Best General Motors Truck Bed Rails in 2022

General Motors Truck Bed Rails For Your Chevy Pickup

Are you looking for General Motors Truck Bed Rails? You should be! They're easy to install, and come with a patterned surface. If you have a Chevy pickup, you might want to consider upgrading your bed rails, too. Read on to find out how. Listed below are some tips to finding and installing the right bed rails for your Chevy pickup. You'll be glad you did!

GM locker side bed rails

Adding GM locker side rails to your pickup truck is a great way to improve the look and security of your bed. They're made of chrome-plated steel and are 1-3/4-inch round. They're also heavy-duty, with a tie-down capacity of 1,000 pounds. And because they're non-dually, they don't require drilling. That makes installing these rails easy and convenient.

Before you begin installing the lockers, read the directions on the packaging. Remove the castings from the packaging and verify they include all the parts you need. Assemble the gasket, expander, and threaded plate. Make sure to center the bushing on the tube. Next, mount the castings to the bed rails. If the castings aren't centered, you may need to drill a hole larger with a 7/16-inch drill bit.

Pickup Truck Bed Rails protect the side rails by providing additional areas to tie down heavy cargo. The rails also improve the appearance of your truck, providing an updated look while securing your cargo. And you can save money by getting free shipping on bed rails within the continental United States. If you're thinking about upgrading your truck's appearance, pickup bed rails are a great way to add a touch of class to it.

Trident ToughRail truck bed rails

Whether you want to use your truck bed for work, sports, or for storage, Trident ToughRail truck bed guards from General Motors are an excellent choice. These rails are easy to install and accommodate stake pockets. NAPA AUTO PARTS even offers a lifetime warranty on these truck accessories. If you're in the market for new truck bed rails, check out these videos and photos.

The Trident ToughRail Truck Bed Rails are specifically engineered and sized to fit your pickup's year and model. They are sturdy and protect against falling cargo while changing the look of your truck. They are 2" diameter and sold in pairs. They are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. You can find them at your local General Motors dealership or at any online automotive accessory store.

Magnum's Pickup Truck Bed Rails

A Magnum Pickup Truck Bed Rail can improve the looks and functionality of your pickup truck. The rails are an easy way to tie down cargo, and help you secure oversized or long items. They also add a touch of class to your vehicle. Magnum offers free shipping in the continental U.S., and includes everything you need for installation. Read on to learn more about Magnum's bed rails.

There are several types of Magnum's Pickup Truck Bed Rail systems. Each is designed to fit specific types of pickup trucks. For example, you can install Magnum's Headache Rack to secure long cargo. This rack extends forward, and provides you with an easy-to-use platform for climbing in and out of your truck. The Headache Rack can also protect your rear window. These rails are designed to fit most truck beds, but not all.

The TC-121 bed rail is only three-and-a-half feet off the pickup's floor, which means the payload will be more stable. Its full-sized bed is 48 1/8" x 98'', and will hold a full sheet of plywood with the tailgate closed. In addition to this, the Side Board installation kit will increase the volumetric capacity of your truck from 2.5 to five cubic yards.

Husky bed rails

To protect your General Motors Husky truck's bed rails, you can purchase QuadCaps, which are custom-designed and manufactured in the USA. They are made of automotive-grade 3M adhesive and have a Lifetime Warranty. These bed rail caps are easy to install, and they offer extra protection from cracking and chipping. They're also very attractive and look factory-matched to the make and model of your truck.

To install the Husky truck bed rails, simply follow the directions included with the kit. The front pieces install toward the cab while the rear pieces install toward the tailgate. Each piece comes with stake pocket covers pre-installed in the Quad Cap. Before completing installation, it is a good idea to dry fit each piece to make sure it fits properly and doesn't interfere with a bed liner or bed cover.

Putco truck bed rails

If you're looking for a high-quality truck bed rail, look no further than Putco's GM locker side rails. Made from 1.75-inch-diameter stainless steel tubing, these rails provide a sturdy and stylish way to secure your cargo. You'll also appreciate their no-drill installation. Designed to fit into the existing truck bed stake pockets, these rails are easy to install and feature a bright mirror finish.

Made in the USA, these bed rails can fit most inside bed rail mount tonneaus. You can use them to mount a blade LED light bar or Putco Boss headache rack, depending on the design of your truck. Putco truck bed rails come in an attractive textured black aluminum finish and can be purchased with a center sanction for increased load capacity. They're proudly made in the US and are guaranteed for a year.

Designed for GM vehicles, these Putco truck bed rails have the right length and style to match your ride. They come with all the mounting hardware you need for a seamless installation. They are backed by a Lifetime warranty for peace of mind. Moreover, they don't require any drilling or welding. Then, you can install your rails in no time at all. So, get your Putco truck bed rails and protect your cargo from rust and other damaging elements.

Chevy Silverado bed rails

Installing bed rails for your General Motors truck can be a simple process if you follow some basic steps. First, you should purchase preassembled rails. Insert the end pieces into the sleeve and twist until they click into place. Next, insert the bolt and expander block. Screw on the bracket piece and use an Allen wrench to tighten it. When finished, your truck bed rails are ready to go!

If you have a Chevy truck, you probably know about its ability to do anything - hauling cargo or towing a trailer. However, if you're looking to upgrade the look and functionality of your truck, you should add bed rails to increase its style. Not only will bed rails protect the bed of your truck, but they will also provide more tie-down points to help you secure heavier items.

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