Best Dee Zee Truck Bed Toolboxes in 2022

Dee Zee Truck Bed Toolboxes

When shopping for a truck toolbox, you've probably seen the various choices available, from the popular Red Label and single lid crossover designs to the more expensive and more stylish options. Which model will best serve your needs? Read on to find out more. And don't forget to read our reviews so you know exactly what to expect. In the end, you'll be happy you purchased a Dee Zee truck bed toolbox!

Red Label

The Dee Zee Red Label Truck Bed Toolboxes come with a variety of features to help you maximize space while working on your project. These tools boxes are built to last and feature features such as a patented Crown style lid with a full pan double-V stiffener. These boxes are also equipped with lockable stainless steel paddle handles and feature dampened gas shocks to prevent flexing. The durable design of these boxes also means that they are able to withstand harsh job sites.

The Dee Zee Red Label Truck Bed Tool Box is one of many different styles of tool boxes available for your vehicle. It comes in many different sizes and styles, ranging from low profile to deep and wide. If you want to customize your toolbox, you can even make it a custom fit to fit your truck bed. Lastly, you can choose a toolbox that is built to hold heavy duty tools, as many of them feature removable tool trays for easy access.

For your everyday use, the Red Label Dee Zee Truck Bed Tool Box is the best way to go. They are durable and easy to transport from job site to job site. The top lid is equipped with locking paddle handles for superior security against theft and damage. The boxes come in polished and black finishes and are guaranteed to stay safe from damage. These toolboxes ship the same day and have many different features to choose from.

Single lid crossover

When it comes to storage, a Dee Zee Truck Bed Toolbox is the ultimate tool box. Whether you are an independent contractor, tradesman, or mechanic, these boxes are a great choice. The Dee Zee Hardware Series tool boxes are made from heavy-duty 20-gauge steel and finished in textured black NRT. These durable boxes come in three different styles, Red Label, Padlock, and Hardware Series.

The Dee Zee Red Label single lid crossover tool box is a perfect storage solution for your pickup truck. Its low-profile design makes it ideal for moving to jobsites and keeping tools safe. In addition, its heavy-duty, diamond-plated aluminum construction means that it won't bend or rust. Its paddle handles are also lockable for extra security. It is made to withstand the abuse and weather conditions of the road, and its lockable lid helps keep thieves out of your tools.

The Dee Zee Truck Bed Toolboxed comes in different shapes and sizes. The Poly Crossover tool box mounts directly to your truck bed. It is made of sturdy material and features a center cross-stripping. The wheel well tool box is mounted directly behind the wheel, which makes it easy to access, and it is built to be durable. It comes in polished or black and ships out the same day.


If you are in the market for a new toolbox for your truck, then you have probably considered one of the durable Dee Zee truck bed toolboxes. These tool boxes come with a variety of features, including custom options for Jeeps and low profile designs. These boxes are made of aluminum and are available in black, white, or polished aluminum finishes. Some even come with a lockable cab, which is very convenient.

While it is not the thickest toolbox on the market, it is still sturdy enough to protect all of your tools. The Dee Zee tool chest is constructed from 0.056 grade aluminum, which means that it is rust-resistant. The lid has a double V-pan stiffener for added strength. The box's lid is reinforced with a double V-pan to ensure that it closes securely. The tool chest also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

When purchasing a Dee Zee truck bed toolbox, it is important to take into consideration the length of your truck bed. This will allow you to choose the proper size and style for your vehicle. Depending on your needs, there are different models to fit every truck bed style. Most of these boxes are easy to install and maintain. Ensure that your new toolbox fits perfectly before you buy it. Moreover, make sure you save the packaging in case you need to return it.


Stylish Dee Zee truck bed toolboxes are an excellent option for your pickup truck. These versatile boxes are made of durable and lightweight plastic. They feature molded cup holders on the lid and a secure foam gasket around the lid to prevent weather elements from getting inside. They also feature lockable stainless steel paddle handles and a removable plastic tool tray. Whether you use your tool box in your driveway, on the job site, or just for the kitchen, this tool box has your needs covered.

The design of these toolboxes is great, and you can customize it to fit your needs. The HARDware Series utility chest features a hidden hinge and is perfect for use as an accessory. It features gas shocks, a lock, and two locks with handles that are made from stainless steel. You can move this toolbox from the truck to the garage or job site with ease. In addition to being portable, these boxes come with two keys, so you can secure it and use it in the yard as needed.

Whether you need to keep your tools organized or store them securely, a Stylish Dee Zee truck bed toolbox is the perfect choice. The company's collection features a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials. In addition to wing-lid toolboxes, they also have a wheel well toolbox that mounts directly behind the vehicle's front wheel. This allows you to maximize your truck bed space and to use the entire bed area for larger equipment.

Environmentally responsible

The Dee Zee brand of truck toolboxes is proud to be an environmentally responsible company. It has a long history of pursuing green initiatives and continuously works to reduce its carbon footprint. It makes use of lean practices and streamlines manufacturing processes in order to minimize waste and maximize truck efficiency. It also pledges to be a green brand, and has worked to achieve this by investing in environmentally friendly materials.

The Dee Zee Red Label Single Lid Crossover Toolbox features a weather-resistant, heavy-duty aluminum construction. The toolbox lid is incredibly durable and easy to operate. Lockable handles and dampened gas shocks keep the box securely in place, preventing damage and ensuring a secure fit. The Dee Zee Truck Bed Toolbox is also a great choice for those who want to maximize the space of their truck bed.

The Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest is an excellent option for storing supplies. It features a protective gloss powder coat and lockable stainless steel paddle handles. The lockable door features molded dividers to separate smaller items from larger ones. The lockable latch system is equipped with self-adjusting strikers to keep the contents secure. The utility chest also has a removable small tray inside to keep small items organized. Regardless of the size and style of your truck bed, you can't go wrong with a Dee Zee Truck Bed Toolbox.

Built in the USA

Built-in-USA durability and versatility are the hallmarks of these Truck Bed Toolboxes. Built-in to fit most full-size truck beds, the toolbox has been specifically designed to fit underneath most bed covers. Its elevated mounting design maximizes floor space under the box's floor, allowing for multiple positioning options. A removable plastic tray allows you to store small items in the top of the box, if needed.

Dee Zee offers five different styles of tool boxes, including a low-profile design that will blend in with your truck bed. Their red label crossover tool box is constructed from heavy-duty Brite-Tread aluminum and features lockable stainless steel paddle handles. The tool box weighs only 17 pounds and is built with dividers on each side to help keep your tools organized. The toolbox is available in both a fixed-width model and a removable one.

Dee Zee uses environmental-friendly manufacturing processes to manufacture their products. They also choose the most environmentally friendly materials. Their policy aims to minimize impact on the environment. All Dee Zee products meet or exceed federal, state, and local safety regulations. The company is dedicated to ensuring the safety of their truck toolboxes, and they are proud to support their customers in their efforts to make their trucks more efficient.

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