Best Herculiner Truck Bed & Tailgate Bed Liners in 2022

Herculiner Truck Bed Liners

If you are looking to purchase a bed liner for your truck, this article will walk you through the best choices. These bed liner mats are made to protect the truck bed only, and a tailgate mat must be purchased separately. While bed liner mats can be useful, some are not well made and curl up in the corners, making them unusable. Some also have trouble anchoring securely to the truck bed. Any decent bed liner should be made of a sturdy, non-skid material, such as rubber, polyethylene, or epoxies.

POR-15 OEM Bed Liner

The Herculiner POR-15 OEM Truck Bed Liner is a high-performance, UV-resistant bed liner made in the United States. This liner is applied using a brush. Its smooth surface allows for easy application and drying, making it an excellent choice for long-term protection. The durable liner is also easy to clean. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is durable enough to be used on US Navy ships.

Choosing the correct truck bed liner is a significant investment. It should fit properly and protect the bed floor well. Many liners are plastic. Since they trap water, they may cause rust and corrosion. The loose plastic can also wear away at the paint on the bed floor. Therefore, you should only select a liner that is compatible with your specific vehicle. Listed below are some pros and cons of each type.

A drop-in truck bed liner is an excellent choice for owners who don't frequently load their pickup with heavy items. This liner protects the truck bed from rust and weather-related wear and tear and will prolong the life of the pickup. However, it is not recommended for those who load heavy objects often. A drop-in liner is a more affordable option but may not be as durable as a spray-on liner. Besides rust prevention, a drop-in liner will add a layer of cushioning.

A low-odor, rust-preventive formula makes the Herculiner POR-15 OEM Bed Liner an excellent choice for do-it-yourselfers. This durable liner is easy to apply and does not require a professional installer. With its high-gloss finish and rust-resistant formula, the POR-15 OEM Truck Bed Liner will protect your truck bed and protect it from damage.

Herculiner POR-15 OEM Truck Bed Liner is an easy-to-apply brush-on liner that can be applied by the owner or by a professional. Unlike some other roll-on bedliners, the Herculiner POR-15 is five times thicker than others. It dries with a non-slip textured finish. It is easy to apply, but requires multiple coats.


Herculiner Dupli-Color Truck, Bed & Tailgate Liners provide protection for your truck and trailer. These durable, protective liners will protect your truck's bed from the harshest elements. Dupli-Color Truck Bed & Tailgate Liners can protect your truck's bed while allowing you to use it for other things, such as hauling tools and other cargo.

A good truck bed liner will improve the resale value of your vehicle and prolong its life. If you own a pickup truck, a bed liner will help protect your truck's bed from dents and dings and maintain its resale value. They will also improve your truck's appearance. After all, your truck bed is the most-abused part of your pickup truck.

The Rugged Restore Barricade bed liner comes in six different colors, and you can paint it to match your vehicle's exterior. Rust-Oleum truck bed coating is a specially formulated solution that prevents rust and damages caused by harsh weather. You can apply this coating yourself with a brush, roller, or spray gun. A single quart of Rust-Oleum truck bed coating is enough to protect your truck bed for several years.

If you're looking for a permanent solution, a spray-on bedliner will protect your truck's bed surface. Some are made of polyurethane and leave behind a glossy, textured finish. Others have a lower friction surface. Either way, all of them will protect your truck bed. Just make sure it's waterproof and rust-proof before you install the bedliner.

U-POL Raptor

The U-POL Raptor Herculine Truck Bed & Tailgate Liners are a great way to protect your vehicle's bed and tailgate from dents and scratches. These products are easy to install and come with easy-to-follow instructions. If you're not sure about the best material to use for your truck, there are a number of other options available as well.

Herculiner truck bed liners are made from a tough polyurethane formula that's five times thicker than the competition. The result is an incredibly durable product that will not peel or flake. You should apply it in a couple of coats, allowing one to four hours between each application. The Herculiner is durable enough to protect two large six-foot pickup bed widths.

This liner kit is an excellent choice if you're looking for a cheap option to protect your truck's bed. It can cover several surfaces including metal, concrete, wood, and fiberglass. The Herculiner Raptor HCL0B7 brush-on bed liner kit is another option for you. Brush-on bed liners are a good choice for the truck bed and can be applied in a few hours. They are easy to apply and don't require a spray gun.

The Herculiner truck bed liner is a good option if you want to keep your truck bed looking great for a long time. The material is thicker than the other market options, which makes them more resistant to rust and corrosion. They also provide a perfect seal against moisture damage. You can apply the liners with a roller and apply them directly to wood, metal, and concrete.

Online retailers have a great selection of truck bed liners. Many of them offer discounts and sales that you won't find anywhere else. In addition, you'll find more variety on online retailers than you'll find in big box stores. Just be sure to compare prices before making a purchase. Remember that these truck bed liners are heavy and shipping them is expensive.

Rough Country

If you want to protect your pickup bed from the elements, a spray-on liner is the answer. This protection will help you prevent rust and other damage caused by weather conditions. You can choose from a polyurethane or aliphatic-based spray-on liner that's ideal for protecting your truck bed. There are many benefits of spray-on bedliners, including a textured or glossy finish. In addition to protecting the bed, spray-on bedliners also protect the surface of the tailgate.

A truck bed mat is not a bed liner in the technical sense, but it does protect the bed from damage. Whether it's dirt, rocks, or other objects, the truck bed can take a beating. It can also help your truck bed resale value by preventing dents and dings. The Rough Country Truck Bed Mat can help protect your truck's bed from dirt and other debris that could cause damage.

Rust-Oleum bedliner takes several days to fully cure. If you're looking for a DIY bedliner, Herculiner is a reliable and cost-effective solution. Its proprietary formula bonds to almost any surface and is easy to install in just one day. Aside from being scratch-resistant, Herculiner also helps reduce the chance of rust. Moreover, it's resistant to gasoline, oil, and solvents.

The Rough Country Truck Bed & Tailgate Liner Kit is a great choice for your truck bed. It has several models of pickup truck, which are made of nyracord rubber. These mats are easy to install and are designed to fit all kinds of trucks. You can even find them in a variety of colors to match the exterior of your truck. They come with a lifetime warranty and are made in the USA.

Herculiner's brush-on truck bed liner kit includes a protective coating and application brush. It is three to five mils thick and offers excellent UV stability. Once applied, the Rhino Liner will mould to the surface of your truck bed without reducing its cargo space. A brush-on liner is an excellent investment for your truck, and can last for years.

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