Best Honda Truck Tailgate Seals in 2022

Honda Truck Tailgate Seals

You have many options for your Honda Truck's tailgate. You can purchase EPDM rubber tailgate seals that eliminate the gap in the sidewalls and tailgate. These rubber seals will adhere to any surface, including sprayed-on bed liners. Another option is a ROK BLOCK, which covers the tailgate gap and doubles as a tailgate seal. It fits underneath the bed liner and will prevent debris from falling into the gap.

TRAILSEAL(r) Tailgate Gasket

If you have a Honda Truck, you can make it more secure by installing the TRAILSEAL(r) Tailgate Gasket. It will seal any gaps around the tailgate and form a tight barrier between the bed and the outside elements. It's a simple yet effective solution for securing your truck's tailgate and tonneau cover.

If you're considering adding a tonneau cover to your pickup truck, you should look into the ACCESS Limited Edition Roll-Up Cover. It incorporates the legendary ACCESS(r) Roll-Up Cover, as well as five exclusive accessories, including an AA battery LED light, a two-ounce COVER CARE(r) Cleaner, and tie-down rings. This cover is easy to open and close, and is fitted with TIGHT BITE(tm) clamps.

ELEMENT SEALTM Tailgate Gasket

The ELEMENT SEALTM Honda Truck Tail gate gasket is an adhesive strip secured to a pickup truck's tailgate. The gasket is generally circular in cross-section when undeformed. The gasket's protective strip extends beyond the outer surface of the pickup truck's tailgate, filling the alternate gap.

The ACCESS (r) TRAILSEALTM Honda Truck Tailgate Gasket is easy to install. It seals gaps around the tailgate, providing a firm cushion for closing the tailgate and keeping dust and debris out. This universal gasket is easy to install and requires only a few hand tools.

The gasket is made from polymeric material. Preferably, the material is an extruded polymeric closed-cell sponge material. The material includes microscopic pockets containing a gas. The elongated member includes an adhesive strip along the flat outer surface. The strip extends alternately up to the junction between the flat outer surface and the curved outer surface. The strip is preferably shorter on one side than the other.

The ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal is easy to install and requires less than 30 minutes to complete. The instructions are easy to follow and include photos to help you through the process. It is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions, especially the temperature range. Whether you're installing the ELEMENT SEALTM Honda Truck Tailgate Gasket or installing a new tailgate, follow the directions on the packaging or online to ensure a proper installation.

ESI's Ultimate Tailgate Seal is made from automotive-grade EPDM rubber and is designed to prevent unauthorized entry into the tailgate gap. Suitable for the 2015 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra MultiPro tailgates, the ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal is durable and provides superior protection. This tailgate seal also doubles as a tailgate gap seal, preventing water and dust from penetrating the tailgate.

The ELEMENT SEALTM Honda Truck Tail Gate Gasket features an elongated deformable member. The elongated member has a generally circular lumen 34 and a triangular portion 54. These two portions are connected with a curved outer support wall.

Taper Seal(r) Tailgate Gasket

Keeping debris and water out of the truck box is a very important aspect of truck maintenance. Thankfully, there's an easy fix for this problem. A Taper Seal tailgate gasket can be installed with a simple set of tools. These tailgate seal kits will work with your tonneau cover or truck bed cap. They're universal so they can be cut to fit any truck. To install the tailgate seal, you'll need a few tools and a rag.

Taper Seal tailgate gaskets are made of automotive-grade 3M ST1200 adhesive. It will adhere to the tailgate gap area when closed, and the two pieces can be used separately to seal the tailgate. One of the great benefits of a Taper Seal tailgate gasket is that it doesn't cause the gap to widen. This means that you'll be able to access cargo and tools without damaging the tailgate.

Another way to make sure your tailgate stays sealed is to install a Tailgate Gap Cover. This product will prevent loose materials and rocks from falling into the truck bed. It also reduces dust and debris in the bed. This product adheres to the spray on bed liners and reduces dust.


A tailgate gap cover is an inexpensive way to seal off the gap between your truck's tailgate and bed. The ROK BLOCK will prevent debris from falling into the gap and cause damage to your tailgate. The cover is 4.25" wide and installs under the bed liner.

To install the cover, use 3M ST1200 adhesive tape. This tape sticks to all surfaces and is easy to apply. It is best to apply the tape between thirteen and forty degrees Celsius. To make the tape stick, you must apply 25 pounds of pressure while applying it to the truck's tailgate.

This product has a four-inch width and is made in the USA. It will help protect your valuables from falling debris. The ROK BLOCK tailgate gap cover will fit most vehicle beds. Be aware, however, that it does not fit the newer pickup models.

ROK BLOCK has a 90-day warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. It will replace the defective product if damaged due to misuse, improper installation, or unauthorized modifications. It is made from Automotive Grade Epdm Rubber and will adhere to most surface finishes. It will also help keep dust and water out of the tailgate gap and sidewalls.

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