Best Hi-Lift Truck Bed Toolboxes in 2022

Hi-Lift Truck Bed Toolboxes

When it comes to truck bed tool boxes, there are many different choices available. Some are shaped and sized differently, while others are more standardized. Many of them can be mounted on the truck bed and make the most use of the truck's vertical space. There are also special leisure racks that make full use of the truck bed. In addition, many of the new truck bed tool boxes include cargo racks.

UnderCover Swing Case Toolbox

A Hi-Lift Truck Bed UnderCcover Swing Case Toolbox is a convenient, stylish storage solution for your truck's bed. Designed to hang out from either the driver or passenger side of the bed, this toolbox holds up to 75 pounds and can swing out 180 degrees for easy access. The truck bed storage box is compatible with all UnderCover truck bed covers, so you can easily install one on each side of your truck.

This storage solution is designed for GMC Sierra 1500s and Silverados. Its lockable cover can be locked with a key or padlock located near the hinge. Its durable ABS material can withstand up to 75 pounds, so you can rest assured that your tools will remain safe and secure. The under-cover toolbox also offers additional storage space in the truck bed. Its wide base makes it easier to fit tools in the bed.

The ABS polymer structure of the Hi-Lift Truck Bed UnderCcover Swing Case Toolbox is covered by a one-year limited warranty. The SwingCase's hinges, lock, and hardware are also covered by this warranty. You must purchase your Hi-Lift Truck Bed UnderCover Swing Case Toolbox through an authorized dealer. In addition, you must have your original sales receipt in hand to receive warranty service. In some cases, proof of the defect may be required before the warranty can be processed.

Hi-Lift jacks can become heavy projectiles

If you use Hi-Lift jacks to lift your vehicle off the ground, they can be very dangerous. Because they are made of steel or iron, they can become heavy projectiles in the event of an accident. Never use a Hi-Lift jack without adjusting its height and using proper safety procedures. Remember to place your hands and feet where they're safest, and take your time.

If you aren't careful, your Hi-Lift jack can easily become a heavy projectile in your truck bed. Be sure to use proper care and maintenance to keep it working properly. A poorly adjusted or dirty unit can cause binding, causing it to collapse or fall. In addition, improper application of load or maintenance can cause it to become a heavy projectile in a truck toolbox.

Hi-Lift jacks are also notorious for becoming heavy projectiles inside a truck's toolbox. They are designed for heavy lifting and work well with Heavy Metal Off-Road Bed Bar Racks. Some Hi-Lift jacks have wider bases and can be used for off-roading or 4-wheeling.


Buying a Hi-Lift truck bed toolbox may seem like a great idea, but what factors should you consider before making the purchase? There are many different types of truck tool boxes, ranging from stainless steel chests with dual lids to lightweight plastic trays that sit in the bed of your vehicle. When buying one, you should consider your storage needs and organizational preferences. You will also want to consider additional features such as seals and weatherproof coatings to protect your tools.

The price of Hi-Lift truck bed toolboxes will depend on how many tools you plan to put inside. There are a variety of different toolbox options, so you'll want to do some comparison shopping before deciding on a particular model. There are two major types of Hi-Lift toolboxes: chest and roll-away. Both types have different features and cost a bit more than others.

Another type is the ARKSEN aluminum crate. This type of tool box is more complex than traditional tool boxes, but is also more secure. It can double as weather protection and has additional storage drawers underneath. The cost of Hi-Lift truck bed toolboxes varies, but some models are more expensive than others. The ARKSEN aluminum crate is a good option if you're looking for a low-cost tool box. A tack trunk is more expensive than other boxes, but will give you a lot more space in your truck bed.


Hi-Lift Truck Bed Toolbox sizes can be determined by measuring the width of your truck bed, the distance between outside rails, and the height of the bulkhead, or the front edge of the wheel well. You can also ask the toolbox manufacturer for help with the measurements. Some models are wider than others, and some can even be strapped to trailers. If you have questions, contact the manufacturer of your current toolbox or a local dealer.

Hi-Lift Boxes come with a flat lifting nose that makes them easy to use and secure, though you lose up to 8 inches of your truck's lifting height. The storage box itself is well-constructed and has two holes for bolting onto Hi Lift bars. It measures 15-1/2" by 5-1/8" by 4", and is deep enough to fit a coiled recovery strap. The box has mounting hardware included, including a wingnut and bolts.

In addition to side mount toolboxes, you can choose from topside tool boxes. These boxes are typically mounted on the sides of the truck bed. They provide easy access to supplies without compromising cargo space. They are easy to access and are also convenient for standing next to the truck. Many of these boxes come with drawers, fold-down doors, and multiple compartments. Some models even have a built-in lock, so you can keep your tools safe while driving.

Depending on your truck model, Hi-Lift Truck Toolboxes size can range from a basic to a large box. The Hi-Lift TTBM-100 is a good choice for your truck because it is very durable, while the Lo-Side boxes are easier to use and mount. Both styles of Hi-Lift Truck Toolboxes are made of heavy-duty materials and provide ample storage.

A Hi-Lift Truck Bed Toolbox can be mounted above or below the truck's cab. Its size should fit with other truck accessories, such as a ladder rack. When choosing a Hi-Lift toolbox, keep in mind that you should consider the size and the type of materials used to make it. Aluminum is more resistant to weather and won't rust like steel.

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