Best DECKED Cargo Bed Cover Accessories in 2022

DECKED Cargo Bed Cover Accessories

If you want to make the most of your truck's bed, consider installing a DECKED Cargo Drawer System. This product comes with two full-length drawers that roll out to provide you with unlimited storage space. Each drawer is fully waterproof and able to hold up to two hundred pounds, so you can safely access whatever you want. A tonneau cover also prevents things from flying out of the bed when you are driving.

Diamondback Cargo Bed Cover

If you have a truck, you may want to invest in a Diamondback Cargo Bed Cover. These durable covers are backed by seven structural support beams and are guaranteed not to crack or wear down. Diamondback covers hinge and offer easy access to the truck bed. They can withstand the weight of 110 lbs and will protect your cargo from the elements while you are driving. There are many reasons to invest in a Diamondback.

For the most durable and versatile cover, the DiamondBack HD is an excellent choice. It provides superior security and hauling capacity of up to 1600 pounds. Its thick EPDM compression gasket keeps your cargo dry, and it has a storage system for extra gear. The Diamondback SE also features an exclusive hard folding design that offers seamless access when opened, as well as a rugged black coating. To add functionality, there is also a Diamondback Xceed model, which is an integrated hard folding truck bed cover. Whether you're hauling groceries, hauling heavy equipment, or simply want a convenient place to stand when you're cleaning the cab, the Diamondback SE has it all.

Another option is the DiamondBack HD tonneau cover. The diamondback HD tonneau cover features a premium design, and spares no expense in quality. It features multiple tie-down points and 12 cargo cleats. Its design is custom-fit to your truck bed. For added security, you can add the optional Anchor Cleats to your truck bed cover. This is the industry standard for weight-bearing tonneau covers.

PSG Automotive's Molle Panels

If you're looking for a new way to organize your truck's cargo bed, consider purchasing one of PSG Automotive's Molle Panels. These accessories are available in many colors, and will be compatible with many truck models. Many customers have reported good results and have given the DECKED system a five-star review on Amazon. PSG Automotive's Molle Panels are available for both the Chevrolet and Ford F-150 trucks.

Putco's Molle Panels

If you are planning to upgrade your truck's bed with a custom cargo box, consider installing Putco's Molle Panels. These panels allow you to mount tools and accessories such as MOLLE bags. You can also mount items like shovels, axes, and other equipment. Unlike other cargo box accessories, Molle panels do not require drilling or cutting. They are also made to fit OEM trucks and are backed by a three-year warranty.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, Putco's MOLLE Panels are 100% direct fit and compatible with existing truck bed covers. These versatile panels have plenty of accessory slots and even room to mount tools and Molle bags. They also work with bed liners and cover options. They can withstand up to 200 pounds of weight evenly. Putco's Molle Panels are available in black powder-coat finish for a professional-looking look.

The Putco Molle Panels for DECKED Carry-On Cargo Bed Accessories are an innovative new product. Custom-engineered for each truck model, these panels are made of lightweight aluminum that won't rust. They also feature a textured black powder-coat finish that will not show off dirt or stains. These panels help you maximize the bed space by letting you easily attach MOLLE, PALS, and Quick Fist strapping systems.

Diamondback Cargo Bed Dividers

The DECKED Drawer system was inspired by a diner napkin and provides unmatched organization and storage for truck beds. Made in Defiance, Ohio, with 100% American parts, the DECKED Truck Bed Tool Box is the ultimate truck bed storage solution. Unfortunately, Diamondback Truck Bed Dividers are not compatible with their line of cargo bed cover accessories. Instead, you may want to check out some of the best options for truck bed storage and organization.

DECKED Drawer Dividers fit into the drawers of your DECKED system to create compartments for optimal cargo management. Because they are removable, you can reposition them as your cargo management needs change. Each set includes two dividers. The dividers can be installed with the DECKED system or separately for added security. If you don't have room for all the dividers you need, simply purchase more dividers to fit your truck bed.

Diamondback Cargo Bed Tool Box

A tonneau cover provides security and easy access to your tools. Truck bed tool boxes are the perfect way to carry essential tools and equipment. Fortunately, these boxes are easy to install and bolt right to your truck's bed. Designed to be as durable as a car, the Diamondback Cross Bin 13 is a classic tool box for your truck. This box has a generous 18" long by 9" wide by 7" deep interior and is suitable for both passenger and driver sides.

DiamondBack makes truck bed tool boxes and covers in the USA. They ship with a neoprene gasket around the perimeter for added protection from the elements. Most late-model pickups require a single piece of weatherstrip to protect cargo boxes. However, DiamondBack also includes a weatherstrip for the bulkhead of the cargo bed tool box. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can be confident that your investment is protected from any problems.

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