Best Malone Kayak & Canoe Car Trailers in 2022

Malone Kayak & Canoe Car Trailers

If you are looking for the best vehicle-based trailers for kayaks and canoes, look no further than Malone. Their eco-light two-boat J-Rack trailer is marine-grade galvanized steel, with a heavy-duty axle and leaf-spring suspension for smooth travel over rough terrain. Each unit features injection-molded fenders and a 400-pound load capacity. It is designed for kayaks up to 14 feet long, with a secure base for the hull.


When you want to carry your four kayaks in style, a Malone kayak trailer is the perfect option. The MicroSport is made with marine-grade pre-galvanized steel and comes with an extra-long tongue. If you aren't carrying four kayaks, the Malone MicroSport Kayak Carrier is also an excellent choice. It is easy to load and unload, has a carrying capacity of 800 pounds, and is made with marine-grade sealed bearings.

A Malone kayak trailer has several features that will ensure your kayak is safe, comfortable, and secure. A Malone kayak trailer is equipped with 12-inch aluminum spoke wheels and heavy-duty diamond plate fenders. It also features a retractable tongue, which is ideal for hauling camping gear in a trailer. Its crossbars are compatible with other Malone accessories, like a roof rack and a kayak carrier.

The Malone MicroSport two-boat MegaWing has double-leaf-spring suspension, which reduces gas mileage and increases fuel efficiency. It is priced higher than other trailers, but is well worth it if you enjoy kayaking. It is best to shop around to find the best deal before making your final decision. You can find a Malone kayak trailer at a great price and enjoy your outdoor activities!


The Malone Kayak & Canoe car trailer is made of high-grade galvanized steel. It features an integrated leaf spring suspension system and is rated for 70 mph. It also comes with extra-wide crossbars for carrying kayak racks and gear. This trailer is ideal for hauling kayaks up to fourteen fit long. It is available in two styles, the standard Malone MicroSport and the new XT model.

A base Malone Kayak & Canoe car trailer costs $1299, but is often available for less than half that price. Fully-rigged Malone trailers can cost up to $1500. You should keep in mind, however, that the base model only holds two kayaks. Hence, you might need a double kayak car trailer if you want to haul a larger number of kayaks.

Using a Malone kayak and canoe car trailer will help you save on space. Kayaks can be transported on the trailer while other equipment can be placed on the roof rack. A Malone MicroSport can carry two kayaks. Moreover, it has a weight capacity of 350 pounds. The low-bed model also allows you to stack kayaks without compromising the width of your car.

A Malone MicroSport Car Trailer is a premium built trailer that allows you to haul up to four kayaks and other small cargo. It features a durable steel frame and rust-resistant galvanized finish. It comes with 12" steel rims and aluminum spoke wheels. It is 159" long and 78" wide. Its extra carriers allow it to fit a 20' kayak and more.

Requires more effort to assemble

The Malone MicroSport Kayak Car Trailer is a premium-built kayak trailer. It features a galvanized steel frame and supports up to 800 pounds of weight. There are eight stacked blocks that can be used to hold other roof-rack items, as well. This trailer is lightweight, yet durable, and comes with straps for kayaks. The Malone MicroSport can hold two kayaks up to 12 feet long.

It requires more effort to assemble Malone Kayak Car Trailers than most other kayak trailers. The Malone MicroSport is a fuel-efficient and convenient transport option for two kayaks. It comes with two sets of kayak carriers, making it easy to transport two kayaks. Assembling a Malone trailer takes about two to three hours.

A Malone XtraLight kayak trailer is easy to assemble. It weighs just 206 pounds, making it easy to haul on the back of small vehicles. It is also made of high-grade galvanized steel, eliminating rust and corrosion. However, it is important to remember that the tires on Malone trailers are only eight inches round, making them unsuitable for uneven terrain and rocky surfaces.

