Best INNO Vehicle Sports Rack Parts & Accessories in 2022

INNO Vehicle Sports Rack Parts Accessories Review

When looking for a roof rack for your surfboard, surfboards, or bicycles, INNO is the brand to go with. In this review, we look at the INA44 Locking Surfboard Roof Rack, the ISF Long Bolt Adapter Kit, Multi-Board Roof Rack Pads, and Limited Lifetime Warranty. You'll also learn more about the INNO racks' Limited Lifetime Warranty and package dimensions.

INA44 - Locking Surfboard Roof Rack

The INA44 - Locking Surfboard, Kayak, and Ski Roof Rack features an audible snap to secure equipment in place. The arms of the rack effectively pin the surfboard in place, providing lateral and down force to keep the surfboard firmly in place. Its corrosion-resistant construction keeps the rack in good shape for years. It also works well in outdoor environments and saltwater.

The INNO Racks INA44 - Locking Surfboard, Kayak, and Ski Roof Rack is made in Japan by the company that invented the car seat headrest. It features an easy-to-install universal mounting system that can be easily attached to round and square roofs. It comes with a locking system that secures the surfboards in place, and it also includes a key to unlock the rack and release the boards from it. Depending on the length of your surfboard, you can carry two long boards and three short boards.

INA44 - Locking Surfboard Rack has rubber at all four points of contact. This means that straps are less likely to tear the roof while driving. The rack also comes with ratchet covers to prevent damage to the boards. It can hold several surfboards, but it is recommended that you have at most three shortboards and two longboards. This rack is worth the investment. It's worth the money, especially since it's a good investment to prevent theft of your surfboards.

ISF Long Bolt Adapter Kit

If you're looking for a car roof rack with a high capacity, the INNO Racks ISF Long Bolt Adapter Kit may be the right choice for you. It features a 130-pound capacity and is compatible with a wide variety of racks and holders. Its no-tool installation means that you can install the rack quickly and easily without the need for special tools. This versatile adapter kit can lock securely to the roof of most modern vehicles.

Multi-Board Roof Rack Pads

Inno's new Multi-Board Roof Rack Pads are a great way to carry more than one surfboard! With a universal mount, it'll fit most car roofs and is easy to install. They have a 6" vacuum mount and a 210 lb pull strength rating. They come with a locking mechanism to ensure the carrier is securely fastened, and the rack pad will protect your boards from the elements.

The high-density pad protects multiple boards and is made of durable material. It comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you're concerned about its durability, INNO offers a replacement pad at no charge. The INNO Multi-Board Roof Rack Pad is available at NAPA AUTO PARTS. For added peace of mind, they offer unlimited free shipping to 164 countries.

The Inno Multi-Board Roof Rack Pad is designed to protect valuable surfboards from damage while on your roof. It's 20 inches wide and incorporates a Velcro enclosure for protection. It's also engineered to fit almost any roof rack, including aero and oversized. You'll be able to keep your surfboard secure with the rack pad while cruising the highway.

INNO Roof Rack Pads protect the boards from bumps and scratches. The INNO Multi-Board Roof Rack Pads are waterproof, and will keep your boards securely strapped to your roof. It will keep your boards safe from damage, and protect your vehicle's interior from water. These roof rack pads are easy to install and take off. And once installed, you can use the rack to transport all your boards.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

In the event that you discover a defect in the materials or workmanship of your rack, Yakima will replace or repair it at no additional cost to you. In the unlikely event that the product you purchase is no longer under warranty, Yakima may choose to either refund the purchase price or provide credit for the purchase of new rack components. To find out if your rack is still covered, contact Yakima directly or your authorized dealer.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty applies only to the manufacturer's original purchaser. The warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship. If you purchase a SportRack rack that doesn't work properly, you can return it to the company. The manufacturer will either repair or replace the product at no cost or reimburse your purchase price - you just have to provide proof of purchase and a thorough description of the defect.

Rack N Road offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on new products and installations. This limited warranty covers any manufacturing defects, including manufacturing errors, and is subject to evaluation by the store and customer. In the event that the warranty is not honored, the manufacturer will contact you to resolve the issue. In the event that the warranty is honored, the retailer will reimburse you the purchase price, including shipping and handling charges. You can also return your rack for a refund within 30 days if you don't like the product or are unhappy with it.

Roof racks are one of the most popular ways to carry water sports gear. The INNO Base Rack System transforms your roof into an ideal spot for carrying your gear. Made of hardened steel, the rack system requires no drilling or body modifications. Inno Racks include crossbars, feet, and hardware that are universally compatible. And because INNO Vehicle Sports Rack Parts and Accessories are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, you can be confident you're getting the best value for your money.

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