Best Full Size Truck Bed Toolboxes in 2022

Full Size Truck Bed Toolboxes

When it comes to full-size truck beds, you have several options for toolboxes. A toolbox can be customized to fit your specific setup and will fit under most bed covers. You can even choose to have your toolbox elevated, making use of the floor space underneath the box's floor. That way, you can put the box in any position you want, without sacrificing any of the space underneath the bed.

Side-mount toolboxes

Side-mount toolboxes for full-size truck beds are a practical way to keep tools and equipment safe and within easy reach. This durable box attaches to the side rail of the truck bed and features locking quick-release levers to lock in gear. Steel paddle handles make opening the toolbox easy even for those without strong hands. Foam-injected lids make it sturdy and easy to open. Heavy-duty hinges make the box easy to open and close. One-lid design makes it suitable for oversized cargo.

A side-mount tool box complements the layout of the truck bed and provides increased protection against theft and vandalism. These sturdy boxes are made of durable aluminum or ABS plastic to ensure maximum protection for your tools. In addition, they offer optimal storage space, with multiple drawers, shelves, and sliding doors. Some side-mount tool boxes are made for the driver's side of the truck, ensuring easier access to the toolbox.

UWS side-mount tool boxes can fit under the fender wells of full-size pickup trucks and flatbed trailers. They are available in single and double-door styles, as well as various sizes. To complement the UWS side-mount tool box, fender-mounted toolboxes are an excellent alternative. They are designed to integrate into the fender wells of the truck bed and offer additional storage space along the walls.

A side-mount toolbox provides more storage space than a full-sized truck chest. However, a side-mount toolbox may reduce the amount of space in the truck bed. Some short-bed models do not allow the truck chest. If you're looking for additional space in the truck bed, you should opt for a full-size toolbox. Its low height may cause discomfort while sleeping and may not even fit in the bed.

Crossover boxes

A full-size truck bed toolbox is an excellent addition to your work vehicle. The main advantage of this type of box is its versatility. It is a good choice for industrial and personal applications, as it provides ample storage space and easy access on both sides of the vehicle. There are several styles and sizes of crossover boxes available, and you can find the perfect one for your needs at Leonard Accessories. You can find more information about these toolboxes by exploring our selection of truck bed boxes.

Most crossover tool boxes have one lid, but they can come with more than one. The Gull-Wing truck toolbox features two doors that open toward the center, providing extra side access and dividing the weight of the lid for easier opening. Another advantage of crossover boxes is their easy-to-reach front-and-rear-access panel. In addition, a few of them feature latches that make opening and closing easy.

While most full-size truck bed toolboxes are made of plastic, there are some high-quality options made of aluminum. Aluminum is light, strong, and doesn't corrode. The older models are made of steel, which rusts and needs to be painted. Aluminum is a good middle ground option. When purchasing a truck toolbox, consider its weight, the material it is made of, and what the other truck bed accessories will attach to it.

The location of the toolbox is another factor to consider. Some crossover boxes extend upwards and occupy the space of the rear wheel well humps. However, they may cause blind spots for drivers. On the other hand, storage drawers sit horizontally on the truck bed, making it a new loading floor for the truck bed. They don't block the rear view mirror, but they may limit the capacity of cargo space.

Lastly, it is important to choose a box that allows easy access to tools. Most tool boxes are all-metal, which lends durability to the product. However, there are some less expensive boxes available made of plastic, which trade off durability for weight reduction. Metal boxes usually use aluminum, stainless steel, or coated steel to protect their contents. These boxes are the most durable type of full-size truck bed toolboxes, so choosing the right one is important.

Tongue trailer boxes

Trailer Tongue Tool Boxes save valuable bed space while providing extra storage. These boxes feature textured aluminum construction and weather-resistant seal. They are a great choice for storing a variety of tools, handling equipment, and even planks. This box is also a great option for storage around your home. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. For additional protection, you can purchase a lock and key for your box.

The Garrison Series Trailer Tongue Cargo Boxes are made with thick diamond-tread aluminum so they will not rust, pit, or corrode. This feature makes them perfect for transporting cargo on open trailers. They have plenty of space for tools and other gear and are made to last. You'll be glad you invested in one! If you're not sure which truck bed accessory is best for you, read on for a guide to the different types available.

Aluminum toolboxes

An Aluminum full size truck bed toolbox is a great way to maximize the space in your bed while providing secure storage. With 0.056 diamond-plate aluminum construction and a durable keyed lock, these boxes fit most full-sized truck beds. Whether you use a truck for work or recreation, you'll find one that's perfect for your needs. You can choose from single or double-door models and a wide range of colors and features, including a custom-sized toolbox.

The materials used to make these toolboxes vary. Some are lightweight and plastic, while others are made entirely of metal. Both materials provide strength and durability, but aluminum offers a compromise between cost and durability. In addition to its light weight, aluminum tool boxes also feature a diamond-plate pattern for anti-slip properties. Steel, on the other hand, offers extreme durability but is more expensive and can be scratched and dented. Stainless steel offers added rust resistance, but also tends to be more expensive than other types.

There are two main types of truck toolboxes: A and B. The former are designed for compact pickups, while the latter are made for full-sized trucks. You can choose between a full-size or a mid-size box depending on your needs. You can also opt for a chest-style box that will accommodate your tools, and you'll still have room to fit in your car's spare tire.

When choosing a toolbox, you must measure the dimensions of your truck bed to make sure you purchase the right size. The length of the toolbox depends on the rails in the truck bed. The distance between the rails determines the maximum toolbox width. Ensure that the tool box you purchase is tall enough to fit into the bed of your truck. Remember that some short-bed trucks don't have the length or width to accommodate larger toolboxes.

Aluminum full size truck bed toolboxes come in a wide variety of sizes, so you can choose the right one for your vehicle. You can even customize the design to fit your setup. There are two main types of toolboxes: side-mount and rear-mount. These models sit directly on the truck bed floor and extend upward to maximize the space available. However, a top-mount box might cause blind spots for drivers.

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