Best Get-A-Grip Truck Bed Toolboxes in 2022

Get-A-Grip, Locking, and Aluminum Truck Bed Toolboxes

Are you looking for the best toolbox for your truck bed? You've come to the right place. Here you'll find information on Side-mounted, Locking, and Aluminum toolboxes. Learn about their benefits and features. Then decide which style and material is right for your needs. With so many options, you're sure to find the one that's perfect for your needs.

Side-mounted toolboxes

A side-mounted tool box can be installed on the side rails of a truck. These tool boxes are typically made of durable materials and will stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Some are pre-drilled and will come with hardware. Other boxes will require drilling. To install a toolbox, first measure the location of the box. Next, use a powerful drill and a metal bit. Then, lower the tool box until the holes line up.

One of the main differences between a side-mounted Get-A-Grip and a full-size truck toolbox is the size of the tool box. Full-size trucks include the F150 and Ram, while down-size trucks are typically smaller pickups. If you need more space for your tools, you can choose a toolbox that fits under the bed rails.

One of the best features of a side-mounted Get-A-Grip is that it can eliminate the need to climb into the bed to get to tools. A side-mounted Get-A-Grip tool box can span the entire length or width of the truck bed. Longer boxes offer more room under the lid than a standard truck bed toolbox. Similarly, crossover style tool boxes offer more space than side-mounted Get-A-Grip boxes.

Most side-mounted Get-A-Grip truck toolboxes are constructed of durable aluminum with a diamond plate pattern. While metal can scratch the bed of a truck, aluminum is lightweight and has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel. Aluminum also resists corrosion and adds extra security to a truck without adding unnecessary weight. Whether you are buying one for your personal or business use, it is important to consider the value of tools stored in the toolbox.

Locking toolboxes

The weather-resistant lockable lid on the Locking Get-A-Grip truck toolbox helps to secure the lid against accidental bumps. The lock is automotive-style, rotary push-button that's recessed into the lid. This toolbox comes with two keys and is available in two sizes, each ranging from 74 to 85 inches wide. It is ideal for storing heavy tools, including wrenches, socket sets, and more.

Before buying a truck toolbox, it's important to understand the keying system. While the Locking Get-A-Grip truck bed toolboxes use a cylinder lock system, most tools in these boxes use a set of standard keys. If you have an unusually long or small key, you'll need to consult with a locksmith for a custom key. A locksmith will likely have a custom key made for your truck toolbox.

A truck toolbox is an excellent solution for keeping tools protected. Even a skilled crowbar can't break through a steel tool box. They're also heavy, which makes them ideal for long trips and rough work. They also protect your valuables from weather damage. Locking tool boxes will help reduce insurance claims for you. If you have valuable tools, consider installing a truck toolbox with a lock.

To install a Locking Get-A-Grip truck toolbox, prepare the truck bed with the required hardware. If your truck bed doesn't have predrilled holes, you'll need to drill them yourself. You'll need a powerful drill and a durable metal bit. Then, lower the toolbox into place using the bolt. The toolbox's screws should stay tight.


Generally, truck toolboxes are made from one of three materials: aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are some advantages of aluminum truck toolboxes. Aluminum: It is lightweight and weatherproof. It's easy to work with and is attractive. However, aluminum is not particularly durable. Thin surfaces tend to bend or break under the weight of heavy objects. In addition, big chunks of aluminum are not particularly lightweight.

The Best Truck Toolbox

The ARKSEN Aluminum Crate: The ARKSEN aluminum crate is a good example of classic pickup truck toolboxes. It features a lockable lid and is corrosion-resistant. The ARKSEN Aluminum Crate: The ARKSEN tool box has the same features as UWS's. The key features of this box are its welded seams and locks on the lid.

Getting the Right Size: With their built-in lever, Get-A-Grip Truck Bed Tool Boxes are easy to install and remove. The chest is available in eight sizes to fit most trucks and trailers. These boxes are also designed to fit under a truck seat. They are available in several different colors and are compatible with many different truck models. Lastly, they are made of aluminum.

Choose a Model


Pickup trucks are synonymous with hard work. You probably use your truck for work and you have a large collection of tools. You'll need a place to keep them all and organize them. Luckily, there are different types of truck toolboxes. Steel and rubber are two popular materials. These boxes bolt to the truck bed for a secure place to keep your tools. You can find out more about these boxes below.

The Get-A-Grip Truck Bed ToolBoxes are available in black or polished aluminum. It features a steel, three-piece seam-welded construction and dual lids for quick access to either side of the box. Designed with all-weather protection in mind, these tool boxes are easy to open even in temperatures below zero. Double stainless steel paddle locks provide added security and prevent thieves from accessing your tools.

Steel truck tool boxes are more durable than aluminum. They can withstand local weather extremes and the wear and tear of daily work pickup. In addition to housing tools, they may also double as a step stool when needed. Steel tool boxes are generally made of thick steel, while aluminum and plastic are more lightweight. Metals vary in thickness, but thinner gauges are susceptible to dents and scratches.

When shopping for truck toolboxes, you should know your truck's bed size. They come in two sizes: full and down size. Downsize trucks include small pickups, mid-size trucks like Colorado and Canyon, and full-sized trucks like F150 and Rams. When choosing the toolbox that is best for your vehicle, remember that the price of the box should be proportional to the value of the tools you plan to store inside.

Cargo bags

NetWerks truck bed toolboxes are a versatile storage solution that keeps small tools from moving around while in transit. They are adjustable to fit 40 to 70 inches long and can be attached to the cargo bar. They also come with a strap to attach them to the cargo stabilizer bars. They can fit into most truck beds and are 59 inches wide and 18 inches tall.

Starling's truck bed toolbox is made from waterproof PVC mesh and polyester material. The bottom panel is waterproof, and the toolbox features handles and tie-down straps. A cargo organizer provides a secure place for small tools, making it perfect for hauling larger items. These boxes are also easy to set up and use. They can be used in a variety of vehicle types and are a better choice than rigid plastic tool boxes.

Side bed rail toolboxes can be mounted outside the truck, or they can be installed to the frame rail on either side. A side bed rail toolbox offers the benefit of being very accessible without taking up valuable space in the truck bed. Another advantage of side bed toolboxes is that they don't take up valuable cargo space in the bed, but they can create blind spots for drivers.

Another great option for truck bed storage is the Dee Zee DZ8546B Utility Chest. This box has a waterproof lining, and features an integrated lock. It also features lockable handle latches for extra security. The Challenger Truck Tool Chest is made in the USA. It comes with a 1-Year Warranty. It has good build quality and the lid seal is working properly.

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