Best Krypt Towers Indoor Surfboard Storage in 2022

Krypt Towers Indoor Surfboard Storage Unit

If you've got the space, a Krypt Towers Indoor Surfboard storage unit is the perfect solution. You can store up to four boards on this wall-mounted rack, and display them proudly. And the best part? They're adjustable. What's more, they're individually adjustable, so you can customize it to accommodate your particular board's shape. And best of all, you can purchase the Krypt Towers Indoor Surfboard Storage System online or from one of their authorized dealers.


If you're looking for an indoor surfboard rack, look no further than the Krypt Towers. This wall rack can easily hold four surfboards and is built from durable steel. The rack's rubber fingers provide added protection. And, unlike other surfboard racks, you can move the towers around to accommodate various board sizes. Best of all, the racks are designed to be attractive and functional.

When it comes to board storage, nothing is more versatile than the Krypt Towers wall-mounted rack. Not only does this rack protect your expensive boards from accidents, but it also improves the decor of any room. With four hooks on each side, the wall-mounted surfboard rack can accommodate up to four boards! If you want to store your boards indoors, there are different models available.

If you don't want to invest in a stand-alone rack, you can also buy a universal wall-mounted rack. These are durable and are available in different colors. In addition to their design, Krypt Towers can accommodate up to four boards. And because they can store up to four boards, you can store them inside the rack. You can even display your boards on the rack if you choose the wall-mounted model.

Individually adjustable

If you're a board sport enthusiast, you can display your surfboards in style with the Krypt Towers wall-mounted storage rack. Made of heavy-duty materials, this rack can store up to four boards and allows you to showcase each board to its best advantage. It has multiple levels that are individually adjustable for storing and displaying your boards. Individually adjustable, it fits all types of boards.

The Krypt Towers rack offers adjustable racks for different-sized surfboards. Because the rack is crafted from wood, it's durable and sturdy. You'll never have to worry about your surfboards slipping around, either. Its design features a decorative wall rack that uses sustainably-farmed wood. For added safety, it includes a rubber strip to protect your surfboards from scratches and damages.

Designed for decorative surfboard

Using a surfboard as decorative storage is both functional and beautiful. The wrong orientation of the fins aside, this board is perfect for keeping beach towels off the floor. If you have a sweet tooth, you can fill the surfboard jar with some Lindt Lindor dark chocolate balls. Then, place it on a shelf or hang it from the ceiling. You can use the board as a decorative piece for any room or even for a beach house.

In the photo above, you can see a few of the surfboards on display. The boards on the far left are a vintage Hansen master, the middle one is a Gordon Smith Prototype 3 Stringer red fin shaped by Mike Hynson, and the right is a 1966 David Nuuhiwa noserider. This unique rack is so unique, the owner even had it custom made to hold the surfboards.

Designed for decorative surfboard storage needs, this rack can hold four short or six longboards. Its American red oak wood construction is sturdy and attractive, with a cork inlay on the support arms. The rack is available in two different finish colors, and the cork inlay helps protect the surfboards from damage. It is also made from recycled cork/neoprene padding. This rack is perfect for surfers who like to display their boards as art pieces.

A wall rack is a convenient and affordable way to store your surfboards. It will protect your surfboards while in storage, and will add a splash of color to your room. When the weather turns bad, you can easily access the favorite planks when you need them. Its simple design will add to the room's decor. If you have limited space, a wall rack is the best option.

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