Best Ford Truck Bed & Tailgate Bed Liners in 2022

Ford Truck Bed & Tailgate Bed Liners

To protect your truck's bed, get a truck bed and tailgate bed liner. These liners fit perfectly into the bed area and protect the entire area. You can choose from dual liner, Pendaliner under rail truck bed liner, Rugged Liner under rail truck bed liner and WeatherTech TechLiner bed liners. If you're unsure of which one is right for your truck, read on to learn about the pros and cons of each.

Dual Liner Truck Bed Liner

If you have a Ford truck, you may be considering purchasing a new liner for your bed. Not only will a liner protect your truck's bed from damage, but it will also make it more comfortable to use. Truck bed liners are available with a number of features, including padding, ridges and grooves, and even anti-static materials. In addition, truck bed liners will prevent scratches and dings on your bed.

These bed liners have custom-fit sidewalls and are durable enough to withstand a heavy load. A thick, textured material provides added protection and prevents cargo from shifting while on the bed. The DualLiner bedliner is a 5-piece system that integrates custom-fit hard-dent protection panels with a thick, UV-protected ZeroSkid Rubber Floor. The custom-fit design of the DualLiner truck bed liner provides the ultimate in scratch and dent protection.

The DualLiner truck bed liner is very easy to install and does not harm your truck's bed, tailgate, or paint. I installed the bed liner myself and was pleased with the result. It is easy to remove and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The company seems very attentive to their customers' concerns. But it does need to improve the mounting methods for the bed liner. Apparently, customers don't get the proper hardware.

The only downside to a dual liner is that the plastic around the liner will rub on the paint, removing your liner and damaging your vehicle's appearance. But you can avoid this problem by purchasing a full bed liner instead. A good choice for you is a black liner. It is more durable than a black mat. There are also some options available to match a color scheme of your truck.

Pendaliner Under Rail Truck Bed Liner

The Pendaliner SR Under Rail Truck Deck Liner is specially designed to provide double the protection of ordinary bedliners. Its dual tier design and skid-resistant bottom make it perfect for mounting truck accessories. In addition, the unique design allows for two-tier loading, compartmental loading, and tie down hole caps on most models. This bed liner is available in many colors and materials to match your Ford Truck's exterior.

The Duraliner Under Rail Truck Bed Liner is designed to prevent shifting and rattling. The liner comes with a tailgate and bedliner installation kits. Installation is a breeze, and the bedliner has a built-in bed light to illuminate your load when it is in storage. The Pendaliner also offers several accessories to complement your truck's style.

It can protect your truck's bed from dirt and rust. Drop-in bed liners may trap moisture and dirt beneath the liner. In extreme cases, they can even rust the bare metal underneath. While there are some inexpensive drop-in bed liners on the market, they are generally of poor quality and do not offer factory warranties. Their fit depends on the material used to manufacture them. A snug fit produces less vibration, less abrasion, and fewer problems with rusting.

Another option is the Pendaliner Under Rail Truck Cab Liner for Ford. This liner features a ribbed pebble-grain pattern and a 3-/8-inch-thick Nyracord. It is available in black, white, or red color. With a warranty of up to six years, the Pendaliner Under Rail Truck Bed Liner for Ford Truck Bed & Tailgate is an excellent investment for your truck.

WeatherTech TechLiner Truck Bed Liner

If you want to protect your truck bed from dents and scratches, consider installing a custom-fit TechLiner. The liner fits your truck's shape perfectly and requires no drilling. The liner will not crack or break even in extreme temperatures. The perfect liner for your truck is one of the easiest parts of upgrading your truck. So get one now for your Ford truck and stop worrying about its appearance.

A good way to ensure your WeatherTech TechLiner Truck Liner stays in place is to keep it in a cool and dry location. The colder it is, the more the liner may curl inward and develop buckles at the center. Keeping it in a rolled-up position for extended periods can lead to defects. If you're planning to reinstall the liner in a cold environment, make sure you use the proper fasteners. If it's not, you may have to manually apply extra Velcro sticky pads to make it fit.

The WeatherTech TechLiner Truck Bed Liner installs easily with no drilling or chemical applications. It is custom-fit to the contours of your F-150's bed, protecting your truck's paint from dents and scratches. A rigid bed liner is also available. WeatherTech TechLiner Truck Bed Liners for Ford Truck Bed & Tailgate are manufactured from 100% recycled thermoplastic elastomer material.

Besides protecting your truck's bed from dirt and mud, you can also clean the liner after removing it from your truck. A broom, pressure sprayer, or water should be used to remove dirt and debris from the liner. Apply a non-greasy, water-based solution to the liner's surface. The liner should be allowed to dry to restore its shine. After cleaning, apply a conditioner.

Rugged Liner Under Rail Truck Bed Liner

The Rugged Liner Under Rail Ford Truck Bedliner is a durable, high-quality truck bedliner that offers a number of benefits. Unlike other truck bedliners, Rugged Liner bedliners feature superior skid-resistant floor construction, thicker floor and a non-pooling surface. They also protect the tailgate and front rail. The Rugged Liner Under Rail Truck Bedliner can be installed on any Ford pickup truck, and is the industry's thickest.

WeatherTech TechLiner Under Rail Truck Bed Liner

WeatherTech Truck Bed Liners are made from a high-quality thermoplastic elastomer material and are guaranteed for durability, fit, and quality. They are easy to install and remove. And, they protect your truck's bed from scratches and dents with a solid, wall-to-wall layer. There are two types of WeatherTech truck bed liners, the TechLiner and the WeatherTech Truck Bed Mat.

WeatherTech TechLiner Under Rail Truck Bed Liners for Ford Truck Bed & Tailgate are made of 100% recyclable thermoplastic elastomer. They resist wear and tear, are UV and chemical-resistant, and can be washed off with water. And, they are easy to install - they are attached to the truck bed with a hook and loop system.

These mat liners are made of heavy-duty rubber and provide superior grip and shock absorption. Some require custom molding, while others are factory-fitted and cut for exact fit. Some also feature ridges for water drainage. They're easy to install and are relatively affordable. However, they only cover the bed floor, not the tailgate or sidewalls.

When choosing between the two kinds of bed liners, it's important to consider the amount of protection your truck will need. A spray-on bed liner is more likely to protect your truck, while a drop-in liner will only protect your tailgate and rail walls. Adding a truck bed liner is essential for resale value and curb appeal. Just think of the looks you can add to your truck with it!

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