If you're a solo paddler, the Malone XtraLight Single Kayak Package is a great option. The Malone XtraLight Single Kayak Car Trailer is a lightweight option for those looking for maximum convenience. It has a leaf-spring suspension system for easy movement. You'll love the Malone Xtralight Single Kayak Package.

Folds up for easy storage

Whether you're going on a weekend trip or a weeklong vacation, Malone kayak and canoe car trailers are a great way to transport your kayaks. These lightweight, sturdy trailers are built with marine-grade steel and feature adjustable straps for secure boat placement. Each trailer is made to accommodate two medium-sized kayaks, with enough room to store your kayak gear.

A kayak trailer with a DOT-approved LED light kit, 12 inch wheels, and marine grade carpet is a versatile option. It can haul your kayaks or canoes, and has an extra-long, reinforced tongue that can carry longer kayaks. The Malone Kayak Trailers can also haul your camping gear, and the crossbars are compatible with Malone accessories.

The Malone EcoLight 2-Boat J-Rack trailer is built from marine-grade galvanized steel. It also features a heavy-duty axle with leaf-spring suspension for smooth travel over rough terrain. A Malone MicroSport XT is a more advanced version of the standard MicroSport, and it's ideal for hauling two or more kayaks.

Folding Kayak & Canoe Car Trailer is ideal for small watercraft under 300 pounds. It folds up for easy storage. It is easy to transport, and will save you time getting ready. There are several sizes and types of Malone Kayak & Canoe Car Trailers available in the market. These kayak trailers can be easily stored in a garage, storage shed, or outside.


The Malone Kayak & Canoe Trailer has leaf spring suspension, which limits road shock. The axle is a heavy-duty steel tube, supported by two slipper springs. Its spring hangers and tie plate are galvanized to provide added protection and durability. The Malone Kayak & Canoe Car Trailers suspension is also heavy-duty, allowing it to safely handle 1,000 pounds of gear.

A single kayak can weigh up to 100 pounds, which can make a cheap light-duty trailer unsuitable for transporting kayaks. Suspension is also important to help the trailer remain stable and to absorb bumps from uneven surfaces. The trailer's suspension should be in a good condition for stability and safety. Some trailers have spring suspension, which is ideal if you plan to travel primarily on paved roads.

A kayak trailer can support up to four kayaks. But you can also get a single kayak version if you prefer. The MicroSport model can be configured to fit just one kayak. Its high-speed wheels are suitable for highway use, but it's a little large for a single kayaker. Another trailer that has a cute name is the Yakima Rack and Roll. Its suspension is adjustable and it has plenty of tie down points.

The Malone MicroSport Kayak Trailer is a good option for people who want to transport multiple kayaks. It is lightweight and easy to use, and can accommodate up to two full-sized kayaks. It also comes with marine-grade sealed bearings. And because it's made of marine-grade steel, it's also sturdy and long-lasting. You'll be glad you got one.


When it comes to weight, Malone Kayak & Canoe car trailers are ideal for hauling your kayaks and canoes in comfort and safety. Malone's lightweight EcoLight kayak trailer is great for carrying two kayaks, up to four feet in length. This lightweight kayak trailer features submersible lighting and a 66" long load bar. You can back the trailer into the water for easy unloading. It also features 12" wheels with either galvanized or alloy rims.

The Malone MicroSport Trailer can carry up to four kayaks and small cargo. Made of marine grade pre-galvanized steel and powder-coated cross bars, the MicroSport is a perfect vehicle for transporting kayaks and canoes. It has a capacity of 350 pounds and can also accommodate two cargo boxes with kayak gear. It is ideal for carrying kayaks and canoes on long road trips, and it's built to last.

You can also choose a Malone MicroSport trailer if you only have one kayak, or for a solo trip with a partner. This trailer comes with high-speed wheels with wheel bearings for added traction. Although it is ideal for highway travel, this kayak trailer is a little too large for solo kayakers. Another lightweight trailer is the Yakima Rack & Roll Car Trailer, which has a cute name. It is great for carrying kayaks and canoes and is ideal for kayaking gear and equipment.

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