Best Heavy Duty Ramps Truck Bed & Tailgate Ramps in 2022

Heavy Duty Ramps For Truck Beds and Tailgates

There are many different types of Heavy Duty Ramps for truck beds and tailgates. You can choose from Clevr, Yutrax, MAD-RAMPS, and Tri-Fold. These ramps are designed to lift heavy loads up to 880 lbs per ramp. They are generally available in heights of 11.8" to 13.5" (30 to 35cm). These ramps are not recommended for use with vehicles with tires wider than 7.5" (191mm). It is important to follow installation instructions carefully.


Clevr Heavy Duty Truck Bed Tailgate ramps are designed for commercial and personal use, and will change the way you transport equipment. These ramps can safely load vehicles of up to 200kg. They also weigh an impressive 880 lbs for a pair, and are very durable.

Clevr offers two different types of ramps for various vehicle sizes, including mid-sized trucks. The 7.5-foot Aluminum Ramps feature a weight capacity of 1,500 pounds each, and feature an arched design to ensure maximum clearance. They also come with rubber-tipped fingers to prevent damage to the tailgate.

The Clevr Folding Arched Aluminum Truck Ramps are made from high-quality aluminum and have anti-scratch attachment points. The rubber finger-style coating on the ramps offers excellent traction. The ramps also include two safety straps for added security. These ramps are available in a single and dual-tier design to accommodate two loads.

Clevr Heavy Duty Truck Bed Tailgate ramps are available in two different types. A simple version adds additional bars over the truck bed and allows you to securely mount storage boxes and other options. A more complex model includes extra bars and connectors for almost anything you can imagine. You can also get a ladder rack to securely attach ladders to your truck.


The tri-fold aluminum Yutrax TX103 Heavy Duty Truck Bed Tailgate Ramp is an excellent option for short-bed pickup trucks. It is extremely durable, lightweight, and able to support up to 1,750 pounds of weight. The aluminum ramps' welded joints provide added strength. In addition, they feature a rubber-coated tab for added security. These ramps can be folded into a compact package of 17 inches.

Yutrax Truck Bed Tailgate Ramps are designed with the safety of your vehicle in mind. They have an exclusive high-traction mesh surface and rubber-coated tabs that prevent your vehicle from slipping or scratching. These ramps also feature adjustable security straps to ensure that your truck will not fall off.

The lightweight aluminium construction of the loading ramps makes them easy to store and use. They do not require assembly. They are designed with a textured back to hold your cargo securely while loading. They also feature a perforated board for good traction. When fully extended, these ramps measure 101'' long and 52" wide, and are 49'' tall when folded.

Whether you plan on loading your truck with a large or heavy load, you need a ramp that can accommodate your needs. Most ramps are designed for up to 1,200 pounds of weight, but some are even bigger. You should check with the manufacturer of the ramp you choose to make sure that it meets your needs.

Yutrax Tri-Fold

Whether you're loading up a boat, UTV, or simply need a ramp to reach the top of a truck's tailgate, Yutrax has the solution. These tri-fold ramps are made of lightweight aluminum and can support weights of up to 1,750 pounds. They fold down to just 17 inches wide and are 69 inches long. They also feature rubber-coated tabs for extra security and won't scratch the tailgate.

This tri-fold truck ramp set offers excellent value for the price. It also works as advertised. Although some users were dissatisfied with the lack of bottom lip, others were happy with the lightweight construction and tie-down straps. The set includes instructions for securing the ramp to your truck's tailgate, which helps prevent damage to your cargo.

The aluminum-made ramps feature protective surfaces to prevent abrasion. The ramps' surface is also perforated to avoid slipping. They also come with safety straps and rubber-tipped fingers for added traction and safety. They work for many different types of vehicles. However, the ramps are cumbersome to carry and require gloves to protect your hands.

One of the main considerations when purchasing a truck ramp is its weight capacity. Most of these ramps can support up to 1,200 pounds of weight. If you need a higher capacity, check the manufacturer's specifications.


MAD-Ramps are a great solution for loading and unloading side-by-sides and ATVs in the truck bed. These ramps are easy to use and make loading and unloading side-by-sides and ATVs a breeze. They also increase cargo capacity, which is ideal for farmers or outdoor enthusiasts.

The MAD-RAMPS Heavy Duty Truck Bed Trunk Extension System includes a crossbar and telescoping ramps that attach to the rear end of the truck's tailgate. The system is designed for use on pickup trucks with tailgates that can be raised or lowered.

The MAD-RAMPS tailgate extender was initially designed with two-inch square tubing. It is now made from solid 6061 aluminum. The strength-to-weight ratio of 6061 aluminum is very high, so the MAD-RAMPS Tailgate Extensions are strong yet lightweight.

These Ramps are made for commercial and personal use. They change the way pickup truck drivers haul equipment. In addition to allowing for easier loading and unloading, these ramps are easy to install and remove. The MAD-RAMPS Heavy Duty Truck Bed Tailgate Extension System will transform the way you haul equipment in your truck.


If you're in need of a truck bed tailgate ramp, you've come to the right place. Handi-Ramp makes finding the right ramp for your van easy. Just plug in the model, year, wheelbase, and roof height of your van and you'll be shown the right ramp for your vehicle.

The ramps are lightweight and aluminum-based, and they feature an arch to prevent bottoming out. When you're loading, you'll need to reverse the ramp so the lighter portion is on the front and the heavier part on the rear. Then, you'll need to use nylon straps to secure it.

Handi-Ramp heavy-duty truck bed tailgate ramps can be used to load or unload a truck. They are designed to handle up to 6-1/2 tons, with a lift height of six inches and clearance to allow for maintenance. Moreover, they come with a limited lifetime warranty to protect you and your vehicle.

Handi-Ramp heavy duty truck bed reargate ramps for flatbed trucks are a great way to increase the amount of space in a truck bed. Whether you use it for commercial purposes or for personal transport, this product can change the way you haul equipment. It will add cargo space to your truck and prevent you from having to haul the same things again.

Yutrax M-200

The Yutrax M-200 Heavy Duty Truck Tailgate Ramp provides an easy way to access your truck's tailgate without sacrificing stability. This tri-fold aluminum ramp is sturdy, yet portable, and boasts a weight capacity of 1,500 pounds. Its tri-fold design is also ideal for shorter-bed trucks. The aluminum construction and rubber-coated tabs prevent scratching.

Designed with heavy-duty open grate construction, the Yutrax M-200 Heavy Duty Truck Tailgate Ramp is a durable ramp for your truck. It can accommodate a maximum lift height of six inches and gives you plenty of clearance for maintenance. The M-200 is available in various colors and finishes to match your truck.

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