Best Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mats in 2022

Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Mats

If you're considering investing in a new heavy-duty truck bed mat for your vehicle, there are a few things you should know. Listed below are some of the best options available. Some of these brands include Black Armour, Dee Zee, Husky Liners, Westin, and others. Choosing one is an excellent way to protect the bed floor and pride of ownership. Read on to learn more about these products and make the right choice for your vehicle.

Black Armour

A high-quality mat for your truck's bed is essential for keeping your cargo secure. The Diamond Plate textured surface prevents cargo from shifting and damaging your truck's bed and sidewalls. Not only do these mats protect your cargo from the elements, they also reduce road noise. This makes Black Armour heavy duty truck bed mats an obvious choice for your truck's bed. But what is the difference between other bed mats?

The Black Armour heavy duty truck bed mat features a patented Ultra Sonic Cutting Technology to provide a glove-like fit. The vulcanized rubber doesn't absorb liquids and won't wear off over time. In addition, the checker plate texture helps your cargo stay put. And with a simple install process, you don't need any tools. These truck bed mats will help you protect your cargo and keep your truck looking great.

Dee Zee

For maximum protection for your truck's bed, consider investing in a Dee Zee Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mat. This heavy-duty mat prevents shifting of cargo and protects the truck's bed from damage. Its special construction resists damaging fuel spills and protects the bed from UV rays and abrasion. It also features rubber in many areas to help prevent water from accumulating.

This semi-custom-fitting mat is made of 3/8-inch thick nycord, a durable rubber compound with cords for maximum durability. It holds cargo securely in place and is resistant to UV rays and most chemical spills. It is designed to last for several years and is backed by a 3-year warranty. While you'll want to take care of your truck's bed, these mats will protect your investment.

Husky Liners

Whether you are hauling equipment or your cargo, the Husky Liners Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mat is an excellent choice for your pickup truck. The durable rubberized DuraGrip HD material prevents scratches while also preventing shifting of cargo. This mat is made to fit the bed of your truck and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. For more information, visit the Husky Liners website. This page is dedicated to truck bed mats.

The Heavy Duty Bed Mat by Husky Liners features a DuraGrip HD material for long-lasting cushioning. The raised underside of this mat keeps moisture from trapping and is weatherproof. The rubberized truck bed liner is also odorless and backed by a lifetime warranty. Husky also makes Heavy Duty Floor Mats made with DuraGrip material, so you're guaranteed to be satisfied with the durability of your mat.


Whether you are transporting cargo or storing valuables in the bed of your truck, the Westin Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mat will protect your truck from dents and scuffs. The heat-molded, 5/16-inch thick mat provides a protective barrier that prevents cargo from slipping and sliding in the bed. They also blend in with your truck bed's other accessories. Aside from being affordable and easy to install, these mats also make loading and unloading cargo easier. Designed to be flexible yet sturdy, these mats are easy to clean and install. And because they're made of recycled materials, you can rest assured that you'll get a warranty for three years.

One of the best aspects of the Westin Truck Bed Mat is that they're made in the United States, which means you can buy them with confidence. These mats feature 100% recycled materials, making them easy to clean and eco-friendly. The company also offers a warranty against any defects that may arise during installation and for a few years afterward. If you have any questions about the quality of Westin Truck Bed Mats, feel free to contact their customer service representatives to learn more about their warranty policies.


Designed to protect the bed of your truck, Durabak Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mats are an ideal solution for protecting your cargo. Available in different colors, these liners are also available in textured rubber granules or smooth surfaces. They can also be installed on the entire exterior of your truck, including rock sliders, bull bars, headache racks, and bumpers. They are durable and can protect painted metal, bare metal, plastic, rubber, and fiberglass.

Made from 100 percent recycled heavyweight rubber, Durabak Truck Bed Mats come in a wide variety of colors. Choose a smooth mat for a glossy look or a rough, durable finish for a rugged look. Regardless of color, Durabak Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mats can protect your truck from rock chips and rust, and are easy to install. Unlike a traditional truck bed liner, Durabak is flexible and chemical-resistant. If you are unsure about whether to purchase one, check the customer reviews on Amazon.

Customized Durabak Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mats are available for any truck model. Some models are customized with company logos and text. For added convenience, they can be ordered with your truck's manufacturer. Customized Durabak Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mats are also available in a variety of sizes. These bed liners are great for any truck, including SUVs. The materials are 3/8-inch thick and feature rubber cleats to allow water to drain properly.

Husky's DuraGrip HD

When it comes to durable accessories, Husky Liners has been a leader. With the HD liner, you can expect comfort and anti-skid cushioning. It's raised with special Air Dry Nibs, which ensure a constant flow of air and prevent moisture from forming in the truck bed. This mat is also very durable, which is a significant plus when you need a heavy-duty mat.

If you're in need of a heavy-duty mat for your truck's bed, Husky Liners Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mat is the best choice. Its rubberized DuraGrip HD surface prevents cargo from sliding around during your trip. It also protects the bed and cargo, while the foam layer provides a soft feel. Plus, it's protected against most chemicals and weather, so you don't need to worry about it fading or getting damaged. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides you with peace of mind.

Durabak's Impact Bed Mat

When you need to protect your truck's bed from mud, snow, and other debris, a Durabak's Impact Truck Bed Mat is an excellent choice. Its foam construction and integrated tailgate hinge create a smooth loading surface and eliminate the buildup between the truck bed and the tailgate. The mat's TPO material is fade and UV resistant. The 3/4" foam base is breathable, soft, and mold and mildew resistant. It's made of 100% Polypropylene.

Impact truck bed mats come in different colors and styles and are made to fit any vehicle. The BedRug Impact Truck Bed Mat is available in over 18 colors, including Christmas colors. It is easy to install and includes hook-and-loop fasteners for quick installation. The mat is compatible with factory tie downs and aftermarket accessories like tow hooks. It also protects cargo from noise and heat.

Durabak's DuraGrip HD

Husky Liners offers an excellent option for truck bed protection, and their Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mat is no exception. The DuraGrip HD material on this mat prevents cargo from shifting around in the bed when you're driving. Plus, the mat protects cargo, as well as your truck's bed, and it's odorless. Husky Liners' Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mat is also available for pickup trucks and SUVs, as well as a variety of other types of vehicles.

The surface of DuraGrip HD is rubberized, so it protects your truck's bed while remaining soft to the touch. It is made to resist most chemicals and keeps your cargo secure. The mat's Air Dry Nibs also allow air to pass through. This mat also protects your knees from impact damage. With over 18 colors to choose from, there's no reason not to find the perfect mat for your vehicle!

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