Best Ironton Truck Bed Toolboxes in 2022

Ironton Truck Bed Toolboxes

When deciding on a truck bed toolbox, it is essential to determine the features that you need in a unit. The different types of toolboxes available are full-size and low-profile. You can even opt for a pork chop toolbox if that's more your style. But whatever your needs may be, there are certain features you should look for in a toolbox. Below are some of the things you should look for in a truck bed toolbox.

Side-mount toolboxes

Side-mount Ironton truck bed tool boxes are a great way to maximize storage space in your truck. They're made from heavy-duty aluminum that's rust-resistant and secure. Many reviewers say that the drawers open easily and securely, but some have had problems with their tools being wedged in the latch. These toolboxes are available in different styles to meet your needs.

These truck bed toolboxes have three drawers in the bottom and two small drawers on top. The drawers roll on easy-glide bearing sliders. The steel construction ensures that the tool box will last a long time. There are also quick-release brackets included to quickly remove the tool box. While many customers have been satisfied with this truck toolbox, others have experienced problems with damage during shipment.

Another style of truck bed tool boxes is the underbody version, which is mounted on the frame of the vehicle. This design is best for vehicles with low ground clearance, but may not be ideal for cars. Underbody tool boxes are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and feature a drop-down door or slide-out drawer. The storage drawer is designed to make it easier for you to access your tools when you're working on the vehicle.

The push-button design of Side-mount Ironton truck bed tool boxes provides ample secure storage for your truck without taking up any space in your truck's bed. The lid opens almost 90 degrees and comes with a locking push button. The narrow design leaves additional room in the truck bed for other things. One downside is that the storage drawers are too shallow to store power tools. Some of these boxes can't be installed on trucks that aren't wide enough.

Full-size toolboxes

The Ironton truck bed toolboxes are designed to be mounted on the sides of your truck bed. The tool box includes mounting hardware. The full-size model is ideal for truck beds with a length of 8 feet or longer. It has adjustable compartments for added flexibility and convenience. Its durable design is ideal for storing heavy tools while traveling. You can also use a tool box with multiple compartments for added storage space.

To get a full-size toolbox, you should look for one made of aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight and durable. It won't corrode or chip as easily as steel. Steel-made models are heavy, while those made of plastic are lighter. The thickness of the material also plays an important role in determining weight. Avoid thin-gauge metal, which may rust or dent easily.

The dimensions of a truck bed toolbox should be measured carefully. You can start by measuring the length from the tailgate to the bulkhead. Also, you should measure the distance between the outside rail and the bulkhead. Some models may not fit a full-size toolbox. For more information, contact a toolbox manufacturer. The company will provide assistance in measuring your truck bed. The most common type of toolboxes are full-size or crossover.

Besides providing ample storage space, truck tool boxes also provide extra protection from theft. While they cannot prevent theft, they can protect your tools and equipment from tampering. Their waterproof and solid construction also make them highly resistant to impacts and prevent rust. Unlike a vehicle, a truck toolbox can prevent thieves from lifting the contents of the box. They also provide extra space in the truck bed for more useful cargo.

Low-profile tool boxes

The Full Size Matte Black Low-Profile Ironton Truck Tool Box offers an easy-to-use paddle handle and a stainless steel reinforced loop striker. This low-profile box has a no-drill mounting kit, which allows you to install the Low-Profile Ironton truck bed tool box without drilling or modifying the truck's bed rails. With the low profile, you'll have more visibility through the cab and the tool box provides unmatched protection from thieves.

A Low-Profile Ironton truck bed tool box is an excellent way to keep your tools secure and organized. It also doesn't block the rear window. It is compatible with a 5th wheel hitch. Plus, it's low enough to clear the front cap of an RV. If you plan to haul your RV or travel frequently with your truck, you can install the Low-Profile Ironton truck tool box to keep the gear safe and dry. Its reinforced lid and ultra-tough body make it the perfect storage solution for your truck.

The Low-Profile Ironton truck bed tool box features a unique design with a patented RigidCore(tm) lid. This lid is filled with solid foam to protect against warping and has a self-opening mechanism. The lid is made from extra-thick one-piece aluminum for maximum corrosion-resistance. The lid also features stainless steel paddle lock lift handles for added safety and security. This toolbox is made in the USA and is guaranteed to last for many years.

Another low-profile Ironton truck tool box is the CamLocker Red Label Crossover Tool Box. Its sleek design makes it easy to install and remove. Its sturdy aluminum construction is durable and features lockable stainless steel paddle handles to prevent accidental opening. It weighs only 17 lbs. and fits most full-size trucks. This truck bed tool box also offers special leisure racks. The Low-Profile Ironton truck tool box features a lockable lid and is compatible with remote keyless entry accessories.

Pork chop toolboxes

When it comes to truck bed storage, a Pork Chop Toolbox can't be beat. The Brute Pro-Series Pork Chop Toolbox tucks into your truck's wheel wells and takes advantage of unused space. Constructed of diamond-tread aluminum, the toolbox has a full perimeter weatherproof seal and a reinforced lid for maximum protection. It's available in stealth black or gleaming aluminum. In addition to a lifetime structural warranty, Brute stands behind its toolbox with a one-year finish warranty.

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