Best Kayak, Canoe & SUP Car Racks in 2022

Kayak Canoe & SUP Car Racks

Shopping online for kayak car racks is a great option for many reasons. First of all, it's more convenient than going into a store to look for it. You can place your order at any time of the day, without having to deal with shop assistants. Secondly, shopping online saves you from the hassles of physical hardships. Finding a kayak car rack can be difficult for beginners and experienced users alike, so make sure to read the following tips before purchasing your rack.

Thule 898 Hullavator Pro

A new innovation in kayak and paddleboard car racks is the Thule Hullavator Pro, an ultra premium lift-assist carrier that reduces kayak and paddleboard weight by up to 40 pounds. This rack also has gas-assist struts for lifting, so kayakers can easily load and unload their boats. In addition to this, the Hullavator Pro also holds SUP boards.

The Hullavator is capable of lifting a kayak up to 40 pounds. The lift-assist carrier has a hydraulic cylinder that comes down on one side of the vehicle and a padded sling that extends down on the other side. This allows you to load and unload your kayak at waist-height. This design allows you to reach every angle of the kayak for easy transport.

Another unique feature of this rack is that it features a padded horizontal kayak carrier for easy loading. Padded surfaces prevent scratches and give the boat a firm hold. This rack also features paddle holders and spongy pads. This rack has a steel or aluminum frame and comes with 15-foot tie-down ropes. When not in use, the rack folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

PIRIPARA Kayak roof rack

PIRIPARA's roof-mounted kayak car rack is made of sturdy alloy steel and will hold two kayaks or canoes with a total load capacity of 150 pounds. It features a wide mouth J-bar for easy loading, an optimum-sized carrier that takes up less roof space, and adjustable, protective padding. A rust-resistant coating makes it easy to clean.

This durable, adjustable j-rack is made for kayaks and other water sports equipment. The rack features a rust-resistant coating on the hardware to reduce scratching and a secure, easy-to-use installation system. The racks can also be used to transport canoes, SUPs, and other outdoor gear. Padded uprights and Best-Class TopGuard padding help protect your watercraft from damage.

Unlike most car racks, PIRIPARA's kayak canoe and SUP car rack is easy to install. It's made of 1.5mm steel with a 1.18-inch-diameter tube. It features tie-down straps to secure your watercraft. The rack can also accommodate up to two surfboards or kayaks. It also has a removable paddle rack and includes a storage bag.

PIRIPARA Kayak canoe car rack comes with all the accessories needed to store and transport your watercraft. The rack has two cradles that securely hold the kayaks, a stainless-steel locking system, and rubber tube padding for added protection. It is also equipped with 4 universal mounting inserts made of non-slip rubber. These fittings will work on most vehicle crossbars and will not slide off. There are 6 tie-down straps for additional safety.

HEYTRIP soft roof rack

HEYTRIP soft roof kayak cane & SUP car rack is a great way to transport your watercraft without the hassle of a roof rack. The rack comes with padded cam locks for a secure grip on the load. It holds up to three kayaks or canoes. Its universal design also allows you to carry your SUP and kayaks on the roof of your car.

This soft roof rack is made from a thick, durable foam pad that prevents the load from slipping off the rack. You can easily install and disassemble the rack in less than 2 minutes. The adjustable straps and tie down ropes keep the load secure on the rack. The rack folds up so that you can put it in a storage bag when you are not using it.

Designed to fit most crossbars, HEYTRIP's soft roof kayak canoe & SUP vehicle rack is an excellent option for transporting your watercraft. The rack comes with four ratchet tie downs for extra security, adjustable padding, and quick on/off hardware. The roof rack is also built with rust-resistant hardware for a lifetime of use.

This rack can be used on any vehicle, even the Honda civic. The roof rack is universal and won't add to the trunk space. The rack fits most popular car models and is compatible with many types of cars. The maximum weight capacity of this rack is 80kg. Moreover, this rack is lightweight and will fit into most cars without much space. You can also put it on your bike rack to avoid a bump during transportation.


PIRIPARA Kayak Canoe and SUP Car Racks are compatible with most crossbars, including round, aerodynamic and square. The racks are designed ergonomically with ample support strength and an anti-rust coating. They are easy to install and feature a heavy-duty tie-down strap system for secure kayak and SUP transportation. You can also use them to transport other water sports equipment such as surfboards and canoes.

PIRIPARA Kayak Canoe Car Racks are made of durable alloy steel with a total load capacity of 150 lbs. This rack is adjustable and comes with four tie down straps to secure your kayak or SUP to the carrier. The racks are rust-resistant and come with fully-packaged accessories. A complete set of accessories is included with the racks to help you set up the rack.

PIRIPARA Kayak Canoe and SUP Car Racks are durable and capable of supporting a maximum load weight of 250 pounds. They can also serve as canoe racks and can carry other outdoor gear. PIRIPARA Kayak Canoe & SUP Car Racks can accommodate multiple kayaks and other outdoor gear. These racks come with Best-Class TopGuard padding to protect your paddles and kayaks.

PIRIPARA Kayak Canoe and SUP Car Racks feature a fold-and-raise design, which enables you to adjust the height of your paddleboard. In addition to adjusting the height of your kayak or canoe, the racks can also accommodate multiple SUPs, surfboards, and small canoes. Native Paddle Holders are included with the racks to secure your paddles in place.


PIRIPARA Kayak Canoe and SUP Car Racks are a durable and convenient way to carry your kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. Its sturdy alloy steel frame is designed to hold two kayaks. Its total load capacity is 150 pounds. This rack is also versatile and can be used for other outdoor gear. Its adjustable and protective padding keeps your kayaks safe during transportation. It has a rust-resistant coating and is easy to install.

Made from high-grade aircraft-grade aluminum, these racks are lightweight and sturdy. Their rubber pedal design provides a secure grip and prevents the kayaks from sliding off the rack. The racks are adjustable and can be folded flat when not in use. They fit onto most car roofs. They are also compatible with a variety of kayaks. This rack also includes paddle holders.

PIRIPARA Kayak Canoe and SUP Car Racks provide convenient transportation for kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. They also feature heavy-duty tie-down straps and universal mounting hardware. You can even use kayak car racks as car accessories. They also come with a warranty. When you choose PIRIPARA kayak canoe & SUP Car Racks, make sure to check out their online store.

This rack is easy to install. The j-bar design fits most crossbar shapes. It can hold up to two kayaks. It comes with universal mounting hardware and heavy-duty tie-down straps for additional protection. The rack also features paddle holders and is easy to use. With so many features and a small price, it's a great option for the water enthusiast.

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