Best Heininger Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories in 2022

Heininger Truck Bed & Tailgate Accessories

Heininger is known for making high quality truck accessories for your truck. His products are durable and strong enough to carry heavy loads. You can also purchase these products online. If you want to buy these accessories for your truck, you can visit his official website to learn more about their products. Here are some of the best selling truck bed and tailgate accessories:

HitchMate Grab Handle

A heavy-duty steel Grab Handle attaches to your tailgate latch pin and hinge for a convenient step into your truck's bed. Gone are the days of crawling into the bed or rolling it open. This sturdy handle is comfortable and adjustable. Whether you're getting into your truck's bed for the first time or you've been hauling heavy loads for years, this durable accessory will make life easier.

Made of heavy-duty steel, the HitchMate Grab Handle fits securely around the latch pin on your tailgate door. The bracket adjusts to fit most full-size pick-up trucks. The handhold has a laser-cut hook that allows you to easily grab and pull cargo into the truck bed. When not in use, it stores under or behind the driver's seat for easy access. The durable design and commercial-grade powder-coated finish will last for years to come.

The HitchMate Grab Handle attaches to the latch pin on the tailgate and provides an easy way to step into the truck bed. Its adjustable design allows you to adjust it to fit your specific truck and make it easier to reach items in the bed. Unlike most other tailgate grab handles, this one is strong and adjustable. It fits most full-size trucks, making it easy to find the right one for your truck.

Swagman truck bed bike rack

The Swagman truck bed bike rack is an easy-to-install accessory for pickup trucks. It has two dock locks for added security and comes with adjustable rubber-mounted bars that fit into a wide variety of truck beds. Once installed, the rack locks into place with a push of a button. The rack features rubber-mounted ends for better grip on the bed rails and a quick-release handle. If you own more than two bikes, you can purchase extra mounting bars.

For two bikes, the Swagman PICKUP fork mount is perfect for your truck. The rack includes skewers for two 9mm front axle forks. It also includes a locking key that ensures your bike will be safe and secure in your vehicle. Whether you're hauling a mountain bike or a road bike, this rack will keep your bike safe. It can be installed in a matter of minutes and is surprisingly affordable.

The truck bed bike rack is designed to fit all sizes of pickup trucks. Its design is versatile enough to accommodate four or more bikes. Its clamps secure up to four bikes at a time, and the racks can be removed when you're not using them. Moreover, it can be detached from the truck bed for easy storage. This is a convenient feature when you don't want to ride your bike all the time.

The Swagman truck bed bike rack is a simple to install accessory. It requires no drilling or any other modifications on your vehicle to install. The bike rack is easy to install, and you don't need to be a professional in this field. The rack can accommodate mid and full-size bikes, and it features an adjustable telescoping bar. It also includes appropriate tie-down points and a 72-inch cable lock.

The Tailwhip tailgate bike rack uses rugged nylon material for added durability and protection. The pad has a velcro cradle closure system to prevent the bikes from rubbing against each other. The tailgate bike rack also comes with a protective felt backing to protect the truck's paint. The Tailwhip truck bed bike rack can accommodate two bikes, but not six.

The Swagman truck bed bike rack can fit most trucks without a C-channel mount system. This system is 100% no-tool-installed and comes with a locking mechanism and two cables for added security. It can hold up to two bikes each weighing 45 pounds. The extra fork mount can be mounted to the telescoping bar. One of the greatest benefits of the Swagman truck bed bike rack is its adaptability to different truck beds.

The Thule Bed Rider truck bed bike rack is another popular option. It is simple to install, requiring no drilling or bolting, and can accommodate two bikes. The Thule Bed Rider also uses locking skewers to keep the bikes in place. This bike rack can fit in most full-size pickup beds and comes with soft rubber feet to prevent damage to the truck bed.

Advantage Sports Rack BedRack

The Advantage SportsRack BedRack is the ultimate accessory for your pickup truck. Its sturdy, easy to install design holds four bikes without the need for a trailer hitch. The rack can also be used as a standalone bike rack, allowing you to transport bikes with you without the need for a trailer hitch. This product is available from a wide range of retailers, so it's important to choose wisely.

The Advantage SportsRack is designed to fit a variety of bike sizes. It has four adjustable wing-nut clamps that secure the bike rack to the bed walls. The rack itself fits bikes with tires up to 29 inches, while the bikes sit upright in padded bars. The rack is constructed of heavy-duty plastic and coated steel. It's durable and feels solid, and is easy to store inside the truck cab when not in use.

This rack is quick to install and adjusts to fit a variety of truck bed sizes. Fork mount blocks protect the bikes from scratches and abrasions. The rack comes with nine-mm Quick Release skewers to securely mount the bikes to your pickup bed. The Advantage Sports Rack is built of sturdy, stainless steel and is adjustable for a variety of truck bed widths.

Another excellent bike rack is the Advantage Sports Rack Elite. This large bike rack is safe and secure, with a universal design that supports several bike models. The installation process takes about 15 minutes. The bike rack also comes with a lock and keys for safety. This rack is compatible with the truck bed channel system. In addition, it is compatible with various truck beds, and the bike rack fits perfectly in them.

The Advantage Sports Rack BedRack Elite 2-Bike Rack is an ideal solution for mounting bikes in the truck bed. Made by Heininger Automotive, this rack can hold two bikes with 4.8-inch fat tires. It can also accommodate a wide variety of wheel sizes from a 700c to a 29-incher. Its locking cable will keep the bikes in place during the transport.

This four-bike bike rack is a great addition for any truck bed. Not only can you ride multiple bikes on it, but you can also store them on the sides. The best part is that it can fit into nearly any truck bed. Another great feature of this bike rack is that it can be removed and used as stand-alone storage. It's one of the best bike racks on the market today.

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