Best Erickson Truck Bed Extenders in 2022

Erickson Truck Bed Extenders

If you are planning to buy an Erickson Truck Bed Extension, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to know what you need your truck bed extension for. In this article, we'll go over Big Bed, Cargo slide unit, U-shape, Cost, and more. We'll also give you some tips on how to purchase the right model. Read on to learn more!

Big Bed

The Big-Bed features 3 tie-down points and is designed to accommodate long loads. The truck bed extender folds up for easy storage. Erickson Truck Bed Extenders are a great way to extend your truck's cargo space. Whether you're hauling lumber, rocks, or just a few items, this bed extender will make your job much easier.

The Big-Bed truck bed extender by Erickson is a heavy-duty, all-steel extension for your pickup truck. It features 3 integrated tie-down points and an adjustable mast. The arm can be adjusted at three heights, from 15-3/8" to 22-1/4 inches above the hitch. The Erickson Big-Bed Truck Extenders are rust-resistant and require no assembly. They come with a 90-day warranty.

The Big-Bed is an ideal accessory for truckers looking to extend their cargo space. Its integrated tie-down points and three tie-down points make it easy to secure long loads. In addition, the Big-Bed folds up for easy storage. The Big-Bed Extender is compatible with both trucks and SUVs. Its adjustable design can accommodate different load capacities, from camping gear to hunting gear. The Extender is sturdy enough to handle up to 350 pounds of load.

Cargo slide unit

If you're interested in extending the length of your truck bed, you should consider purchasing the Erickson Truck Bed Extenders. This accessory adds two feet to your truck bed, and it's lightweight and convenient for everyday use. The truck bed slide unit features a classic U-shape and secures your cargo when the tailgate is closed. It also comes with mounting hardware for easy installation.

The Erickson Truck Bed Extenders can add a total of four feet to your truck bed. The truck bed slide unit fits into a two-inch receiver and locks into place. This unit is adjustable for height and features welded loops that tie down your cargo securely. The Erickson Truck Bed Extenders is also compatible with tie down straps. This auto accessory is great for extending the length of your truck bed and adding space to your cargo.

Another option for truck bed slides is the AMP Research Pick Up Bed Hitch Extender. It is a hitch-mounted extender with a capacity of approximately 750 pounds. The AMP Research BedXTender HD is another good option, as it extends the length of your truck bed with just one installation. Its durable and impact-resistant steel construction makes it a perfect partner for long-distance loading hauls.

U-shaped design

For added cargo space, truck bed extenders are a great solution. These products are available in both U-shaped and hitch mounted designs and offer added storage space of up to two feet. The U-shaped design of these products provides convenient and secure access to cargo, and they also have a durable powder-coated finish. The Silver BedXTender by AMP Research features a U-shaped design for maximum cargo space, with a convenient flip-out capability.

The U-shaped design on these bed extenders makes them easy to install and maintain. The Erickson Pick-Up bed extender is a simple, low-priced option that can extend the truck bed by four feet. Its welded loops allow you to tie down large loads to it for extra security. This bed extender is designed for hauling heavy objects, but can also be adjusted to fit most vehicles.

The X-Terrain bed extender is another popular option. This extender is designed for the truck bed of Jeep Gladiators and Toyota Tacomas. Its sleek, modern design can add storage space in the cargo bed and prevent items from shifting around. In addition, it fits on most truck beds, allowing you to extend your truck bed by two feet. In addition to extending the bed, this extender can also be placed inside the truck bed.

The Lund 601021 Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender is compatible with most two-inch receiver hitches. It also includes a reflective safety flag and a safety flag. Aside from being durable and flexible, this truck bed extender is also affordable, as it fits the tailgate perfectly. However, this model is only available for Ford Super Duty and cannot fit any other truck, including the Supercab.


The Erickson Pick-Up Bed Extender is an innovative, durable design for your truck that's affordable, yet still sturdy enough to handle 350 pounds of extra weight. It extends your truck's bed four feet, and comes with welded loops for attaching bungee cords for extra security. This truck bed extension is designed for hauling all kinds of items and is a must-have accessory for any truck owner.

Another advantage of the Mopar tailgate extender is its sleek, modern style. It gives your truck's bed an extra two feet of cargo space, and can even be installed vertically. It fits most truck beds, and it comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. It also comes with a variety of mounting options, so you can install it vertically or horizontally to fit your needs.

Other features of the Erickson Bed Extender include a steel support frame and adjustable aluminum alloy legs. It is compatible with most trucks, although it may not fit certain models of trucks. Besides that, you may need to drill extra holes in your truck to install it. It also offers more storage space than a standard truck bed extender. It can fit heavy-duty items, and it has support arms.

Another benefit of using truck bed extenders is that they're easy to install. You don't need to hire a mechanic or other professional to do it. Another benefit of the truck bed extenders is that you can easily store them, if they're not being used. You can also use them as trailers for hauling items. You'll save fuel and have more room for cargo. They're an efficient and affordable option for hauling long-distance items.


If you have a pickup truck and want to extend the length of the bed, you should consider purchasing an Erickson Truck Bed Extension. These devices are easy to install and take only about five minutes to install. When not in use, they fold up and can be stored. There are some cons, however. There are loose parts and a small hitch pin is not included. The reflective tape is not very well attached, which may result in lost items.

First, you should know that the Erickson Big Bed Truck Extension is made of heavy-duty steel and has three integrated tie-down points. A mast is also included that adjusts to three different heights. The arm can extend the bed up to four feet and is adjustable to fifteen-three-eight inches above the truck's hitch. Lastly, you should know that this Erickson Truck Bed Extension fits into any 2" receiver.

Installing the Erickson Truck Bed Extension requires a little bit of experience. First, you should check the bed of your truck before you begin. The length of the bed depends on which one you purchase. Make sure to double-check the dimensions with the truck manufacturer. Then, install the first groups and check them to make sure that they are level and lined up. If you are unsure about any part of the process, you can always refer to a YouTube video to find a detailed installation guide.

Once you have purchased a truck bed extender, you should take the time to install it correctly. The install process is not difficult, but it is important to follow all instructions carefully. Moreover, you should consider the type of hitch that you use to attach the Erickson Truck Bed Extenders to your pickup truck. A proper mounting hitch is important to get the right fit. This will help ensure the right support for your cargo and prevent any damage to it.

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